Thursday, August 8, 2013

Half Training Round Two: Speed Training Work Out

Half Marathon training round two, I am currently following Hal Higdon's Intermediate Training Program, cause we movin on up, to prepare for my next half marathon The New Orleans Jazz Half, October 2013. My first round with half training I followed Hal Higdon's Novice 2 program, which was perfect for my first experience with 13.1. 

Both programs follow the 12 week training format, however, there are two big differences between the two. Novice 2 assumes minimal base mileage. The weekly long runs begin at 4 miles, each week gradually averages out a longer distance, with two weeks backing off mileage (5K, 10K). The Intermediate program assumes a greater base mileage, 5 should be a very comfortable distance, weekly runs include speed training, and include three weeks backing off mileage (5K, 10K, 15K). I'm excited to wrap up week three, as I completed the initial three weeks of training prior to my vacation (which should have been week one) and then resumed repeating weeks two and three after our return home. 

My second half training experience has been different from my first, the greatest difference is that I'm training during the summer. Oye. I knew when signing up for this half that the weather would be my greatest adversary during my long runs. I have yet to complete a single weekly run outdoors, however, I've been forcing myself to brave the humidity (much worse than the heat) and the heat (did ya'll know I hate to be hot- Diva Status says Heeyyyy) during my weekly long runs. I know toughing it out through August will pay off once that humidity starts coming down in September. Fake it til ya make it!

This week's speed training called for 6 X 400 at a 5K Pace. It's difficult for me to discern what my exact pace is per distance, as I've continued to steadily improve since I began training this time last year. The ladies I run with that are seasoned, have assured me I will continue to increase in pace over time, especially since I'm still "sitting" in my run. Basically I don't lean forward just yet. Even though I continually think about form while running, I'm not there yet. Always room for improvement! 

Let's break this down, 6 X 400 refers to 400 meters, six times at a 5k Pace. Translation 1.5 miles at an 8:40 minute mile. This is what I'm using as my 5k pace. 400 Meters measures once around a track or a quarter mile. I've turned my metered runs into a run/ walk treadmill routine as I'm using this as my cardio for that particular day, and 12-13 minutes of running is not enough cardio for me in a singular effort. How I get creative on the treadmill and beat boredom:

Throwing myself back into half training and completing this cleanse has me on the right path to that "feeling" I love so much. Trim & Fit! During the cleanse, I felt big and bloated days 5-7, but now onto day 8 the bloat has dissipated and the losing feeling has set in. I love it! I'm starting to get very excited about this upcoming half marathon. I'm already plotting my race gear, playlists, and hotel arrangements. I. am. so. excited! She's obviously crazy!

I'm ready to throw down my time goal, publicly. I want to PR and run this race under 2:05:00. It feels a little premature to be announcing time goals as I have no clue what the weather will be like, however, I need a goal! I gotta a grand ole feeling about this race, feet don't fail me now!

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  1. Love it! I'd never heard of "sitting", I bet I do that! Very interesting! I don't know how you're not literally sitting during your runs with that crazy LA heat, but props to you for keeping at it! I'm pretty sure at this point I would be declaring water walking my newest form of "speed training"! :)

  2. I wish my tree trunks would move at a 6.0+ pace but they only want to go to like a 5.4 LOL

  3. This week I totally added the 7x400 speed training into my Tabata Tuesday workout. I have no doubt that everyone at the gym was looking at me like I was a crazy lady jumping on the 'mill and hauling ass for a quarter of a mile 7 different times - but whatevs! Ugh, can it just cool down already?!

  4. you go girl! Interval training is one of my favorite ways to beat boredom on the dreadmill.