Thursday, September 12, 2013

How I Met My Biggest Cheerleader

How we became us: Elle Noel and Mr. Noel, also known as Nick and Leigh Ann, first met in the spring of 2006.

I was in my second semester of college, out trolling bars with girl friends, when Nick approached me to strike up conversation. I, an 18 year old, part time tanning salon worker, full time college student, and full time party girl, clearing a little more than 600 bucks a month, thought Mr. Noel seemed older, wiser, handsome, and clearly sophisticated with his cool opening line, "Hi, I'm Nick". He shook my hand upon introduction, so old school, and easily made small talk. I was immediately struck by how confident he was. I still remember his brick sized black berry attached to his hip, shirt tucked in, and pressed khaki pants. He had a few inches on me while wearing heels, which is pretty difficult to do, and bright green eyes that twinkled when he laughed. This man was easily hitting all of my hot buttons.

March 2006- Scene of the Crime
We talked for hours upon our initial meeting and even did some not so discrete kissing on the bar's patio, I oooze class. He asked for my number, and gave it to him, but in true party girl fashion I had already gotten what I was looking for that evening: A few free cocktails (I was broker than a bad joke) and tonsil hockey date. Maybe a run in sometime in the future, however, I was not interested in a serious relationship, with him or anyone else for that matter. I just wanted to have fun! Even in my no no I won't become interested in him mind set, I couldn't help thinking about him the next day. Which was really good for me, because my neighbor (who happened to be a mutual work acquaintance of Nick's) invited Nick over for a patio party at her house the following evening. She was pleased as punch we had met and was going to make sure I spent time with him again, whether I wanted to or not. Nick, being a gentleman, opted not to refuse her extremely random social invitation, opting for a situation that could be really awkward or really great. A quality I would learn to be a pattern for Nick: random, spontaneous, fun, and care free.

He showed up dressed in his best slacks and pressed shirt looking all kinds of hot again, this wardrobe I would learn was not a pattern for Nick, hoping to impress. Awkwardly for him, and for me, my Mom was attending this small social gathering at our neighbor's house as well, cause yep, I still lived at home. This was awkward for several reasons, mainly you aren't supposed to introduce men you hardly know, a man you barely know but played tonsil hockey with the night before, to your parent. Especially not when you want to be seen as an adult, oh by the way, did I forget to mention last night that I live at home with my Mom....awkward... 

Mom was none the wiser about my apprehension towards this new person to our social circle, but everyone else knew exactly what had transpired between us the previous night. Any apprehension I had about spending time with him, after my less than lady like first impression, he immediately eased. He was unfailingly polite, and I followed his lead. He hugged me as if we were old friends and immediately introduced himself to my Mom. Nick was the life of our little gathering with his charming wit, he is full of jokes and stories, my face hurt from laughing so much around him, and I was intrigued at the idea of spending more time with him.

Always making me laugh
For me, there was one glaringly obvious problem. I was an 18 year old college student, party girl, and he was a 26 year old professional, long done with school and working a regular 9-5. What the hell did we have in common? Sure, we had fun together, and acting on serious sexual chemistry was a blast, but beyond that? What kind of future could we possibly have? Hmmmm I just wasn't sure.

Where I was unsure, Nick was positive about what he wanted, and for whatever reason, he wanted me. 

Everyone in my camp had cautioned me about having a relationship with him, I didn't have anything to offer him and my Mom saw heart break down the pipeline. You aren't serious Leigh Ann, and he's 26, I'm sure he's looking for more than someone he has to wait around for! (This would be so funny later) What gave me away as un-serious Mom?? Oh yeah, you're giving me lunch money and I'm frequently hauling my hang over to campus. Everyone in Nick's camp was equally concerned about his new love interest, and I being no good for him. Our eight year age difference, was always a much larger problem for other people than it ever was for us.

Before the summer started, Nick's persistence had paid off, we were officially an item, and I quickly fell in love with him.

May 2006
Nick frequently allowed me to call the shots, something I'm 1,000% positive he regretted later, and we had a lot of fun together. In the beginning, we never had conversations about our long term future, which suited me just fine, as my focus was getting to the end of each semester and focusing on graduation. Nick has always been supportive of all of my goals, and I can recall many a night when he scratched his head right along with me trying to help me survive algebra. I have never been good with the maths.

He never put any pressure on me in regards to the future, even though he always had tons of awkward personal questions flinging towards him. Our relationship had some really great highs and some really low lows, our two mega watt personalities frequently imploded, but we always came back together.

May 2008- My 21st Birthday
Time kept ticking into the future, and before I could blink five times fast, my college graduation was quickly approaching. I was feeling very wary of the future of our relationship. Engagement announcements fluttered daily across my Facebook feed, and I was feeling increasingly uneasy about the future of our relationship. Why wasn't he proposing to me? Did he want to marry me? I really wanted to marry him. Nick had never wanted to spend much time discussing our future, although he frequently assured me, Leigh Ann you have always been the one. 

December 2009
At the beginning of 2010, I agreed to live in sin with the man I'd been dating the past four years. I gave a way my milk for free, and nearly everyone I knew told me I would regret it. Once again, I was happy I had followed Nick's lead and ignored the nay sayers. Nick made good on his promise that I would be the one, and we were officially engaged in May 2010. We got hitched a little over a year later in June 2011.

June 11, 2011
Our relationship is far from perfect, and our mega watt personalities still frequently implode. We fight about stupid domestic trivial non-sense just like any other couple No I emptied the dishwasher last! It's your turn! Why oh Why can't you empty your pockets before putting your jeans in the laundry!! We fight about big not so trivial junk just like any other couple too.

 I hope that in writing this blog, I don't give the impression that our lives are perfect, far from it. We are, however, perfect for each other. Where he is sensible, my head is in the clouds. I am stubborn to a fault, and he works hard to be a voice of reason.Where I am open, he keeps his cards closer to the chest. Where I'm type A and high strung, he is along for the ride, go with the flow! Our biggest common denominator is friendship and laughter. We are always doing a little too much of the loud laughing.

Since I started running last year, he's missed one race, a 5k and he only missed to help a friend with a project at their house. I can't decide if he really likes the race day experience or he's along for the free food and drinks at the finish line festival. Run this one fast they don't have much jambalaya and I'm hungry!

February 2013 pre Rock n Roll
Either way, he's my biggest cheerleader and supporter, and I am so lucky to have him!

* Nick would like the opportunity to tell this story from his point of view. He assures me it will be hysterical. Put that in your blog and smoke it!

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  1. Loved reading this! And please say that patio you mentioned where y'all first met was at the Keg. I was imagining it as so and laughing so hard.

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  7. I love this story, but most importantly, I love your use of the terms "tonsil hockey" and "giving away my milk for free"...beat that, Nick!! PS I gave my milk away for free.99 too, and ended up married to him! Suck on that, naysayers! :)

  8. I love this so much and it even makes it for certain that you and I have to meet in the future :) My husband and I met the exact same way, at the bar I worked at and living at home with my Mom (and didnt tell him) only to have him call me the next day for a date and meeting my mom the next evening after playing tonsil hockey the night before ALSO - I laughed when I read about the awkward party - I can relate :) And as for the naysayers - we have proved everyone wrong and will celebrate 4 glorious years this December :)

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