Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Half Training Updates & Weekly Goals

Thank y'all for the kind words and support in regards to my post yesterday. It's heart warming to have people see the many great qualities in your loved one and remember them so fondly. Thank you! 

Training for my second half marathon has been exponentially easier than the first. Even with weather hurdles and humidity hindrance, the overall distances and weekly runs do not feel as challenging as half training round one. The recovery time post long run is basically non existent , during round one half training, I felt like I needed to rest and recover with each new PR distance. I'm sure post second half, when I begin full marathon training, the true distance challenge will begin. I haven't been running my long runs particularly fast, I haven't been trying to honestly. My goal has been very simple, beat half training round one times, and I'm on pace to achieve my goal for my second half race. I really feel once you acclimate your body to the longer distances, it sticks with ya. If you're training for your first long race, just know it will get easier! 

Week five's long run, an 8 miler, was not an intimidating distance, but I had some technical difficulties on this run. I have way too much run gear, on the real. First, I accidentally set my watch to indoor activity, and couldn't figure out how to quickly reset, so then I had to revert to my old phone run ap, as I couldn't get my watch reset. I hadn't run with the ap since I got my watch in May, and there had been a few updates, oye it wasn't cute. I ran with a new Sole Sista from our group, and I really didn't want to hold her up while I tried fixing all my gadgets. I'm sure she was thinking come on chick get it together!

Once I finally got all my shenanigans sorted out however, we got to rolling! I really enjoyed having company on this run. I've been meeting with the group and finishing with the group, but run my own pace through out the run. It was wonderful to have someone to talk to out on the road. Additionally, I find it's so much easier to manage pace with another runner. Whether intentional or not, you challenge one another, and a little challenge never hurt anybody!

Hot, Humid, and still beating my previous winter training times- Holler!
Until May of this year, I solely used this Ap, Nike Running, to track all of my runs. I have it set to give me pace and distance every five minutes, and I like seeing my route upon run completion as I'm very much a visual person. I had a few reasons for switching from the Ap to the watch. Mainly, I wanted the heart rate monitor to count calories. Secondly, running the Ap and music simultaneously on my phone was draining my battery life rapidly. I knew I would never make it through a marathon utilizing this method as my phone would die and that would mean no music. Which means no running.

I enjoy the watch for several reasons. It gives me tons of valuable information that isn't available through a run ap. After completing a run, I sync my watch with my computer for my overall run stats. My Garmin tracks distance, pace, lap time, and it gives me other valuable stats, non moving time- stuck at a red light/ drinking water/ trying not to get run over/ - it also gives me my fastest speed, my slowest speed, overall pace, minimum heart rate, max heart rate, average heart rate, and elevation stats. I LOVE the watch. The biggest challenge I faced in switching methods was adjusting to not having the ap give me time and distance every five minutes #paceproblems

Garmin Forerunner 110
Monday evening I forced myself to get out in the humid heat for my run. I know babying myself on the treadmill isn't going to help me achieve my run goal for the Jazz Half. I have been clinging to the treadmill, and AC, thinking "When the humidity goes down I'll go outside". Well obviously that isn't going to happen anytime soon, if you can't beat em join em! It was hot and gross. I was a ridiculous sweaty nasty mess, but I feel myself adjusting to breathing liquid air. I keep reminding myself however, when the weather changes, running will feel like flying! Fall where you at?! 

My challenge for August was not to weigh in one time, and I'm actually looking forward to weighing in September 1st. Now that my life is returning to it's normal everyday rhythm, I'm back on track for success. I'd like to start a September Challenge, and I'm thinking I'll do Jillian's RIPPED in 30. It's a cheap DVD and I know Jillian's programs work! Anyone care to join me?! 

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  1. Yeah, run buddies! Thanks for sharing about the watch--it sounds like a worthy investment! Do you find that the GPS for the watch is more reliable than the phone apps?

  2. I need a running buddy... I think it would help a lot on my long runs!!

  3. You and your challenges girl. You crazy! I was just thinking I need to pick up Jillian again but I have so much beef with that lady. I'll prob join you in the challenge anyway, errbody has time for dat! Have a great week!

  4. Count me in for the Jillian Challenge! Jillian and I meet at least once daily but I don't have the Ripped. I look forward to trying a new workout with her...of course she is on MUTE as her voice kinda grates on my nerves but man does she get results! Great job on getting outside and running!

  5. I love my garmin. I upgraded from nike plus to a garmin a few years ago and never looked back. I need to get a heart rate monitor to go with it too!!