Friday, August 23, 2013

PWAT & Half Training Week 5

Welp, Friday we meet again! Still no weighing in, gonna see my August challenge through, but I FEEL fantastic. I'll be honest though, this is how my summer has gone, feel freaking fabulous on Friday to then feel like a big slob kabob on Monday. 

I will not tank out this weekend, I will not tank out this weekend, I will not tank out this weekend....

This weekend's agenda, Friday night, I've got a date with my Sole Sistas! The Sole Sistas are meeting up on Friday evening, and it's not for a run, but it is running related! Shocker! We're meeting up at Painting with a Twist, to socialize, wine, and brag on our favorite PR!

I'll be using my current half PR
We've all been really looking forward to our social night out that doesn't involve everyone being a sweaty mess. Our social time usually involves stretching pre-run (insert everyone running their yap) and coffee/ breakfast/ ohallmygees thank goodness I survived, post run chat (insert everyone running their yap). It'll be nice to visit as a group and not be a sweaty mess! How will we even recognizance one another?! #rungroupproblems I've really been looking forward to this for awhile now! Picasso I am not, so we'll just see how this goes...

Saturday morning, bright and early, week five half training round two is coming a knocking, 8 mile run! You can read about my first ever 8 mile run during half training round one here. The goal is simple, beat my previous run timeduring training round one. (1:22:57) I don't anticipate this to be an issue, even if the humidity is re-donk-ulous.  Half training the second go around has actually been much easier than the first. Obviously, there have been no distance PRs (that'll come with Marathon training), but the current distances, speed training, and weekly mileage, has been, dare I say it, easy for me. The aches and pains that accompanied round one half training are nonexistent thus far. Which has made training phenomenally easy on me! It's the half way point in training, and I still can't believe I'm running my second half marathon in 6 weeks. Please, please ,please let the temps and humidity start coming down! Diva Status needs to PR! 

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