Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Challenge Update & Weekly Goals

September is finally here!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day weekend, I know I did!

Saturday morning it was half marathon long run time week 6, a 10k! It was hot and humid even at 5:30am, literally 90% humidity, I kid you not. The weather has not been my friend lately, however this was the fastest I've moved my tush outdoors, since I began half training round two. Which does tell me I'm adjusting, very reluctantly. All I want from September is a dew point in the 60s.! I've really tried to keep my weather complaints to a minimum but ya'll, it's seriously ridiculous out there. I keep waiting for that I love to run, runners high, I'm on top of the world right now, feeling to set it post run. It isn't happening. Post run these days, usually I'm beating myself up about not moving faster or thinking about how nasty I smell after trudging through liquid jello that is the South Louisiana humidity. 

Certainly not my best but meh with this weather I'll take it
Post run, I decided to roll hard in the paint and hit up the gym to bust out some leg work. I killed it with squats, lunges, glutes, and abs, I was feeling the pain Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, September 1st- I weighed in! During the month of August I lost 7lbs of my 10lbs Summer weight gain. About 5 more until I'm in a very comfortable place for me weight wise. I feel fantastic. Going forward, I'm going to weigh in every two weeks.
Feeling Fab-u-lous! August Challenge = Success!
Sunday I was SORE, none the less I started my new Jillian Challenge, RIPPED in 30 week one. I probably should have taken a total rest day, but I didn't want to start off a new month with an excuse. Get it done! Week one was on the easy side for me, which was just fine considering how badly my legs were aching. 

What did I do after my fantastic weigh in, awesome humid run, and beginning my new challenge?

It was delicious. I have no regrets #hastaghumor

I treated myself to a Faturday. It was glorious. Muahahaha! Girl's night in with Sabrina and Kate and 7 hours worth of True Blood = best way to celebrate a long holiday weekend. Monday it was back on track and out shopping the Labor Day Sales! Tuesday is soooo the new Monday!

Weekly Goals:

Rest Day

RIPPED in 30
4.5 Mile Run

RIPPED in 30
8 X 400 5k Pace

RIPPED in 30
3 Mile Run

RIPPED in 30
4 Mile Race PAce Run

9 Mile Run
RIPPED in 30


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  1. congrats! 7lbs is amazing!!!! good for you! it was 92% humidity when I started my run Sunday morning.. you almost need gills to run in this kind of weather!

    I cant believe our half is just a month and 9 days away... cue HUGE knots in my stomach just from mentioning it!

  2. Awesome job on losing 7 lbs! I am slowly but surely peeling away some "1st year of wedded bliss/vacay weight" and things were looking good yesterday until too many drinks and a midnight run to burger king....on a school night! Sometimes we like to pretend we're in college again :)

    And I HEAR YOU on the dang humidity! I set out to do 6 miles on Saturday and felt like I was swimming it was so heavy outside. I even told myself 'Elle Noel does this everyday' before quitting but I started getting dizzy so I stopped. Turns out it was 80%, yikes!! Tried it again yesterday and with much lower humidity, I was successful! I do NOT know how you do it!!

  3. Congrats! I have an 8 lb goal this month and hope to be down 20 by December!

  4. As usual, youre amazing :) Congrats on the lbs down and that cookie cake looks delicious :)

  5. Wow, 7 pounds in a month? At your fitness level? That is amazing! Nicely done, girl!