Friday, August 30, 2013

Why I Yo Yo - Not to be confused with Yolo

Bad blogger award goes to....C'est moi. Sorry for my lack of post yesterday ya'll. It was one of those rare days where I had nothing to really say, and I was swamped in real life. I feel like I'm in a blogging rut, tut, tut, tut. Maybe it's just this time of year, or maybe I'm getting tired of talking about weight loss, running, and fitness- muahahahah just kidding!  

These last three weeks, I've really focused on getting my diet train back on track from the summer that just wouldn't let up. Food has and will always be the biggest piece of the puzzle for me. That said, half training and eating actively for weight loss has left me feeling fantastic. I did not tank out last weekend, and I will not tank out this weekend! August challenge is up Sunday, and it's time to face the scale. Based solely on how my cloths fit, and the way I feel. I'd guess I'm within one pound give or take from my weight at the wrap of Operation Red Bikini.  Not weighing in has been interesting. I'm not ready to say I'm breaking up with the scale, and I'm not ready to say, I'm only weighing in once a month. However, I may bring it down to every two weeks. I'm looking forward to beginning a new challenge with Jillian Sunday, September 1st! RIPPED in 30. I'll complete the DVD everyday for 30 days, before and after pics to follow. Throw down that challenge Jillian cause this girl will pick it up (Pick it up Mississippi, Pick it up!)

I'm in a place where I'm very happy with my body. I feel fantastic: fit, strong, confident. I really want to focus on these feelings. instead of focusing on a number on the scale. As a yo yo dieter, maintaining any particular weight has been always difficult for me. When I'm stressed out, outside factors leave me feeling out of control, or feeling down, I will straight up eat my feelings. That felt good to say out loud (or print, schmantics) Oh let me liberate ya! That's what happened to me this summer. As much as I wanted to put on a brave face and say, I'm not upset about what's going on in my life, that wasn't true. Sonic's Summer of the Shake really got the best of me too #trueconfessions #likeeverysunday

Identifying these triggers and coming to terms with the cyclical nature of my habits has been empowering. When we can identify the why, we learn how to take control. You'd think I'd have it all figured out by now, after nearly three years on my little journey, however I'm continuously learning and adapting along the way. Once you think you have it all figured out, life will usually pimp slap with you with a just kidding biotch time to readjust! I can see that clearly now coming out of the other side. You live, you leaaarrrnnnnn! The scale always seems to either be actively moving up or actively moving down. I really feel that the biggest challenge in all this weight loss, yo yo, reaching goal weight madness, is finding happiness once you get there and maintaining that weight. For me personally, I like to focus on being fit and strong. The scale tends to stay round about the same as long as I keep the way I feel my top priority. Maintaining goal weight, le sigh,  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...always just out of reach! I am determined to snatch it up and keep it to myself! 

Hope you all have a rockin, safe, and fun Labor Day weekend! Peace, Love, Run! MUAH!

Jean Day & College Football- Let's Geaux Cajuns!

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I've used this DM before, however I can always use this reminder. Never give up on you!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

40 Minute Tempo Run & Travel Pak Give Away Winners

Gerd mernin! It's Wednesday, whoa! This week is a flyin- I love when that happens! Especially since we've got a three day weekend on the horizon. Oh yeahs! Huge thank you to everyone who participated in the ROAM Travel Pak Give Away last week. Two lucky ladies won their very own Travel Pak, Ashlee and Mandie check your email! 

Tuesday evening, I got in my week six speed training. Speed training during the intermediate plan alternates between increasing 400 5k pace laps and a tempo run. This week, I worked up to a 40 minute Tempo Run and good gravy ya'll this was challenging. Probably because I went and opened my big jabber jaws about how half training this go around hasn't been all that difficult. Touche 40 Minute Tempo Run. The max timed tempo run to complete during intermediate half training is a 45 minute run. Fortunately, I get one more round with the 40 minute tempo run before increasing to 45. Next go around I know the run will be easier. Thank you sweet baby J! About 25 minutes into this run all I could think about was SNAP I have to run 15 more minutes, how will I ever make it 20 more minutes!? These speed training runs take a lot of self coaching for me to complete. Speed training should be difficult, it's the only way to increase overall speed! I'm so glad other people can't hear what I think to myself while busting it on the treadmill. The internal talk is crazy laday to a ten! 

I've been eating some really boring stuff as of late. I haven't been very creative, but I can tell my methods are working. I'm very much looking forward to weighing in on Sunday, September 1st. I don't think I've quite worked off all of my summer weight gain, however it took about three months to gain ten pounds so it will take time to work it all back off. Which rolls me into my next challenge, incorporating additional strength and HIIT training! Every day in September I'm going to complete Jillian's RIPPED in 30! A few of you have jumped on the band wagon, the more the merrier! 

This morning, I  busted out some old high waisted pants I haven't worn in awhile, and they were a little too big.  That right there is worth busting it on the treadmill peeps! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Half Training Updates & Weekly Goals

Thank y'all for the kind words and support in regards to my post yesterday. It's heart warming to have people see the many great qualities in your loved one and remember them so fondly. Thank you! 

Training for my second half marathon has been exponentially easier than the first. Even with weather hurdles and humidity hindrance, the overall distances and weekly runs do not feel as challenging as half training round one. The recovery time post long run is basically non existent , during round one half training, I felt like I needed to rest and recover with each new PR distance. I'm sure post second half, when I begin full marathon training, the true distance challenge will begin. I haven't been running my long runs particularly fast, I haven't been trying to honestly. My goal has been very simple, beat half training round one times, and I'm on pace to achieve my goal for my second half race. I really feel once you acclimate your body to the longer distances, it sticks with ya. If you're training for your first long race, just know it will get easier! 

Week five's long run, an 8 miler, was not an intimidating distance, but I had some technical difficulties on this run. I have way too much run gear, on the real. First, I accidentally set my watch to indoor activity, and couldn't figure out how to quickly reset, so then I had to revert to my old phone run ap, as I couldn't get my watch reset. I hadn't run with the ap since I got my watch in May, and there had been a few updates, oye it wasn't cute. I ran with a new Sole Sista from our group, and I really didn't want to hold her up while I tried fixing all my gadgets. I'm sure she was thinking come on chick get it together!

Once I finally got all my shenanigans sorted out however, we got to rolling! I really enjoyed having company on this run. I've been meeting with the group and finishing with the group, but run my own pace through out the run. It was wonderful to have someone to talk to out on the road. Additionally, I find it's so much easier to manage pace with another runner. Whether intentional or not, you challenge one another, and a little challenge never hurt anybody!

Hot, Humid, and still beating my previous winter training times- Holler!
Until May of this year, I solely used this Ap, Nike Running, to track all of my runs. I have it set to give me pace and distance every five minutes, and I like seeing my route upon run completion as I'm very much a visual person. I had a few reasons for switching from the Ap to the watch. Mainly, I wanted the heart rate monitor to count calories. Secondly, running the Ap and music simultaneously on my phone was draining my battery life rapidly. I knew I would never make it through a marathon utilizing this method as my phone would die and that would mean no music. Which means no running.

I enjoy the watch for several reasons. It gives me tons of valuable information that isn't available through a run ap. After completing a run, I sync my watch with my computer for my overall run stats. My Garmin tracks distance, pace, lap time, and it gives me other valuable stats, non moving time- stuck at a red light/ drinking water/ trying not to get run over/ - it also gives me my fastest speed, my slowest speed, overall pace, minimum heart rate, max heart rate, average heart rate, and elevation stats. I LOVE the watch. The biggest challenge I faced in switching methods was adjusting to not having the ap give me time and distance every five minutes #paceproblems

Garmin Forerunner 110
Monday evening I forced myself to get out in the humid heat for my run. I know babying myself on the treadmill isn't going to help me achieve my run goal for the Jazz Half. I have been clinging to the treadmill, and AC, thinking "When the humidity goes down I'll go outside". Well obviously that isn't going to happen anytime soon, if you can't beat em join em! It was hot and gross. I was a ridiculous sweaty nasty mess, but I feel myself adjusting to breathing liquid air. I keep reminding myself however, when the weather changes, running will feel like flying! Fall where you at?! 

My challenge for August was not to weigh in one time, and I'm actually looking forward to weighing in September 1st. Now that my life is returning to it's normal everyday rhythm, I'm back on track for success. I'd like to start a September Challenge, and I'm thinking I'll do Jillian's RIPPED in 30. It's a cheap DVD and I know Jillian's programs work! Anyone care to join me?! 

4 Mile Run

40 Minute Tempo Run

3 Mile Run

Cross Training

Incline Walk/ Run Routine via Pinterest

10K Half Marathon Race Pace

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Celebrate Life

Four weeks ago, one my oldest friends past away. His passing was sudden, shocking, and completely unexpected.This weekend a celebration of his life was hosted by his friends in New Orleans. A toasting and sending off to a wonderful friend and person we all loved so much. We laughed, we cried, we danced in the streets. 

We told stories about the person we all loved so very much, many of us meeting for the very first time. We shared our memories, the good times, the bad times, and the humor in all times. Forrest was one of my oldest and most dear friends. His life was filled with laughter and joy. He had the ability to never take any situation all too seriously and could find humor in any situation, especially the awkward ones, a quality that I will always fiercely admire.

We knew each other long before those awkward adolescent years, and remained friends through out college and the years that followed.  I'm hesitant to say adult years, as I think he'd find me calling either of us an adult positively hysterical.We grew up together, our families are friends, and our relationship always felt very natural and easy, moving from one life stage to the next.

 I always knew Forrest had lots of friends, he was one of these people who befriended everyone he came into contact with. From a very young age, he flawlessly bridged social gaps, completely unrestricted by normal characteristics that historically bind together groups of people: age, sex, race, social standing, varied un-mainstream interests, political and religious beliefs. He had friends from all walks of life. He was never intimidated by social norms or put off by closed social groups. He never hesitated to walk into a group of strangers and introduce himself. He was very confident at every age, and I often enjoyed allowing his confidence to rub off on me. Especially during those awkward adolescent years. I was too tall, too awkward, too self conscience, and far too overly concerned with whether or not other people liked me, normal fears for pre-teen/teen-age girls. He encouraged me to accept myself, and shed the fears of I wonder what others think of me. I can always remember his attitude being, "You're awesome, if someone doesn't like you, they obviously have a problem. Fuck em! Let's go do something fun!" 

He had an infectious laugh and bright spirit, it was impossible to feel down around him. For all the times I felt young, care free, clue-lessly whateve in his company, I always knew he was a deep thinker and intelligent soul.There were often times when I felt he was so much older and wiser than me, and I was grateful for his wisdom. For many years, I was very naive about life, and all of the characters in it. Forrest had the ability to see through the bull shit and give you what was real. He didn't sugar coat reality for me, and I loved that about him. 

Forrest was realistic, and unafraid to straight shoot the truth. His honesty was often disarming, but always refreshing. He was continuously teaching me things about myself, and those around me. We frequently discussed how to achieve great personal success (an aspiration we both always shared),  how we defined our personal successes, our hopes and dreams for the future, and what path we wanted to carve for ourselves along this crazy little road called life. I envisioned him a world traveler, a passionate lover, an aficionado in various arenas, a man who would have a life filled with wild stories and great adventures. Even with his life cut so very short, I believe he was all of those things. 

As often as we laughed, he was always comfortable with the heavy not so pleasant conversations as well. He knew dark things about me, things that I've done, things I'm ashamed of, he could keep these secrets in confidence and never threw any of my mistakes back up at me. I was never embarrassed to confide some insignificant detail of my life to him. He talked me though heart aches and failure, he was the type of person you could count on to be there for you when all your ugly shit really hit the fan. There isn't a thing in this world I wouldn't have done for him. He was a confidante and dear friend. To say I loved him deeply feels like a shallow understatement. 

Over the more recent years, we hadn't spent as much time together as I would have liked. He attended school in New York, his family had moved away, he moved frequently, and our visits became sparse. For my part, nothing ever really changed in my life. After high school, I went to college, got married, and set up a life in our home town. I followed the generic life plan for the stereotypical southern girl. I wasn't always certain that my life would follow this path, even though deep down the life I have now is what I have always longed for, stereotypical normalcy. I can recall a conversation we shared regarding the future. We were 18, I had just had my heart broken, for what felt like the millionth time, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life professionally, and I was deeply concerned I would never truly be happy. Alone or with someone else for that matter. Forrest was unyielding in his confidence that I was wrong in my assessment of my life. I remember him telling me with a laugh, When do you ever not get exactly what you want?

Forrest freely  popped in on me unexpectedly, "Hey I'm in town, what are you doing? Something with me? Awesome, I'm coming over" He always knew he was welcome in my family home. Come over, pour a drink, tell me what's troubling you, what have you been doing?! No invitation was ever necessary.  He gave the warmest hugs and no matter how much time past between our visits, we were always able to pick right back up where we left off. As if not one beat in time had been missed. I cherished our friendship and the unconditional love we shared between one another. I will miss his smiling face, giant laugh, and his attitude towards all of life's challenges he fearlessly faced. I know with confidence he would have loved the celebration we had in his honor. It was so just all very Fork. 

I attended his Life Celebration with my husband and very dear friend, and I'm left looking at these people in my life that I love so very much. I'm reminded how short, precious, and fleeting life truly is. Things that are so insignificant, like pant sizes, and run times, don't define us. The people we love, who color our lives with joy, are the most important aspects to cherish in life. I count myself so fortunate to be blessed with so many people who love all aspects of the real me. These close personal relationships are not easy to come by. They take time, trust, mutual respect, and hardships faced to solidly build, making them all the more simplistic in their imperfect perfection, but at the root they are based in solid love.

If Forrest's early departure from this world has taught me anything, it's to love and support one another in all things. I endeavor to support his memory and live more fearlessly, taking time to appreciate all the little moments with loved ones, and shake off the set backs. Cherish the time you do have, because you never know when the clock will run out.

Good bye my friend, I will always love you.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

PWAT & Half Training Week 5

Welp, Friday we meet again! Still no weighing in, gonna see my August challenge through, but I FEEL fantastic. I'll be honest though, this is how my summer has gone, feel freaking fabulous on Friday to then feel like a big slob kabob on Monday. 

I will not tank out this weekend, I will not tank out this weekend, I will not tank out this weekend....

This weekend's agenda, Friday night, I've got a date with my Sole Sistas! The Sole Sistas are meeting up on Friday evening, and it's not for a run, but it is running related! Shocker! We're meeting up at Painting with a Twist, to socialize, wine, and brag on our favorite PR!

I'll be using my current half PR
We've all been really looking forward to our social night out that doesn't involve everyone being a sweaty mess. Our social time usually involves stretching pre-run (insert everyone running their yap) and coffee/ breakfast/ ohallmygees thank goodness I survived, post run chat (insert everyone running their yap). It'll be nice to visit as a group and not be a sweaty mess! How will we even recognizance one another?! #rungroupproblems I've really been looking forward to this for awhile now! Picasso I am not, so we'll just see how this goes...

Saturday morning, bright and early, week five half training round two is coming a knocking, 8 mile run! You can read about my first ever 8 mile run during half training round one here. The goal is simple, beat my previous run timeduring training round one. (1:22:57) I don't anticipate this to be an issue, even if the humidity is re-donk-ulous.  Half training the second go around has actually been much easier than the first. Obviously, there have been no distance PRs (that'll come with Marathon training), but the current distances, speed training, and weekly mileage, has been, dare I say it, easy for me. The aches and pains that accompanied round one half training are nonexistent thus far. Which has made training phenomenally easy on me! It's the half way point in training, and I still can't believe I'm running my second half marathon in 6 weeks. Please, please ,please let the temps and humidity start coming down! Diva Status needs to PR! 

7 Dollar Outlet mall Ann Taylor Blouse- Holla for a dolla I am proud of this find!
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