Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ROAM Give Away & Other Updates

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! I apologize for my sporadic posting as of late, life is crazy, BUT I am on track :) Half training week five is rolling full steam ahead, and I can feel myself getting faster, stronger, better with each and every run.Oh yeahs that's what it's all about! 

Speed training routines worked into Intermediate training are by far my favorite runs to complete as they are always new and challenging! I know I said Monday, I was going to force myself outdoors for more weekly runs, but true confessions, I am a bougie runner. I hate to be hot and the weather is still way too intense for me. Diva status says heyyyy! As long as I'm completing my long run outdoors, I feel good about my training.

Running is quite literally all mental for me. During the winter, I will complain, moan, groan, and basically make myself miserable for anything longer than a three mile dreadmill run, due to rain ( I do love a cold run!), in the summer, I could kiss the dreadmill's spinning wheels for saving me for saving me from melting to the pavement. Again, I am a bougie runner. I like to be comfortable on the road, which is extremely comical considering my geographical location. 

Four Mile Weekly Run

7 X 400 5K Pace

Weekly Speed Training- 7 X 400 at a 5k Pace:

Lap 1- 6.8
Lap 2- 6.9
Lap 3- 7.0
Lap 4-5 - 7.1
Lap 6- 7.2
Lap 7- 7.5

I have a special treat for ya'll today, a give away! Raise your hand if you love free stuff! Me Me Pick Me! A few weeks ago Marnie with ROAM Products contacted me about a product review and give away to run on my little blog! I was all in as I'm always excited to try new products. Marnie sent me her Wellness Travel Pak, a stylish, clean, travel pack designed for organizing your medications on the go! It's TSA approved and fits neatly into your purse, suitcase, briefcase, etc. It's also discrete looking, as it doesn't scream check out all my medication yo! The packaging is also soft, so no pill rattling going on! For me personally, I don't take a lot of medication day to day- just vitamins and fish oil (aids in fat loss). 

I find the ROAM wellness travel pack to be an excellent way to pack and travel with jewelry. I usually pack my jewelry in multiple zip lock bags to prevent tangling and then shove all those zip lock bags into a make up bag of some sort. It's a hassle. This is how I will be using my ROAM Wellness Travel Pak! Marnie sent me two travel packs to give away to two lucky readers! 

All you have to do to enter, is like The Wellness Travel Pak on Facebook below- Good luck! I'll announce the Winners next Monday!

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  1. I always feel like such a snob posting stuff like this, but do you run at 0% grade (incline)? To have the same "resistance" as running outside, you should set it to at least 1% if not 1.5%. Just a little tip. Thanks for reminding me to continually stay committed to my running and cross training!!

  2. Completely agree on the dreadmill mindset. I could not imagine getting out and running in the southern heat. (hello workout videos for now!) Looking forward to fall runs soon!!