Thursday, September 12, 2013

Important Updates You NEED to Know

Numba ONE:

After posting my horrible nine mile recap on Monday, many of you commented on how stellar my husband is for standing out on the road clapping for me during that nasty run. It got me thinking about how big a factor he plays in all my race days. Whether he's shooting me a text during mile ten of the half marathon You can do it, you're almost there, or holding everyone in my run group's stuff while we're out racing, he's such a massive factor in my race day. I figured it would be fun to give you some background about us. You can read that post here. I'm working to update the About the Noel's page where I'll link to his guest posts and posts pertaining to our story.

Numba TWO:

These Egg Muffins got nearly 100 likes on Instagram, which is a lot for me, so I figured ya'll would want that recipe! Keee yaww cher dats some good eatin!

Breakfast of Skinny Girl Champions

Numberrrr 3

I finally finally finally had a run that felt great! It wasn't fast, but it was steady. I never felt exhausted or like I was going to faint. Thank goodness. I also wasn't constantly thinking about how miserable the weather felt and thinking when is this gonna be over. .I've really held back here on how much training for this run in the humidity has been affecting me negatively, as I'd never want to discourage anyone. ever. A little struggle will bring you a long long way, persistence pays! I'm hopeful that I'm finally acclimating to the humidity, so that I can really enjoy these outdoor runs. It surely doesn't look like the humidity is going anywhere anytime soon.

 Numba Fo

I caught lazy lady hair yesterday and threw my mop in a sock bun. I don't usually wear my hair all up, I think it makes me look much taller and I am incredibly conscience of my height. Anywho, literally everyone I work with noticed. How did you get your hair to do that?! Oh you look so fancy! My boss even called me Lucille. All flipping day. Verdict for me on the top knot/sock bun, it may be lazy but it looks super fancy. People be noticing. What do ya'll think? Yay or nay??

Hope ya'll have a rockin day! It's almost weekend time again! Oh yeahs!

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  1. haha I am conscience of my height too! I'm 5'8". How tall are you? And I love the bun. My hair is too short to do a sock bun but it often gets twisted into a tighter ballerina bun on lazy days aka woke up too late days.

  2. And that is why I love the sock bun! It is always my 3rd day hair and I get complements on it all. day. long. Crazy! I recently cut 10 inches to donate so I am missing my old friend, but we will reunite soon enough! I have really enjoyed your last two posts! Mr. Noel sounds like a keeper :)

  3. Rock the bun-it looks great! I do almost daily:)
    And I love the story on meeting your husband!

  4. HUGS!!! You know me and buns - love em.

  5. You do look fancy with the bun!!! I like it. I am tall too, only 5' 10", but when my knee/calves/feet aren't sore or hurting I love towering over my coworkers in heels, but I work with mostly men - so its fun mainly for that reason! :)