Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paying the Vacation Piper

Back to the real world day one: Phew my first work out post vacation I'm gonna do whatever I want to do- more banana chips? yes please! More champagne? Yes please! More of everything- oh why stop while you're ahead?!  back to reality kicked my butt.


I said out loud in my Monday RIPPED class, "Remind me to never go on vacation again" and lots of Ughhhh. When we got through the last RIPPED section, kick boxing, I flopped on the ground and said "Phew! I survived!" Drama Lama says heyyyyy! The instructor just kept laughing at me. (We're friends so that's ok) My mind is blown over just how fast you can lose strength and endurance, but at the same time, I know how quickly I can build that right back up! Just looking at my last post pre-vacation I'm thinking, What the heck did I do to myself?! For the record- I still think all that eating and drinking was worth it 

Time to pay the vacation piper. My next few work outs will tough but I'm going to power through I tell ya! I'm beginning Advocare's 10 Day Cleanse on Wednesday Anyone care to join me?!, and I can't wait! A new month begins on Thursday, summer is coming to a close, it's the perfect time to rejuvenate those goals and power into a new season! I need to feel fit and trim again- ASAP. Busted can of biscuits is a horrible feeling. No bueno and it's got to go!

In other news- I'm so excited to announce the winner of Charly and Company's $50 gift card goes to Kristie over at PG Sisters. Kristie is a full time working Mom who works HARD at her weight loss and fitness. I can not think of someone more deserving of a little extra pampering! Check your email and Congrats Kristie!

I'm exactly 12 weeks out from my 2nd half marathon, which will transition into full marathon training. WHOA. Bring on the new month, because I am so ready for these new and exciting challenges!

What goals have you set for the rest of the year?!

A flouncy dress always puts some pep in my step! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I've signed up for my first race, ever! A 10K in September. I'm terrified but happy that it's given me something to work towards for the past several weeks and continuing to push towards reaching my goal. Only problem is we're going to Italy to visit my family 4 weeks before the race (end of August). I'm determined to not allow myself to completely sabotage the hard work I've been putting in, but it's going to be so hard! I'm determined to make sure I get my training runs in! (please cross your fingers that it actually happens!!!)

  2. Just bought Advocare's 10 Day Cleanse. I have seen Advocare's products around for a while so I have decided to give this a shot!I'm joining up with you on the cleanse :)

  3. L - I think you're the best. Thanks for keeping it real, no doubt you'll get those 6 lbs off really really fast! :)

  4. Pay that piper! You will get right back where you used to be in no time :)

    I am SO GLAD Kristie won! She deserves a little somethin somethin to wear on her hot little body! Thanks for doing that giveaway, I know she is sooo excited!

  5. Sometimes it's difficult to get back into a workout routine after a nice relaxing vacation, but it's easier than you think!

  6. I have a trip booked to a beautiful bermuda hotel spa resort later this year and I need to try to get in shape before I ever step foot on the beach. I'm glad to hear I am not alone!