Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Half Marathon Training: Round Two - Intermediate

Training, running, and wrapping up the experience to my first half marathon was life altering, in all of the most positive ways. Since running my first half marathon, I've run a smattering of 5ks and one 10k, The Crescent City Classic.  However, nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment that comes after training and running a long race. I've missed the training structure, the long runs, and the excitement leading up to race day. I'm extra eager to get started training for my next half marathon in October. I may have registered in April, if you ain't first yer last!

I ran my first 10k last fall, leading directly into half marathon training. For both races, I followed Hal Higdon's Novice 2 training programs. My plan for the coming run season is to run my second half marathon October 12th, following Hal Higdon's Intermediate Half Training schedule. The intermediate training schedule includes weekly speed training, essential if I'm going to reach my pace goal for my second half marathon.

 The week following the half marathon race, I'll pick up Hal Higdon's Marathon Training Novice 2 at week 7 and begin building out longer distances. I'm running my first Marathon, January 19, 2014. Following the marathon, my home town is hosting it's first half and full marathon race, depending on the experiences on January 19th, I'll run another full marathon in March. That's the plan!

I place my long run on Saturday's as this fits best into my schedule. This would mean my first week of half training should being July 21 with the first long run on July 27th. This ain't gonna work. Why? I'll be on vacation that week, and while I have plans to work out on vacation, I won't follow a strict schedule. That said, I'm going to start week one this week, work up to week three, break during week four (vacation) and begin again with week two (July 28-August 3). I'm doing this for three reasons

  1.  This gives me a run schedule in the present. I have missed my structured run schedule immensely. Type A lady says Heyyyyy.
  2.  Running will help me to look and feel my best on vacation. Running is the only activity that significantly affects my trouble zone. I have monster lady hips ya'll. No joke.
  3. This is a compromise I can live with, I won't set myself up to fail. I know if I say, I'll start half training on vacation. I'll have the best of intentions, but then..... I'll stay up late drinking vino with my friends, fast forward to the next morning, I'll roll around in bed and think, ohhhh I'll just run tonight after we come in from the beach. Then I won't do that either, because it will be time to get gussied up for dinner, someone will want to go shopping, a dance off will will go down in the kitchen, or I may have to jump in on a ferocious game of charades (yes we play that game be jealous), WHO KNOWS! Crazier things have happened. Then I'll spend the entire next day beating myself up and feeling like a failure. I ain't gonna do that on vacation. Only good vibes allowed. Hence, compromise!

Week One Half Training Number 2

RIPPED (Cross training & strength)

3 Mile Run
Back & Shoulder Strength


5 X 400 5k Pace - Translation- 400 meters five times = 1.25 miles or 5 laps around a track.

Currently my 5k pace is at an 8:30 minute mile. I'll push this to an 8:00 on the treadmill. Hello Speed Training!

3 Mile Run
Killer Abs Level 3

3 Mile Run
Triceps & Biceps

5 Mile Run
Glutes & Abs

Bike Ride - 10 Miles
Killer Abs Level 3

I need to start running with hydration. This wasn't an issue for me during winter training, but during the summer, I've got about four miles in me before I need water.

Do you run with a hydration belt? Hand held water bottle? What's the best product? 

OOTD: $12 dress from Old Navy. Holla for a dolla puts a pep in my step!

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  1. the Jazz half is going to be my first half! I am pretty excited about it myself! We will have to try to meet up! :)

  2. ohhhh boy! All this training talk is getting me excited for my next half! I start training August 12. Can't wait to follow you along on your full marathon training journey!

    Good for you for calling it on training during vacation. Remember that time in NOLA I definitely didn't do my 7 mile training run??! Smart girl. Work around it. That's why I keep coming back here!

  3. Hal Higdon's plans are the way to go! I'm also about to start training next week for my half in October, but have already signed up for the Zydeco full! Can't wait to read your race-recap of your full in Jan. to get me motivated for March!

  4. I am also planning on running the Jazz half in October! It will be my first trip to NOLA! I usually run with a bottle of water...but sometimes that just isn't enough for longer runs...especially in the summer heat! I might have to look into the hydration belt.

  5. I like to fill my water bottle up 2/3 full and freeze it. Then top off with water. It stays cool while running for about 30 minutes. Haha! I just started training for the Jazz half last week! I'm using the Run Less Run Faster plan. I'm shooting for a sub 2 hour half (I ran a 2:05 in the NOLA RnR half).

  6. I ran with a water belt kind of like this one http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/the-north-face-accessories-enduro-hydration-20-ounce-belt?ID=809917&cm_mmc=Google_Mens_Shoes_Corp_PLA-_-Mens_Shoes_Brands_The+North+Face_PLA_The+North+Face_PLA-_-22070389394_-_-_mkwid_AL7J8HBI_22070389394%7C-%7CAL7J8HBI

    It was weird at first but you get used to it. I think maybe the 2-4 water bottle options are probably the way to go...I used it for an 8 mile run though and it was enough water.

  7. ifitness belts are the best hydration belts on the market! Their best feature is that they fit snuggly around your hips and not your stomach. They also have room for your iphone, race bib, and gel packs. I highly recommend and it will serve you well for half and full marathon training.

  8. https://www.ifitnessinc.com/hydration-belt-16oz.html

  9. During super hot summer runs, I usually have a fuel belt (with two water bottles). I really dislike running with this, though, as it adds unnecessary weight and is just kind of uncomfortable. So, I also plan my runs through areas that have water fountains (parks, downtown, etc.), or I've even gone so far as to drop off mini disposable water bottles at various locations (trees, bushes, etc.) prior to starting my run so that I wouldn't have to carry anything for a long period of time.

  10. I just started training for my first half, and joined a group that is doing hal higdon! They have already conned me into signing up for another half that is a month before my other one. I am so much more successful training with others than alone. I am enjoying it, half marathon crazy whaaaat?

  11. Thanks for this schedule, excited to see it up :) I run with a handheld - I like my spibelt but Im a newbie runner, this is just my beginning so I might love a waterbelt...who knows :)

  12. Wow - just wow, I could have written this post! I too am going to be running the Jazz half! It will be my second also! We are going to be in NOLA for the hubs bday and of course I jumped at the chance to run the Jazz half - my friends think I am cray cray for planning a run during my vacay - but whatevs, that's how I roll! I am then planning to run the Dallas full marathon Dec 9, which was where I ran my first half. If all goes well, I plan to run the Austin full in March. It's like we are living parallel lives - spooky! Good luck with your training, hope to see you at the race! I'm so pumped!

  13. I have a handheld water bottle that I use for just about anything under 5 miles.
    Over that, I rock my hydration belt!!
    I cannot run without water. Period.
    I always feel silly, but my throat gets dry and I cannot stand it, so water is always with me when I run!!