Friday, August 9, 2013

Cleanse Day 9 & Recent Eats

Cleanse Day 9- this is going to be an AWESOME day! I'm in the cleanse homestretch, I"m feeling thin and trim again, hallelujah! I have to admit, not weighing in is hard. I know the numbers are coming down so I desperately want to check my status! However, I'm reminded not weighing in and focusing on feeling good is the over all objective. I can recall weigh ins previously,when I felt as though I'd dropped a significant amount of weight, only to feel disappointed when that number wasn't as large as I would have liked at the time. Then instead of continuing to feel great, I focused my energy on the number. I'm beginning to think I've given that number a little too much power over my day to day life.However, it is nice knowing I'll weigh in September 1st, as this gives me a goal to look forward to!

The cleanse has been phenomenal in helping me to get my lifestyle back on the fit track post vacation. My stomach definitely expanded while away, and shrinking it back down is never fun, but it is necessary! Geez girl what did you do on vacay?! Go big or go home cher! My plan going forward is to rotate the cleanse into my life every three months as Advocare recommends, because I am feeling fabulous! Seriously. I live for this feeling!

What have been eating on the cleanse? Well, I know this will be disappointing to some, but I'm a pretty boring eater. I'll eat the same foods in heavy rotation for several days. Breakfast everyday has been a protein shake:

I make my shakes using Shakeology or regular Whey protein powder. Most common ingredients: unsweetened almond milk, spinach, PB2, and a fruit (half a banana/ cup of frozen assorted mix)

Snack time! 
One Apple & Natural Peanut Butter

Casein Powder "Pudding" - Evening Snack
Combine One Scoop Casein, Two Tablespoons PB2 mix together with water

Lunch/ Dinner are interchangeable equals. I've been eating a combination of the following:

Lean Ground Turkey, Chopped Bell Pepper, Egg Whites

Spaghetti -Grilled Chicken Breast, Prego Light Smart, Spaghetti Squash
Pan Grilled Tilapia (Pam), Mixed Veggies
Subway Double Chicken chopped salad- all the veggies except for jalapenos & pickels, no cheese, vinaigrette dressing

Happy eating people! TGIF!
I'm slacking on my OOTD pics- sowwy! 

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  1. How nice is it to feel like you fit in your pants again!?? I did great with eating cleaner this week (there was SO MUCH greenery) and I am feeling GOOD today! Now to make it through the weekend without over-indulging....we are kayaking and camping so I'm not too worried! Question - do you season the turkey/egg whites/peppers? I'm thinking I need to try that. And I haven't been able to find a good spaghetti squash lately, what's up with that??

    Your hair looks like it's getting so long!

  2. I may have to try this Advocare Cleanse everyone is talking about!

  3. I'm glad that you've been having such a great experience on the cleanse. All of your food looks so good!

    The Grass Skirt