Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hot Run & Happy 4th!

PHEW!!!Ya'll, it is hot out there today! I elected to sleep in on my day off and hit the road late. The Louisiana heat is not playing around this fourth of July! On the schedule for the day was a three mile run and Jillian Michael's Killer Abs level three. However, I just wasn't feeling Jillian today, sorry lady, I decided to make up my own HIIT routine on the fly. Cause I'm cool like dat

Let me tell ya'll about how hot it is outside. My "faint, puke or die" heart rate is somewhere around 200 beats per minute. I can usually only push my heart rate that high during speed training at a full on sprint. About 2 miles into my three mile run, I looked down at my watch (Garmin Forerunner 110) and my heart was pumping along at 220. WHOA. I stopped to walk and thanked my lucky stars I left home with water  in hand. This heat is serious, stay hydrated! On the real. I won't be sleeping in again!

HIIT Routine

20 Squats
50 Crunches
20 Push Ups

20 Squats
20 Windmills
20 Push Ups

20 Squats
50 Russian Twists
20 Push Ups

Week one Intermediate half marathon training is chugging along fantastically. I thrive with a routine to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's speed training, and even got to work out with my girl Ashley Michelle, as she taught her old class at the gym yesterday! Thanks for running with me girl! Ashley has decided to start up her own blog documenting her journey to her first bikini competition! Ya'll show her some love!

We've got a fourth party with friends on the agenda tonight. I'm teetering between getting super creative and festive with a 4th of July themed dish oooorrrrr being crazy lazy and just swooping something up from Wal Mart. It could go either way. This is my biggest worry today. Life is good! Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday people!

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  1. 220 BPM?! Ah! So glad you had some water on you. Hope you have a blast at your party tonight. I vote for swinging by and picking something up :)

  2. GAHHH 220 BPM thats crazy, glad to see you are staying hydrated!!
    Love your aviators.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love Gi

  3. I've been running around 6:15-6:30 just to avoid the Florida heat and humidity!

    Hope you are enjoying your 4th of July weekend! Great job getting your workout in.