Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Rewind: Relaxing 4th

Ahhhh after 4 days away from the office, I'm feeling rested, relaxed,and ready to take on Monday! Mr. Noel and I layed low this holiday weekend. We slept in, we rented movies, we rode bikes, we chillaxed. It was AWESOME. Life has been so go go go go go go go lately this long break was just what the doctor ordered!

I celebrated Independence day with a that hot run and a party in the evening with friends. We had a wonderful time with 4th of July themed treats and drinks.

Mr. Noel's shirt is rare find from Wal Mart. He's very proud.

AKA Grown Up Jungle Juice
We brought Skinny Taste's Red, White, and Blueberry Trifle as our contribution. It was a HUGE hit with both kids and adults. Special bonus? It was easy to make, this girl doesn't bake.

Saturday, Mr. Noel and I took and adventure up "north" to Woodworth Louisiana. We set out to bike the Wild Azalea Trail in the Kisatchie National Forest, we choose this route randomly from a google search. We had some issues finding the beginning of the trail, but after some more googling we found the entrance. A man and his daughter were scouting out the area and had decided against the trail as it seemed to intense for mountain biking. Noel challenge accepted. This was a tough trail to bike. The trail was over grown and it felt like we were constantly working uphill. We biked about 10 miles before calling time on our bike route. Towards the end I was having fun biking to the top of a big hill and zooming back down. I could have done that all day. On the real!

After oversleeping my run long run Saturday morning, I knew I had to get it done Sunday. Sunday morning I hit the road before 6:30 for my first long run of half marathon training round two. I say long run as it was my longest of the week, five miles is a very basic distance for me. It's still wild for me to think of a run that way. I remember training for my first 10k last fall and thinking 5 miles was an extremely long distance.

For this 5 mile route, I didn't set out on a particular route or with pace goals in mind. I just knew I wanted my time to be better than my five mile run during half marathon training round one, 50:29. (This is my goal for every long run during half training round two). At my present fitness level, I knew this would be an easy time for me to beat. I took my time. I didn't push myself especially hard, and I lost time at a few red lights. I looked like I'd been swimming when I was done with the run. This heat is INTENSE! I'm going to need to wake up extra early for every long run.

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I've pulled an old Elle Noel favorite out the box for Sunday dinner,skinny ribs in the crock pot with cauliflower "mashed potatoes" and green beans. A Mr. Noel special request!

How did you unwind this Holiday?

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  1. Just want to say you are such an inspiration! Love reading your blog & seeing the motivating pictures on your Instagram. :)

  2. I am feeling you with the heat on the long runs! It is rough to try and get them in before it gets 90 degrees out!