Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Know Your Body Type

Each and every "body" is unique and different. We don't all respond to diet and exercise the same way, however there are three main groups of body type we all typically fall under. It's important to know where your body falls, because with this knowledge in hand, reaching over all goals is more readily achievable! Knowledge is power!

I remember when first introduced to the idea of these three body types, my automatic response was to proclaim myself an endomorph. This was near the beginning of my weight loss journey before I truly understood how diet and exercise affected my body. I was busy comparing my body against other women I socialized with and exercised with. Why was it so easy for x person to lose weight, and so difficult for me? Why did I have to work out 5 times a week to lose half as much as x person. Why does x person get to eat fast food for lunch, dinner, drink wine daily and never gain an ounce?! 

The answer is clear to me now, my body type is different to those I was comparing myself against. It took me a long time to learn to STOP comparing my body, my progress, and my fitness level against other women. It was a pointless task and frustrating. No one has time for the oye is me, life isn't fair! Tough love time, Suck it up buttercup! 

Two plus years into my new healthy lifestyle, I recognize my body to fall somewhere between the mesomorph and the endomorph. I gain fat/weight very easily, have a slower metabolism, however I'm athletic, naturally strong, and gain muscle fairly easily. Knowing these things about myself makes it easier to stay focused and motivated on overall goals. I know that set backs come easily to me. Two cheat meals and drinks on the weekend = 3 pound weight gain.  It is what it is. Understanding my body. metabolism, and weight loss methods that work for me has enabled me to succeed.

Methods that WORK for my body type:

1. Running Running changed my entire body composition. Running enabled me to lean out, especially through the hips. My trouble zone. Running Murders Fat, if that ain't a reason to hit the street I don't know what is!

2. Low carb diet- I've always had success cutting carbs. I've done several different variations of this diet. Every other day no bread products, no bread or cheese, and presently counting macros which has me counting carbs in every single thing I eat. I can not eat pasta and bread daily. Even if it's whole wheat, red sauce, low carb, a spinach wrap, etc. I will not lose weight. I may even gain weight. It is what it is.

3. Short concise challenges. I'm a big kid, I need a reward. I like diet challenges that last no more than 14 days. I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Strict long term dieting is not for me. No end goal in sight leaves me feeling deprived, miserable, and constantly plotting a Sonic secret roll out. No bueno.

4. Accepting my body type. That's the key method that has worked for me. I had to accept that my weight will be a life long battle for me. If I want to be  happy in my skin, I'm going to have to work for it. Every single day. There is no finish line, no goal weight that will signify the end, this is my body type. Nothing I can physically do will change those facts. Once I accepted these simple truths, it became so much easier for me to see my weight loss and my journey clearly. This also set me free from comparison. Do not compare yourself to others! Each and every persons story and body is unique and different. As it should be :) 

What's your body type? What methods work for you?

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  1. I am in the process of learning what works for my body. The hardest thing for me is getting off track when I am busy/stressed. I tend to sit and eat to "relax" which usually causes more stress... Perfect solution, huh?

  2. Love the information. I also fall between the Mesomorph and Endomorph. It amazes me how quickly my body gains fat/weight, my vacay proved that point:) #4 Really hit home for me. With my body type and how it reacts to food and exercise, "If I want to be happy in my skin, I'm going to have to work for it. Every single day. There is no finish line, no goal weight that will signify the end, this is my body type." This truly is a journey, it will never end and accepting that will only make the journey more fulfilling and I won't spend my days looking for that perfect number, just the perfect me that I can be each day...maybe that is a cheat meal or maybe that is an extra workout, each day is a new day. Thanks as always for being willing to say what we are all thinking and feeling. Have a terrific day!

  3. Great post today, Leigh Ann! I'm an endomorph, what what! :) So just out of curiosity, are there typical recommendations for each body type?

  4. This is so interesting! I think I am the same type as you.. I am trying to incorporate more running into my workouts because I seem to see a change faster that way. I have a question though... I have been following your blog for a while and I was wondering how you feel about long runs. Do you feel they burn too much muscle? I have heard different theories but wondered what you thought. I currently do 2-3 miles interval running 2-3x a week, boot camp 45min (think heavy weights/cardio intervals) with a trainer 2x a week and 60 min yoga 2x week. I have a lot of body fat to lose (8-10%) but am gaining muscle quickly with the strength training..just don't want to lose that as I increase my mileage.. ideas? advice? :)

  5. I think I fall in between the Mesomorph and Endomorph, too. I love this post and can totally relate to it. It's simple, really. If I want to lose weight, I can't eat this and this and that. Even if my boyfriend or sister can, I CAN'T. It is what it is. Sometimes, it takes seeing someone else say it to really make it sink in. I run 3-4 miles about 3 times a week and do strength training 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes I will do zumba, but that is only about once a week or once every other week. My diet is holding me back, but I'm more determined than ever to get it under control. Thanks for putting it out there! Have a great day!!

  6. Endo for sure, and grain free and will sing it from the rooftops. :)

  7. Hi!! I've been along time reader of the blog and I follow you on IG.. This topic really hit home today because just the other day I had discovered this 3 body type chart you post of above.. It is interesting and I like you automatically identified with "endomorph." I am also 100% with you on methods that have worked for you in that running has changed me and I'm a kid, I kind of like the instant gratification (10-14 day)!! This post was great to read today...

  8. I am currently in the process of learning that I am highly sensitive to both gluten and dairy. Case in point on Saturday I said what the heck, I'll just have a roll. Like five minutes later I got a headache and I looked like I was pregnant the next day. Finding alternatives to gluten is actually easy. It's the dairy part that is absolutely killing me!!

    Thanks for sharing girlfriend!

  9. I love everything about this post, thanks for sharing!!

  10. Thanks for sharing this! I'm still not completely sure what methods work for me and the things I'm going to have to come to terms with scare the crap outta me, like sugar and carbs!

  11. I don't have a google account so I am not sure how to comment by using my email address. Anyways, in your #2 from above can you give us some ideas of your low carb diet options. Meal ideas and plans?

    Brandi Sue

  12. One more question (Brandi Sue again) with #3, can you give some examples of your Short Concise challenges?? I am curious.

    Thanks,Brandi Sue (I know I am endomorph and it's so hard not to get discouraged!!).

  13. thanks for this post - just what I needed to hear (or read) today!