Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation Recap & Weekly Goals

Ahhhhh rested and relaxed- vacation success! I hope ya'll enjoyed last week's favorite series in my absence and that you found a few new favorite bloggers!

I really went for the go with the flow attitude this vacation. I didn't count anything. Not calories, carbs, or how many drinks I'd had each day. I ate too much. I drank too much. I only worked out twice. All that chill-axing time was worth the busted can of biscuits feeling I've got rolling into Monday morning. While every meal was not bad, I did make some good choices, and I made some sinfully delicious not so great choices. I know I'm bloated and I know I can get back to feeling trim and slim in no time flat. However, for the sake of accountability, I sucked up my fear and stepped on the scale this morning. Up 5.8 pounds, and worth every single ounce. Someone had fun at the beach I know I'll get that weight off in no time at all. Refocused and recharged!

Vacation highlights:

1. Laughing so loud and often, I lost my voice

Shark Attack on group 1704! #dailycheese

2. The 24 Hour Champagne diet

Behold the world's largest Mimosa! 

3. Eating dessert everyday

4. Spending 5 hours of a rainy day watching Royal Baby coverage (and drinking more champagne) #vacationproblems

5. Boat day with the whole crew

7. 5 Mile Beach run with Sabrina

8. Cheesy beach pic photo session- We got some great ones!

The 508 Condo Krewe
Although this is a more adequate representation of our relationship....

Men don't like photo sessions- true story 
Ahh it was fun, but I did miss my routine! It's my personal mission to see how fast I can get those nearly 6 vacation pounds off my frame! Beginning Monday, back to logging food in MFP, every single day.  I've got Advocare's 10 day cleanse on order, swearing off alcohol until I complete the cleanse, and leaping back into half marathon training round two!

Weekly Work Out Goals:


Three Mile Run
Back & Shoulder Strength
Jillian's Killer Abs Level 2

AM- 30 Minute Tempo Run
PM- Butts & Guts (Class)

3 Mile Run
Jillian's Killer Abs Level 2

3 Mile Pace (Race Pace Goal)
Jillian's Killer Abs Level 2

6 Mile Run
Biceps, Triceps, Abs

15 Mile Bike Ride
2 Mile Run
Jillian's Killer Abs Level 2

I'm going to kill it with the gym and diet this week! Rawr! Boss Lady says Heyyyy!

How do you bounce back from vacation bloat/gain?

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  1. Those beach pics look great! I love your dress and glad to see your back in Ellenoel action!

  2. That looks so fun! Love your dress in the beach photo shoot - you look gorgeous! I'm sure those 5.8 will be gone by tomorrow - okay, maybe by this weekend :)

  3. Yay, welcome back - your pics are gorgeous :) glad you had a great time!

  4. Oh my dear I'm sure it's water weight, from drinking and eating and being in the sun. I love your dress and I'm glad you let your hair down and had fun. That's why we work so hard when we're not on vacay!!! Love the inspirational quote, it's one of my favorites.