Friday, July 12, 2013

Tempo Run Routine & Weekly Weigh In

Week two half marathon training round two is nearing completion, and I am enjoying the move up to Hal Higdon's intermediate training program! Week two called for my first official tempo run. I elected to complete my tempo run indoors as I'm a diva and I can not stand the heat. The humidity and heat are making outdoor runs Les Miserables! This post has an underlying french theme. Just deal.

I'm getting in my outdoor runs at 5am, and if I don't make it up in time, it's off to the dreadmill. My hot run July 4th scared me off from the heat. Am I hardcore? oh yeahs! But I am not all about passing out from heat exhaustion  that's straight cray. 

I am cold weather runner. To clarify, when I say cold I mean  mid 50s no wind, right around 7:30-8:00am, it's my time to shine bay-bay! (Diva Status says Heyyyyyy).

What is a tempo run? A tempo run begins with an easy comfortable pace, builds gradually to a peak, slowly comes back down, and evens out with an easy comfortable pace for a cool down. The tempo run helps to build cardiovascular endurance while increasing speed. It should be comfortably difficult. To quote my girl Kate at the Widgeon Nest, "Basically, push it, but don't kill yourself". Simple enough right?! Here's my 30 minute treadmill tempo run routine:

I loved this treadmill routine, it was sure fire way to beat treadmill boredom. Building up speed this way with no rest was challenging. I'm very comfortable somewhere between 6.5-6.8 (9:00-9:15 pace) higher sustained speeds, on a non-race day, are pushing it for me. Ideally, my goal is to push that comfort speed zone up each week. Better, Faster, Stronger!

Post Tempo Run- Feeling like a BOSS!

Return of the weekly weigh in and true confessions round 1,238,876. Let me tell ya'll about  a set back. Specifically, 10, YAP uh huh TEN, pound set back induced from being sick and crazy lady hormone pills. When I began the macro diet, I lost three pounds. I was feeling strong, slim, toned, and all around un freaking stoppable. Then.... I got sick. I started eating peanut butter like I drink water, a cheat meal became a cheat weekend, and I got a major case of the fuck its. Excuse moi francais. 

I was sick, hormonal and I straight up quit caring. Sure, I kept exercising, nothing and I mean nothing could keep me from doing that, food is always my weakness. In short, I was having a really tough time personally. All of which I will tell ya'll about shortly. All in due time.

Once the hormones wore off, and my size 6s were making me feel like an over stuffed sausage, I decided enough was enough. No more pitty party. No more excuses, No more bull shit. GET IT TOGETHER. Then I lost 7 pounds in two weeks by sticking to my macros and following my run plan. This leaves me where I started when I began macros.
I love to run. Nothing makes me feel better than a foot pounding, stress re-leaving, I'm on top of the world right now, feel great inducing run.

A lot of that weight was bloat for sure, however, I needed to be reminded what it feels like to feel really bad. What it feels like to feel uncomfortable in my cloths. What it feels like to let factors beyond your control, control you. It was a glimpse into the old me, and it was scary. I'm also reminded that everyone has bad weeks, even a bad month, and NOTHING feels more empowering than grabbing the horns and taking back control. If you're struggling, it's ok. We all struggle. Each and everyone of us. What's important is that you hop back up and say, I can and I will. Nothing is getting in my way!

This experience has also taught me to enjoy my body as is. I've spent so long striving to the next level, I often forget how far I've already come. That said, If I never lose another ounce, if I never get more muscle definition, if this is the best it's gonna get, I'm happy. I'm comfortable. I feel great. The road is always open to me. I am one bad ass fit chick. Forget the scale! Cause that right there is all that matters!

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  1. I love this post. I struggle with food too. But I love your attitude about it. I need to get my shit together too! THANKS FOR THIS POST!

  2. Love it, Elle. I look forward to your straight up honest self every day. Thanks for keeping all of us on track. Forget that asshat of a scale, you're a boss.

  3. Hey, good for you for losing that extra weight. I'm still working on mine :) You are awesome, lady!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Your the best. Please keep these posts coming, I just had a huge F it 1.5 weeks. I am trying to get back on and it is tough!!!! It makes me think, I am never going to slip again cause this suuuucks!!! Nothing worse than re losing weight you already lost because you couldn't put that donut down!!! Nice to know you have those days too. Please keep, keeping it real!!!! It is so refreshing to read your posts.

  5. Damn straight you are one bad ass fit chick!
    Keep on keeping on girlfriend!!

  6. 6.0 is your cooldown!? That is my sprint right now. Boy I have a long ways to go!!

  7. Love your francais on here, keep it up mon amie! So glad you are happy with how you are because you are Gisele after all! Thanks for the tempo run, gonna try it during my next gym visit b/c I never feel like I push myself in cardio there. Have a great weekend!

  8. Great post - Im sorry youre struggling, but it looks like youre on the other side :) Every step we make to change who we are is the step in the right direction :) Listen to your inner voice, she's saying a whole lot of amazing things :)

  9. I have been increasingly interested in tempo runs. Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely be trying this one out soon.

    Also, you are beautiful and you have/do work hard. You are an inspiration to me so YOU GO GIRL!

  10. I totes did my tempo run on the 'ol dreadmill today too! Mine was a little different though, I ran the first mile at like a 6-6.3, then upped the speed one notch for every .05 miles, which got it up to a 7.1 by the end of mile 2, then took it down a notch every .05 miles for the last miles - so pretty similar strategy! It def did help beat the boredom! Have you checked your body fat lately? You've gotta be getting close to 18%. I checked mine today and was pumped to see 22.5% - holla! I'm sorry you're going through all the hormonal crap - trust me I've been there... between infertility, IVF, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis I've run the proverbial hormone gamut! Not sure what all you are having to deal with, but if it's anything I've gone through and you have any questions, I would be happy to share and talk. Good luck girl!

  11. Thank you. It's reassuring to hear someone who has beat the odds still stumbles from time to time. I was doing so great for so long and now all of a sudden I'm spending every 3rd day "getting back on track". Again. It's so frustrating to be losing weight that I've previously lost. But as you said, I can and I will. It just takes time. And hard work. ;)

  12. Girl, you are speaking my language with this post! I've had a major case of the Fuck Its lately and I swear, I experienced the same sausage feeling sliding into some of my shorts this morning. No no, Boo Boo. This ish has to go. So back on the train, grab the bull by the horns, take charge, and get back to feeling powerful and fit. THANK YOU!

  13. I really really enjoyed this post!

  14. Awesome tempo run. I normally do mine outside, but with this crappy, HOT weather. I'll use this approach if I try one inside. Thanks!