Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Embarrassing Thanks & Weekly Goals

Key to blog success: talk about something crazy embarrassing that happened to yourself, and you're an instant hit! Yesterday was an all time Elle Noel high, thank ya'll so much for the support. I don't usually get caught up in the numbers side of blogging, but whoa! People like a shit-uation! To everyone who shared their shit-uation's with me, thank you so much for the laughs. I cracked up all day yesterday! I may have to start confessing to embarrassing scenarios more often, I am really great at embarrassing myself. Seriously.

Exactly three long runs to go until my second half marathon. I can't even begin to express just how excited I am about this race. After my run this past weekend, I have renewed confidence in myself to run this race and PR. Let's be real, I know I can run the half. I want to PR. I want to come in under 2:05:00. After my nine mile run, I was having major doubts. Had I really lost so much endurance over the summer? Was my poor run time really all weather related? Self doubt started weaving it's toxic web, and I started thinking that maybe I needed to adjust my expectations for this race. Then I read somewhere last week, If you have a plan b you've already admitted defeat. Power of positive thought it going to pull me through this race, I know I can beat my old time! Plus as a woman, I'm positive I'm over thinking this race, just like everything else in life (I'd never admit that to my husband).

Weekly Work Out Goals:

Cross Training & Strength

5 Miles
Jillian RIPPED in 30 Week 3

9 X 400 5K Pace (AM)
Jillian RIPPED in 30 Week 3 (PM)

3 Mile Run (AM)
Strength/ HIIT (PM)

Cross Training & Strength (AM)
Jillian RIPPED in 30 Week 3 (PM)

15 K Race (9.3 Miles)


OOTD- Cause I know ya'll love pics of me ;)

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  1. I didn't get to comment on it yesterday because I was super busy but I did read your "shit-uation" story and it had me rolling! For some reason I ALWAYS get belly issues the morning of a race. Whether it be the runs or the gas pains... I will take your advice and start sharing more embarrassing things about myself! Lez be honest I do something at least once a day! Love your face and your energy! Goal by 30: Run a race with Leigh Ann aka Elle!!!!

  2. Hello! Your shit-uation story had be cracking up because A) running always makes me run extra fast to a bathroom and B) there was a news story in my town last summer that this lady reported human shadoobie in her yard every morning...turns out it was a guy that went for a run every morning and would always have to "go" in the middle of his run so he would do it in her yard!!!! At least you had your mom to pick you up in leiu of you making your local news!! ;-) Thanks for the laugh!!


  3. My absolute favorite part about yesterday's post was when you met up with the girls and said, "Ya'll let me TELL you about what happened." I can totally picture you saying that, waving your hands with a big smile on your face!

  4. So glad you got your running mojo back :) Have a great week!!!

  5. "If you have a plan B you've already admitted defeat" - LOVE that!! Never heard that before, but it makes perfect sense. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming PR - you can do it!