Monday, July 22, 2013

Fitness & Family- Introducing the PG Sisters: Elle Noel Favorites Series

Good morning and Happy Monday! I'm off beach bumming with my husband and bff's this week, keeping you updated on Instagram as always! In my place, I've asked a few of my all time favorite bloggers, and personal daily reads, to fill in for me!

First up are the PG Sisters, Kristie and Kara! Kristie and Kara are sisters who share their blog and alternate writing posts. I enjoy reading about their work outs, meal ideas, and how they cope with every day shenanigans that is real life! They always have a fun spin and positive outlook, both of which are my two favorite things! You may remember that Kara and I actually got to meet in real life at the end of April. It was my first blate - bloggers date- and I definitely feel I have made myself a real life friend through this crazy little thing called the internet! I am pulling out all the stops to try and make it back to Indiana in September to run the Fort Wayne half with them! I read their blog daily for inspiration of my own and I KNOW you're gonna love them! Take it away ladies!

Hey there Elle Noel fans...or as we call her, Gisele Noel because she is a supermodel in our eyes! While Leigh Ann is off sipping vodka/tonics under the sun,  having crazy dance parties (yes it counts as a workout), and turning from Diva Status to Beach Bum Status, the PG sisters are guest posting so you all don't miss her too much!

Kristie P on the left Kara G on the right after our first half marathon!
A little bit about us...we are two sisters from the Midwest who started a blog to write about training for our first half marathon. We kicked that goal in the ass, and now are sticking around in blogland cause we met some cool people (like Elle herself) and we love it!

Kristie (the P) is a married mom of FOUR kids under the age of 5

Kara (the G) is a newlywed/crazy dog lady living the simple life!
One of the unique things about our blog, since we share it, is that we share embarrassing stories from growing up and make fun of each other. So in true PG fashion, we are going to share the story of one of our first fitness experiences.....
Kristie on the left with Sally Jessie Rafael glasses and Kara on the right with scrunchie socks circa 1991
About 15 years ago, it was a crisp fall day and our Dad was arranging bales of hay out in our backyard for his annual hayride when he got a BRILLIANT idea! We should totally play football on top of the bales of hay! And if you touch the ground, you're grounded with no allowance! Yes, this is an exaggeration (we didn't get an allowance), but you get the gist. So we divide into teams (Dad and the four siblings) and start playing. I don't remember all the details except us girls whined a lot and it was very hay-ey.

Then, all of the sudden, a SUPER exciting play happens. Kristie intercepts the football and starts running towards the endhayzone. Our Dad gets all excited that she is showing some real sportsmanlike talent and forgets he is a grown man.....and proceeds to TACKLE her like she is a 250-lb. linebacker. Next thing we know, "Bale of Hay Football" is over and Dad is carrying Kristie up to the house on account of her sprained ankle. Dad didn't realize he picked the heaviest of the 4 of us so Kristie is at her current 31 year old weight at a mere 12 years old. Dad ended up being the only one to get a workout in that day! FYI, we didn't take trips to the emergency room unless the injury was death, so it was Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation for poor Kristie. And we all learned that foosball is the devil!

This is probably the very same reason that we were never into "real sports". We'll end this story with another throwback picture.....check out our sweet rompers!

The sisters with our Dad in a pool without know your family is weird too!

Thanks for reading our guest post, and stop by to check us out sometime!

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  1. LMAO!! Oh my goodness, I love this story! Haha! You ladies were adorbs as youngin's (and I'm loving the rompers)!