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Fit Pregnancy: Elle Noel Favorite Series

It's round two of the Elle Noel favorite blogger's series. I'm very excited to share one of my all time favorite bloggers with ya'll today. Jess Allen of the Blonde Ponytail is a HUGE inspiration to me personally, and I'm honored she agreed to occupy my space here today! 

Jess is an athlete training for a lifetime of fitness who just gave birth to her first child. I was a reader prior to her pregnancy (hello fit-tastic work out & nutritional ideas) and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about her outlook on pregnancy and postpartum recovery, as this will be the next big chapter in my life as well! It's never to early to start learning! Pregnancy and motherhood is a popular subject round these part so I know ya'll are gonna lover her too! 

Greetings Elle Noel readers!  I wrote this post when I was 33 weeks pregnant and expecting our first child in early June. Now, I am a month post partum with a healthy baby girl!

I’m a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, so it’s been important that I continue to exercise while I’m pregnant—it’s my job!  I truly believe exercise has contributed to a, dare I say, enjoyable pregnancy thus far.  I haven’t experienced the nausea, swelling, or insomnia that can accompany pregnancy. Fingers crossed it’s like that for the rest of the time!

We can be our own worst critics, so be kind with your self-talk as your body is changing. I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis.

Reminders to My Pregnant Self:
1. This is not just extra weight.
I’m heavier now which makes every exercise I do more difficult. Why do you think weighted vests are popular with sports conditioning? But, this is not just weight…it’s a human being!  Your body is working hard to support that life inside, and that is work in itself. So, when fatigue hits you earlier in a workout than before, don’t beat yourself up. Do what you can.
2. Know thyself.
You are pregnant, not dead.  If you have been active, stay active. Keep running, walking, strength training, cycling all with your doctor’s consent of course.  Unfortunately, there still isn’t a ton of information out there that dictates what we can and can’t do. The guideline of keeping heart rate below 140 bpm has been outdated for decades. The best piece of advice is to listen to your body. If it feels good keep going. If you’re uncomfortable, stop.
3. Reassess your standards.
Prior to becoming pregnant, I was in the best shape I had been in years. So, even if I can’t see the work I’m putting in through more defined abs and arms, I know exercising is better for me and baby–now and post-delivery. There are muscles under there somewhere…right?
4. You are working just as hard.
While I may not be able to do some of the exercises I used to or at the pace I once did, I’m working every bit as hard now. Remember No. 1? That’s a pretty big deal! Do what you can and listen to your body.
5. Be a role model.
Many of my clients and class participants have told me how they wished they would have exercised while pregnant. They encourage me to keep going. That in itself is all the motivation I need. Show others being active and pregnant is the norm, not the exception.
If you want to read more about exercise & pregnancy, I have prenatal workouts, videos, and posts listed on my blog for mommies-to-be or anyone traveling this road one day!
I am still taking it easy for my postpartum recovery, but plan to incorporate some of my home workouts soon!

Jess Allen is author behind Blonde Ponytail, an NSCA-CSCS trainer, and welcomed a baby girl in June. Jess resides in Omaha, NE where her husband coaches baseball at Creighton University. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Find me on FacebookPinterest, Instagram @ellenoelfitness, and My Fitness Pal!

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