Monday, July 1, 2013

Motivation Monday


Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY!!! This week we are playing a little game called fake it till ya make it because true confessions: I am still in a slump! 

Say it with me,Womp!

Stay with me now, this is not a poor pitiful me post, quite the opposite!

To clarify: this is a personal slump not a dieting slump....

I BUSTED through the weekend funk and woke up feeling better on Monday morning than I did on Friday morning. I've been playing true confessions a lot here lately, and last week I told ya'll about some medical issues I'm having directly associated with my weight loss and fitness routine. Well the medication I'm on has given me a one way ticket in to crazy lady town. 

Define crazy lady town? I'm not talking about cool girl fun crazy lady town. Ya know who I'm talking  about, that girl who gives you good ju ju just from being around her! Positive Patty says Heyyy. 

I'm talking about the kind of crazy lady town that makes your husband look at you and think Damn G I did not sign up for this! Female response- Don't pick on me I will start crying again! I'm delicate! Not that he'd ever say that to me, I married a much smarter man than that. My Momma didn't raise no fool.

Anywho, there is light at the end of the crazy lady tunnel. Today is day 8 of the hot mess express and it stops at day 10. Praise baby J. Don't ya'll worry, I'm going to give you the play by play of what's been going on. All in due time. Side note- ya'll are AMAZING and supportive, as usual I felt zero anxiety over true confessions blog style. Peace, love, running buzz all around!

This weekend, I kept the dieting train on the tracks and it paid off! I'm taking this momentum into the week and steam rolling it on into next week. Vacation is this month, it's crunch time. Pun intended. Muahahah she's so punny!

This week, I'm making good on my promise to link up with my girl Wendy for Motivation Monday. Letz be real. Monday's are no bueno. They're a mean cruel reminder that you were not born independently wealthy- I'm sowwy, get up and go to work biz nitch! We all need some extra motivation on this day!

I get asked a lot about how I've stayed motivated for such a long time. What's the secret? 

Eat Well, Stay Active, Be patient.

I firmly believe that all "diets" aren't for every one. What works well for one person may not work for the next. Everyone is different. What works for you now, may not continue to work over time. Don't be afraid to adapt and change. Don't expect to change your entire life style over night, and don't set yourself up for failure!

Stay active, exercise at least 5 times a week. Beginning a work out routine was the BEST thing I ever did for myself. It took me years to work up to my present physical condition, and admittedly intense work out regime I currently follow. I didn't wake up at 200 plus pounds and go for a five mile run, weight train, and round that out with Jillian Michael's dvd for fun. Hell to the no. Take baby steps. Be kind to yourself. Take joy and pride in every single accomplishment. No matter how small you think it may be, it's a building block into the future. Pat yourself on the back!

Be patient. You're going to have set backs. There's going to be bad weeks, hell even bad months, but that's not a reason to give up on yourself. Fall down, get back up. No one is perfect. NO ONE.

Do you feel motivated? Cause I do! Let's get after it, this week is going to be AWESOME! It's a three day work week, the beginning of a new month = new chance to get everything right, vacation is this month, and half marathon training number 2 starts this month! All great stuff, all reasons to smile even if sometimes you gotta fake it till ya make it!

Oh, and if you enjoy reading my little daily spill here, you'll need to follow me on BlogLovin as google reader is making like a baby and headin out (I stole that joke from my hersband- he really is funny) I'll be here all week peeps! 

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  1. Eat well, stay active, be patient. LOVE IT! So simple, yet so true. And of course I love those are owning the weight loss! Lookin good!

  2. Such great advice! And oh so true! Hope you're back to yourself in no time ;). You look amazing, as always. Thanks for linking up with us!

    Tiff @ The Fit Train.

  3. New follower here, and you look great! :)

  4. Lovin' that you are at least riding the positive train on the way into/out of crazy lady town! We're all praying for you, because you motivate us!

  5. Oooh girl that was so motivating and positive! Definitely great to read that on a Monday morning, and the first day of a new month! You're such an inspiration to me. Good luck with your health issues, and I'm sure everything will get all cleared up soon!

  6. I am loving this post! YOu look amazing and the darker hair suits you! Keep up the good work and I'm ready to take on this week as well. I work from home so I'm probably one of the few people ready for Summer to be over! LOL

  7. Yessss! I need to see your beautimous face for motivation everyday!

    And I oh so feel ya on crazy lady pills! When I was struggling with depression the pills they gave me to try to "even out my moods" sent me on one way express to crazy town, population 1. Hopefully things will work themselves and out and you'll feel more "even" haha.

  8. I know all about the crazy train mess express - this too shall pass :) You look amazing and as always thank you for the motivation, Im getting out there this afternoon for a walk - I need to sweat, prob earlier than I should be which is why Im not running :) Baby steps!!

  9. I understand crazy. I think some if not most of us lady's have been there. Anywho glad you're back with vegence and now I'll put down the chocolate and get my A in gear.

  10. Great motivation...your words and your pictures. Following you on bloglovin'. Have a great day!

  11. I think it's kind of a given...I'm featuring you on Motivation Monday tomorrow. Cause you're amazing...

  12. Totally needed to see a post like this :) thank you for the motivation!