Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Daramtic Run & Weekly Goals

One long run to go before my second half marathon, and I am getting pumped up for race day! I had my 11 mile run this past Saturday, and I can feel my long run endurance coming back up. It's still warm and humid out, which is not fun but I can feel myself getting stronger. Additionally, I've now lost all of my summer weight gain, and the lighter I am the fast I move. Fact. My nutrition has been excellent as well, and all of these factors contribute to a faster run time! My watch is giving me issues as it's not holding a charge, hence the use of my ap, Nike Running. I hate to admit it, but I pace myself better with this $1.99 ap than I do with a $200 fancy watch, cause that's how life works.

I'm really looking forward to cooler weather, as I'd like to sleep in until 6am on a Saturday. Running in the dark just isn't that fun. It can be kinda scary, and you run the risk of running into wild life, like I did this past Saturday. Stand off with a skunk of 5:45am is always fun. Turns out skunks are pretty brave little creatures. Thank goodness I did not spook this skunk, a tomato sauce bath is not the way I like to start my day. I had to stop and take a picture (got to have evidence to support my crazy ass stories), which actually turned out to be a video, but my freezer phone is slow as molasses so you get this screen shot. I'd share the video but I start cursing and that's always lady like.Hi Mom! There was also a naked man out causing trouble in one of the neighborhoods on my route. I couldn't script these dramatic runs better if I tried. Just one uneventful morning run, that's all I'm asking for. Oh and cooler weather and lower humidity you are asking for that too. Damn she's needy!
Oh look, a wittle kitty cat!

Weekly Goals:

Cross Training

10 X 400 5k Pace
Strength (PM)

5 Mile Run (AM)
Strength (PM)

3 Mile Run

3 Mile Run

12 Mile Run


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Friday, September 27, 2013

Supporting my Blog Sole Sistas with 5 on Friday!

Number ONE and most important of this list, I'm sure many of you have heard Lora over at Raising Steppe Sisters gave birth to her son this past Sunday, 13 weeks premature. Baby Harper fought his way through the first 72 hours which are the toughest, however Lora's family has a long road to travel before bringing him home. There are several things we can all do to support Lora's family. First and foremost, never under estimate the power of prayer!!Secondly,  like this Facebook page to follow baby Harper's progress. Third, Ashley (running her first half marathon this weekend see number two), an Advocare Representative, is donating 100% of proceeds through November 1st to the Baby Harper Fund. I plan to complete my third cleanse in November so this can not come at a better time. Lastly, you can make a donation to the Baby Harper fund here. Above all, pray for Lora and her family, with two girls at home, a few weeks vacation time, and mounting medical bills, this is sure to be a hard time for their family. Tough times don't last, tough people do, and Lora is one tough lady ya'll. Send her some good vibes and well wishes!

Numba Two! I want to send a huge shout out to all my blogging friends, Kara and KrsitieHollyMelanie, Megan, and Ashley running the Fort Wayne half tomorrow. I am so disappointed, times ten, I couldn't make this run. Unfortunately, flights to Indiana are more than double flights to Chicago, go figure. One of these days I WILL make a meet up. I'm just going to start photo shopping myself into the pictures, make up for lost time. Cheering big and loud Southern girl style for ya'll tomorrow morning!

Three! I've got my second to last (snap! it's getting close) long run before the Jazz Half Saturday morning. I've been fighting my nag a lagin cold all week long, but I will get this run done! Running outdoors is becoming fun again. The temperature is coming down, runners are coming out, and the feel good vibes are returning! My 11 mile run during half training round one was phenomenal, I still remember how great that run felt. Crossing all my fingers and toes that I'll have another run like this, feet don't fail me now!

Four: Sabrina and Kate went and got me hard core addicted and pheneing for my next hit of Homeland. I can not wait for the season premier of Sunday!!

Cinq! Pretending like it feels Fallish outside again and wearing my Ragin Cajun's summer scarf (that's coon-ass for stupid. It's cold in my office!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Chi-Town Challenge

A few weeks ago, my friend Kate and I were discussing her upcoming business trip to Chicago. Kate's attending a conference in Chicago for work, and had taken a few days off following the conference's conclusion for a little me time in a new place! Kate was feeling a little sad panda about going to a new place alone, and exploring a new city solo. Traveling is always so much more fun with a companion and it got me thinking, why can't I go with Kate? 

Kate and I at her smashing Birthday party this year
I have the vacation time, I don't have extra responsibilities at home (a-hem baby Noels), and if it's cool with my Mr., why shouldn't I go cure some wanderlust with my friend?!

Ecard you script my life
After doing some brief research, I discovered flights were crazy cheap, and my urge to be utterly spontaneous was increasingly with ferocious intensity. I really wanted to go on this trip! After work that Friday, I chatted with my husband and he gave me the all clear, That sounds like a fun opportunity for you, you should go! WHOA. Really? Before either party involved could change their mind, I booked my ticket. SNAP! I'm going to Chicago. This all transpired within about 6 hours.

LKB = L.K. Bennett (be still my heart)
At this stage, I had already invented the Chi Town Challenge which Kate references in her text. I am that Type A, goal oriented, gotta get to werkin on somethin type person errrbody loves (F em Elle says Mr. Noel). Kate and I both have a goal to reach for this trip. Mine is very simply, to look and feel my best. After a really rough summer, and allowing my amenorrhea dianosis to get me down, I could not be happier about having this goal to work towards. I refuse to focus anymore energy into situations in which I have no control. Hence, how I got my positive energy rolling back in the right direction.

Kate and I are looking forward to all things tacky tourist, additionally, I have a half marathon to run (full training) while in Chicago. I'm gonna give myself a Chi town tour on foot! I'm incredibly excited about this aspect of my trip as well. I have well and truly crossed over to the dark side muahahaha

My questions for you: 
What are places we must see? 
What activities must we do?
Where must we eat?
Where must we shop?
Runners, where should I plan my route?

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daily Spaz, Elle Noel style

Brace yourself, ADD in full affect this morning.

Get you shit together September has got to be the best thing that's happened to me since Operation Red Bikini ended in May.  It feels grand to feel good again! I'm feeling super reinvigorated with run season amping up, and I can feel myself leaning back out. It's wild to think last year my half marathon fell near the end of my run season, and this time last year I would have just begun training for the 10k, I'm less than three weeks out from my second half marathon ever, real talk, it still doesn't feel real. I'm running a full in January and at least one more half (maybe a full) in March. 

Even when I'm out pounding the pavement, feeling grand on mile four, I still have a hard time believing I am a runner. A long distance runner at that. Running in general just feels like a real accomplishment. In related news, I ran five miles this morning which is basically like putting crack in my cheerios. It's going to be a full out fabulous day!

I'm always trying to figure out the weasel that is Instagram. What people "like" for me to post, when it's too much with the selfies, should I post more food, working out, or not working out and looking like a sweaty mess, what hash tags actually result in more people finding my shenanigans tacked to this small wall of the internets, etc. Well yesterday this happened...

Obviously, freezer phone has not been updated to iOS7

Whaaaatttttt?!?! You betta believe the next time I'm at Wal Mart waiting in some crazy long line, I'm taking a picture of that and tagging these fools. Holla take it to social media! I have to be honest, I'm a little surprised that Wal Mart has Instagram. I can't imagine they'll get themselves much good press this way, but I'm pretty sure they're just trying to keep up with Target, pffff like there's even a compeition. The Noel house is divided He likes Wal Mart, I like Target. We alternate our grocery shopping between stores, ya know so we're not always at Wal Mart with me getting smug, This would NEVER happen at Target! My new goal is to get Target to like something on Instagram. Whatever girl you crazy.

After meeting Ashley Leahy this past weekend, I'm feeling reinvigorated in terms of diet. I'm really trying to focus on ultra low carb, without putting pressure on myself to hit certain numbers. My high carb day (a-hem Faturday) will fall on Saturday. Diet is always the biggest piece of the puzzle cause *insert whiny little kid voice* You can't compete with what you eat!

meal prep: two lunches and dinner, tilapia, veggies, and sweet potato

Old school Elle Noel OOTD, thanks to Mr. Noel. I'm campaigning for him to rehang my full length mirror, which is a different entertaining story for another day. Never a dull moment If I annoy him enough with, Will you take my picture??? How can you say no to this sweet wittle face?! in the morning hopefully it will get done sooner rather than later. I'm not even worried he'll read that I wrote that, his ADD is worse than mine today. Ain't no way he's making it through this post. Winning!

And that's all folks for your daily spaz attack! Hope you have a fab-u-lous Wednesday party people!!!

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