Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daily Spaz, Elle Noel style

Brace yourself, ADD in full affect this morning.

Get you shit together September has got to be the best thing that's happened to me since Operation Red Bikini ended in May.  It feels grand to feel good again! I'm feeling super reinvigorated with run season amping up, and I can feel myself leaning back out. It's wild to think last year my half marathon fell near the end of my run season, and this time last year I would have just begun training for the 10k, I'm less than three weeks out from my second half marathon ever, real talk, it still doesn't feel real. I'm running a full in January and at least one more half (maybe a full) in March. 

Even when I'm out pounding the pavement, feeling grand on mile four, I still have a hard time believing I am a runner. A long distance runner at that. Running in general just feels like a real accomplishment. In related news, I ran five miles this morning which is basically like putting crack in my cheerios. It's going to be a full out fabulous day!

I'm always trying to figure out the weasel that is Instagram. What people "like" for me to post, when it's too much with the selfies, should I post more food, working out, or not working out and looking like a sweaty mess, what hash tags actually result in more people finding my shenanigans tacked to this small wall of the internets, etc. Well yesterday this happened...

Obviously, freezer phone has not been updated to iOS7

Whaaaatttttt?!?! You betta believe the next time I'm at Wal Mart waiting in some crazy long line, I'm taking a picture of that and tagging these fools. Holla take it to social media! I have to be honest, I'm a little surprised that Wal Mart has Instagram. I can't imagine they'll get themselves much good press this way, but I'm pretty sure they're just trying to keep up with Target, pffff like there's even a compeition. The Noel house is divided He likes Wal Mart, I like Target. We alternate our grocery shopping between stores, ya know so we're not always at Wal Mart with me getting smug, This would NEVER happen at Target! My new goal is to get Target to like something on Instagram. Whatever girl you crazy.

After meeting Ashley Leahy this past weekend, I'm feeling reinvigorated in terms of diet. I'm really trying to focus on ultra low carb, without putting pressure on myself to hit certain numbers. My high carb day (a-hem Faturday) will fall on Saturday. Diet is always the biggest piece of the puzzle cause *insert whiny little kid voice* You can't compete with what you eat!

meal prep: two lunches and dinner, tilapia, veggies, and sweet potato

Old school Elle Noel OOTD, thanks to Mr. Noel. I'm campaigning for him to rehang my full length mirror, which is a different entertaining story for another day. Never a dull moment If I annoy him enough with, Will you take my picture??? How can you say no to this sweet wittle face?! in the morning hopefully it will get done sooner rather than later. I'm not even worried he'll read that I wrote that, his ADD is worse than mine today. Ain't no way he's making it through this post. Winning!

And that's all folks for your daily spaz attack! Hope you have a fab-u-lous Wednesday party people!!!

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  1. Looking great girl! So love your ADD posts and what is up with Wally world on Instagram!?? I'm like you, a Target girl for life and my husband is all let's do's cheaper! Well, maybe but they don't have fun deals and clothes like the one and only Tar-Jay. Kara G and I will be missing you in Ft. Wayne this weekend!!!

  2. Nothing wrong with a little ADD post every once in awhile ;) So funny about Walmart on Instagram- pleeeease tag them and show them how ridiculous it is that they NEVER have cashiers there!

    FYI- I joined a gym and worked out for the first time in FOREVER yesterday! It felt painfully awesome! :)

  3. So awesome of you to run all those races!! Erin (above --Erin LFF, my SIL) and I signed up for a half next May to run together. SO pumped!!

  4. Boom you're on fiiiyyyaaaa!!!!! Something about September has got me all amped up for fitness it must be the cool air :)
    Happy Wednesday
    Elisha Run Run Run

  5. Holla! Girl glad you're back feeling grand! You're amazing and running like you stole something. Thanks for the daily dose of

  6. I signed up for a half marathon in February...which seemed like a great idea, because it's in Florida and the weather will be great...except I live in the great white north, so I have no idea how I'm going to train in the months leading up to is :P I'm so jealous of your ability to run outside year round (without snot and tears frozen all over your face).


  7. I love your spaz posts! They totally put a huge smile on my face!

  8. SO you're not thinking of doing the macro thing anymore? Did that fit in well with you? Any chance you do a plus and minus post on what you thought of it? I am thisclose to doing it, so just wanted to see what I was in for.

  9. Glad youve found your mojo and will you do a post on food and why you stopped doing macros? Too much information? Maybe email me? I have found myself counting too much and trying to relax a bit :)

  10. Loving the running inspiration. I need to GMST and start going for some runs!!

  11. Found your blog today through Erin at LFF's shout out! Loving it so far!

  12. hey nice post meh, I love your style of blogging here. this post reminded me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog: Stuck Where You Currently Are .
    keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.