Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's Been Up with Me & 35 Minute Tempo Run Routine

Good morning eeerrrbody! Half marathon training round two week four, the mileage is starting to add up each week, and I am feeling fantastic! I apologize for my lack of post yesterday. Life has been crazy busy waaaa excuses right?! Save it sista!

Alright, so what's been up with me? I love airing my dirty laundry! I just completed a ten day cycle round two of this monster, mega bitch (this drug is worthy of curse words), hormone drug called Provera. Provera is used to induce your monthly lady friend that we all love so much. There isn't much that I can honestly say I hate in life, but I hate that drug. I had every single side effect possible from this drug. Headaches, depression, increased INSATIABLE appetite, laziness,incredibly emotional,bloating, fatigue, basically the complete opposite of my normal day to day personality. I found I could fight the side effects for about 5 days, then the increasing amounts of hormones attached themselves to my body weighting me down all waking hours of the day. (Huge thank you to all of my real life peeps for keeping me from falling over the hormonal edge over the last two months). I wrote two posts during these rounds of meds that will more than likely never see the light of day, because they are so incredibly Debbie Downer, I just refuse to do that to ya'll. Just know, it's been rough! Damn that gah is droppin bomb shells for breakfast!

For whatever unknown reason, my monthly gift ceased to exist....for the entire calendar year of 2013. I'll spare you the minute details, but my trouble really began late 2012. The medical term and official diagnosis is amenorrhea, which neither my husband nor I can pronounce, so we turned it into a joke. We're so mature.

Occasionally, a series of events can greatly effect your body's normal functions such as, quickly depleting fat loss, and a high level of rigorous physical activity. Which seems the most likely conclusion in my specific case. I ran/dieted my lady friend away. Yeah you can do that. Google became my best friend/ worst enemy, and the paranoia set in. Oh snap! What's wrong with me? Sometimes, you really should just avoid WebMD.

 Why are you complaining? Obviously, the absence of this very normal monthly process alarmed me. We would like to have a family one day, and my basic understanding of the female reproductive process translates to- no cycle, no ovulation, no ovulation, no cycle, no cycle, no baby....nothing gets past me ya'll! 

Thus begins the doctors visits, what's wrong with me yo!? Well apparently nothing. The resounding answer- you're normal! (Although I don't think there is anything normal about a woman who isn't pregnant and hasn't cycled in 6 plus months, call me crazy)  Lots of blood work, an ultra sound, two rounds of depression in a bottle later, and the overwhelming response is you're totally normal. My insides look normal, my hormones are normal, my thyroid is normal, it all looks super duper normal. ( I got really tired of hearing the word normal. I want answers!)

Now that my hormone induced haze has worn off, I feel safe sharing. Cross your fingers, and send me some good girl juju, that I never have to take that medication again. I have a very healthy respect for women who have been on much stronger hormone meds than I, sending you virtual love and hugs if you're one of those women. I really battled with sharing this side of my story, as I have yet to find complete answers. I have no idea what the future holds for me, if this is the end of hormone intervention, or merely the beginning. I also often struggle with, is this information too personal? How much do I really want to share? However, since nearly everyone in my day to day life has known about these issues for months, I have big mouth in person too, not just in print, time to share with the class! Secrets don't make friends! (am I funny today or what?! toot toot beep beep!)

If I'm going to blog about my story and my journey, this is way to big of a piece for me to exclude. Should anything new develop, I'll fill ya'll in. I have a funny feeling this may not be the end. That's life, and sometimes you just gotta suck it up buttercup!

Enough with the heavy, Let's talk running, oh yeahs!

Wednesday evening, I had my longest round of speed training during half training round two to date. I basically took my 30 minute tempo run and extended each section by 15 seconds and upped my cool down pace. (Intermediate half training works up to a 45 minute tempo run during week ten) I had to coach myself through this run. I wanted to quit, my legs were burning, and the routine was challenging. For me, coming back down the speed hill is more difficult than climbing. Things I'm thinking during speed work, You can do this, You will do this, think of the big prize, no pain no gain sista! 

When working on speed work, remember it should be difficult. It shouldn't feel comfortable. You won't get faster if you're always chilling in your comfort zone peeps! It's a fine line between uncomfortable and painful, I like to dance right there on that tight rope for speed training! 

The irony is not lost on me that I have told ya'll about running away my monthly gift and busting ass on the treadmill in the same post. Quite a few people have suggested to me that I chill, slow down, let my body do it's thing, etc.(It's important to note, that no one medical has made these suggestions- just sayin!) While that may seem like a logical answer, for me it isn't. I can't stop, I won't stop (sing it Miley!)

Feeling like a BOSS post tempo run
What I will say about my struggle is this, God won't give you burdens you can't handle. There is something positive in every set back and every struggle. I am meant to go through this time in my life for a reason, and I will trust in God's plan for me! Thanks for all the love and support peeps, I love blog world :)

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  1. So glad you shared! I will definitely be praying for you! And I don't blame you for not listening to people that tell you to slow down on your workouts. People said the same thing to me about running and teaching ZUMBA while pregnant yet my doctor encouraged it! So as long as you are following what your doc says it's all good!!

  2. Awww... bless ur heart!!! Buy a really awesome pair of white pants and pray you don't get it the first time you wear them and if your luck is anything like mine you will! Lol... seriously Good Luck and hang in there lady!!

  3. Hopefully your body will get used to the exercise and new lower body fat self and just pick up on its own... sorry to hear about all that mess! I cant blame you for not wanting to quit, running is addictive, I have been sick all week and even though I am exhausted just keeping my eyes open I find myself wanting to run!!!! I may have to go for a short one this evening...

  4. I don't think it's TMI; more interesting to learn about to me. We all know things like this happen, but like the negative side of a lot of things, not everyone is willing to get "REAL." Hoping no more hormone meds for you!!

  5. Girl you are not alone. I haven't scared my monthly friend away (on purpose) I was a late bloomer and didn't get my cycle until I was 16. Ya, not too fun when you're 12 year old sister and you start your periods at the same time. ARGH. But I am not regular by any means. If I wasn't on birth control, I wouldn't get my cycle at all. And there is nothing wrong with me either. I actually conceived my child while not on birth control and no cycle. So anything is possible. Hang in there and keep doing what you're doing. It's a frustrating thing to go through but you're not given more than you can handle. AND I love the toot toot beep beep! I laughed out loud at that one!!! :)

  6. Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear that you're still searching for answers. I've been down a somewhat similar path with a somewhat related issue and I can completely empathize with your hatred of the word "normal". Hang in there girlie, and do what feels right!

  7. I wish you didn't have to go through all this....but girl you got the right attitude!! I love that arrow quote too. Sending big hugs your way!!

  8. That Provera is no fun! Hope it gets easier for you!!
    I, too, rarely get a period and it took a while to get pregnant. I finally went to the doc and one round of Provera and one round of Clomid did the trick!
    Good luck to you:)

  9. So I'm glad you shared what's been going with you. I'm sending you much love and hugs because although no woman likes the monthy "friend" (as my dad calls it), to not get it and not know why has/had to be so scary. I read awhile ago that super athletes like Olympians have that happen to them since their training so hard. So there's your answer Missy...Elle Noel is a Super Olympian...
    Which really nobody that reads your blog would disagree with that!! Have a great day!

  10. I'm so glad you shared this, I've been going through the same thing! I went to two different doctors, multiple tests, and 'everything is normal'. My OBGYN recommended me to take a cycle of the Provera, but the side effects scared me. My mom had taken it and had a similar experience to yours, and hearing her story was enough to scare me away from trying it! I've decided to let it rest until my hubby and I are ready to really start trying for a family. Knowing that there's medically nothing wrong with me makes me more at ease with it. Good luck with your journey, and thanks for sharing! It's always nice to know you're not alone :)

  11. I will hope and pray that you don't have to go through that again and all is well!

  12. Hi! I'm a reader from Colorado and although I've never commented before, I thought this was important. I had your exact same story to a T. The only thing thought was that when I finally did want to get pregnant (and when it happens, you want it to happen yesterday), the lack of a period completely prevented me from getting pregnant, no matter how much everything looked, "normal." Everyone, including my sister who is an OBGYN, told me I had to quit running. The thought terrified me until I ended up at a reproductive endocrinologist's office, that insurance does not cover, and she flat out told me the running had to go. And I needed to eat full fat products, organic fruits and veggies, and no caffeine. Did I gain 5ish pounds? Yes. Did I get pregnant immediately? Yes.

    Obviously no two bodies are alike, but just wanted you to know my story because the tremendous amount of running and exercising has a profound effect on your body. You've come a long way and I'm seriously impressed with your results! Wishing you luck in this area as well.

  13. Sorry to hear you're going through that.. glad you're feeling better though. Hang in there!

  14. I had/have primary amenorrhea, which basically means that as a teen, I never had my period, like ever, not even once. It took forever for a dr to diagnose, because I appeared to be perfectly normal. Well, obviously not. I was labeled with pre-mature ovarian failure - basically a 32 year old in a 90 year old's body - awesome. Anyways, it sounds like you shouldn't have anything to worry about in terms of family planning :) Just keep up the positive attitude and keep kickin' ass!

  15. Girl I can't even for a second imagine you depressed and being a Debbie downer! But, that being said, I know we all have our moments. I hope you don't have to go through that again, and I hope everything works out for you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers, as you are what finally gave me a kick in the butt to help myself!

  16. Im so sorry youre going through this struggle and I truly hope you find the answers youre looking for and when the nay-sayers get on your nerves, tell yourself that this is your body and you own it and no one and nothing will ever stop that :) Sending you prayers running sista!!!