Monday, August 5, 2013

Cleanse Update & Changes in the Weekly Goals

Cleanse day five and I feel this girl is on fire amazing! This past weekend was incredibly restful and just what the doctor ordered! I stuck to the cleanse and got in two great work outs. I feel so fantastic rolling into Monday morning, sayonara busted can of biscuits feeling! You ain't welcome here no more!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to log my 6 mile week two half marathon long run. I can't sugar coat I how I feel about the weather ya'll. The weather was miserable. Stifling hot and humid at 5:30am is never a good sign, but I know I can not train solely for this half marathon on the treadmill. I have to get out and pound the pavement. Even though the heat and humidity are slaughtering my run times. I keep reminding myself when this dew point comes down, bay bay I am going to fly! I ran low and slow, and refused to even glance at my Garmin. I kept telling myself not to stress about pace and just enjoy the run. Overall, the run went just fine. It wasn't this girl is on fire fabulous and it wasn't this girl is insane why am I running again? miserable either. It was just, meh, a run! If I had sum it up in one word, it would be HOT. Don't get me wrong, I felt AWESOME after getting it done, as always! I haven't tapped into runners high in so long, I keep wondering when those feelings will begin to return. I'm sure I won't start tapping into that until the mileage starts creeping back up, and the temperature starts coming down, diva status hates to be hot.

Seriously contemplated a swim in that fountain!
Saturday evening we spent with great friends at a small get together.. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed everyone's company. Sunday, my husband and I planned to get in a 15 mile bike ride as we enjoy bike riding together and getting a different perspective of our city. We're always discovering news places to go and things to see when we're on the bike! We didn't kill it in pace but there were times when we were really booking it! After the bike ride I thought, meh, I got a little more, so I took off on a two mile run. I'm growing increasingly interested in registering for a triathlon, I think it would be a sure fire way to make the most of this crazy hot weather! After riding the bike for so long, running felt really funny, but surprisingly I hammered out two miles at a 9:40 pace without pushing myself hard at all. I was very surprised with my endurance, in short, fantastic way to end the weekend!

It's time for weekly goals and I'm sad to report that my favorite class at my gym is no longer going to be offered. Seriously one sad panda over here. The trainer who is RIPPED certified, and my previous personal trainer, is moving on to other projects. I'm so sad to see her go. You will be very missed lady friend! I now have to find new ways to fill up my Monday work outs! Challenge! I tried getting back into Jillian's Killer Abs DVD but honestly, I'm a little burned out on Jillian. I need a new program to switch things up! Details pending, but it's looking like T25 from Beachbody!

Weekly Goals:

3.5 Mile Run

Cross Training
Leg Day

6 X 400 5K Pace (Speed Work)

3 Mile Run

Incline Treadmill Walk/ Run

5K Race Pace


Bring it on Monday! I am READY!
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  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and find you to be totally inspirational. This is going to sound super weird but I was thinking about your blog last night and wondered if you were still doing any Beachbody stuff and I hadn't seen any Shakeology on your IG lately. And them Boom! Today you had a ShakeO for breakfast and you're thinking about starting T25! I'm wrapping up week 4 of T25 today and I love it!!! I'm also trying to commit more to using Shakeology as a tool in my journey. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  2. Hey there Patty! I can't believe you didn't jump in that fountain! Way to keep going though!! T25 - you're a brave soul. I did insanity and it really did work but was definitely hard on the knees with all that jumping. Do you know if T25 is similar in that way? And heyyy, at least you'll get to stare at Shaun T's abs....what??

  3. You would dominate a tri!!! The hardest transition is the one from bike to running and it sounds like you have that down! You totally should go for it! :)

  4. YESSSSSSSS Do T25. I love it and it's awesome! 25 minutes a day? Errrybody got time fo dat!

  5. I have been thinking about T25 too or Turbofire but I cannot decide! It would be awesome to get it done in under 30 minutes! Have a great day!

  6. I think it's Tri Time, Elle Noel! Tri it out with Miles Perret in 2 could do it! (See what I did there?)

  7. Hey you! I'm back to the blogland after finishing my crazy non-work-but-sorta-work-related project last week and I'm glad I got to check in on your blog. My Mondays feel more balanced when I get a dose of Positive Patty! Love the fountain shot from your 6-miler! I took my Sunday run indoors (I told myself it was because I needed a level track for the pace work) and now I feel like a big ol' sissy knowing that you were running in the Southern heat like a boss! Way to go on the active weekend!

  8. I agree with Kate - I feel like a lazy sissy having run indoors today - meh!! Oh well :) Looks like youre back to your old self :)

  9. Ugh - sounds like your 6 miler went a little better than my 7 miles! Serious,! I'm sure going out at 1 o'clock in the afternoon when it was 100* outside was my downfall! For reals, I thought I was going to die! Hoping next week's 8 miler goes a little better!