Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today's Substitute Positive Patty: Elle Noel Favorite Series

Good morning and Happy Thursday! I'm still off frolicking at the beach (sheesh does she ever work!?) but I've lined up an awesome post for ya'll today! This morning I've asked Kate from the Wigdeon Nest to fill in for me.

Kate's blog is one that I do not miss. Ever. Even though we are from opposite sides of the US, I find her story and present place in life incredibly similar to my own. I love her general outlook on life and new ideas on nutrition, all about her family, and balancing all those activities that are real life. My favorite posts are the perspective she provides on all aspects of weight loss and fitness, cause we all know, it ain't just physical!

Side Note- Sometimes when I'm out running and I want to quit, I think to myself, "Kate trained for and ran a half marathon in the sub-artic. If she can do that, you can finish this run!" All about perspective huh??? Take it away Kate!!

Hey there, fellow readers! This is Kate, here, and I'm hoping my little post will be worthy of the "prime time" that is Elle Noel! You have to admit, hers are some pretty big (and fast) shoes to fill: Beast in the gym, gazelle on the course, and overall boss lady when it comes to balancing the many demands of this modern life.

And when Leigh Ann isn't busy kicking butt at life, she's supporting and encouraging us. She's sharing helpful information about fitness and nutrition, organizing community-building events that push us to stick with it, and sharing in our joys and struggles! I know from reading other comments on this blog that I'm not the only one who comes here looking for a daily dose of optimism from our Positive Patty!

So, in an effort to help you get your fix while our girl is away on a much deserved vacay, I decided to get my happy thoughts flowing and post about some of the most positive moments I've had in my own weight-loss journey!

After I posted a transformation picture on my Instagram, my cousin told me that I had inspired her to start running. She also got my other cousin's wife to do the C25K program with her! Not only am I so excited to watch my cousins' transformations, but I loved being called an inspiration. Is there any better form of validation?

The day I purchased a pair of size 12 jeans after almost a decade of size 16 and 18, I spent the rest of the day on a cloud. Hours and hours later, I was still telling my husband, "Hey. GUESS what size these jeans are!" 

Last summer I had finally lost enough weight to where I felt comfortable wearing my first pair of short fashion (i.e., not athletic) shorts in years. I wore them to a boat party and I felt fantastic in them--not the least bit self-conscious. At that party, I also experienced a huge change in the way certain friends of my husband treated me. Where they had formerly ignored or ridiculed me, they now accepted me. It's a sick fact of life that an overweight woman can't always expect respect and civility from a man she's not related to or sleeping with. In fact, if you're at all interested in this issue, I suggest watching this video.

The first 5K I ever signed up for was the Warrior Dash. It was my motivation for doing the C25K program. I remember standing in the beer tent and watching the results, and then being so proud of myself for finishing in under 42 minutes (and running the entire thing). I had to check that number a few times to believe I'd done it!

I don't think it will be easy to top the high I felt coming in from my first 7-mile run. It was a huge mental hurdle for me and I finally felt like a real runner. And a bad-ass cold weather runner! Not even my fist half marathon made me feel so triumphant!

When we went snowboarding this winter, I found that I could go for so much longer without that excess weight! I had very little trouble getting up from a fall and I felt way more comfortable riding fast now that I had more control over my own body!

A few weeks ago, we went to a friend's cabin. For the first time, I was strong enough and light enough to jump up from the lake onto their floating inflatable island with no assistance and no awkward wriggling. That was such a relief!

Finally, I'll never forget the night right after I hit my goal of weighing less than my husband when my sister came over with her camera. I had been telling Pete for months that when I weighed less than him, I'd make him carry me all over our house all the time. I asked him to pick me up so we could document this milestone. After one picture, he started twirling me around our living room and dipping me, like I weighed nothing at all. I felt ecstatic!

In fact, it was such a happy memory, that I used those pictures for the button on my blog!

That's what I got! Keep the happy going--please share your positive weight-loss experiences in the comments!

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  1. I have really enjoyed your favorites series, and I can already tell I'll have some new favorites, too! Kate, I loved reading all of your positive moments. It's always motivating to see other people succeed, and you are kicking some major tail! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thanks, lady! It's very nice to meet you! :)

  2. Kate, this made me smile the whole time! You are so awesome!

    1. I'm so glad! YOU are awesome, friend!

  3. Aw, Kate-- I absolutely love this post! It just completely reaffirms all of the positives that come from weight loss.. that I need to remind myself of when I'm craving cheeseburgers :)

    1. For serious, LOL! :) I'm so glad you loved this post, girl!