Monday, July 8, 2013

Finding the Balance & Weekly Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday!! I'm feeling incredibly well rested after a four day work weekend, relaxed & rejuvenated! Countdown to beach vacay is in full affect and that means it's time to hit it hard at the gym and on the diet! Over the holiday weekend, I was very relaxed about my diet. I didn't pig out or go off the rails, I kept my calorie counts within my goals, but I did not count macros. I'm trying to find a balance between hard core dieting and real life. There is a difference. Real life means I can have wine, fire cracker punch and eat a few cookies at my friend's fourth of July party with zero guilt, however I'm not going to eat a few cookies at every single get together or party through out the week. Moderation.

My countdown to vacay goal is to eat for macros, and while on vacation, go with the flow. Translation- I'm going to eat healthy, I'm going to count calories, but I'm not going to stress myself out over my diet while on vacation.I'll probably come home 5 pounds heavier (with a fiya sun tan), but that's a-ok by me. I'd rather relax and enjoy my time at the beach. That said, it's going to be serious these next two weeks. I woke up this morning with the weekend bloat, and this wasn't even a rough weekend. I've been reading a lot about the weekend weight battle and I must say I find this time of year the hardest to stay on track. People are traveling, the kids are out of school, social occasions are at a ten, and  everyone's schedule is way outta wack. This makes it even more important to stay on point during the week. Monday morning, I packed my meals for the day, prepared to succeed! Woop Woop!!

Running news: Today marks week two of half marathon training round two.  I am all about running ya'll.I. love. to. run. Run run run away baby!

I'm following Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Intermediate training schedule that has been modified to make room for my upcoming vacation. I'll complete weeks one through three July 1-20, break for July 20-27 and resume with week 2 July 29 on wards. My favorite aspect of the intermediate routine is that it includes speed training. In order to increase overall run pace, you must run a shorter distance at a faster pace. Over time, overall speed increases. The intermediate training routine is teaching me new ways to improve run time, form, and training style. Previously, my training mind set was more like just run, don't walk, and hopefully you'll get faster! I didn't necessarily think about starting off at a slow pace, peaking in speed towards the middle of a run, recovering a slower pace, then increasing towards the finish. This method however, did come more naturally over time. Except on a race day, then all bets are off and it's time to haul a$$. Although, I have learned some hard lessons with this method as well, but more on that later.

Over the last few months, I can feel my cardiovascular endurance increasing. Which means I'm going to be able to run further and at a faster pace. Yes! Happy Dance! My current resting heart rate is between 55-60 bpm. This is low when compared to my resting heart rate before I began running, between 75-80 bpm. The heart is a muscle, and you have to train that too! Keep working hard, and literally everything gets stronger! Patience young grasshopper!

Weekly Work Out Goals

RIPPED (Cross Training & Strength)

3 Mile Run
Back & Shoulder Strength

30 Minute Temp Run (AM)
45 Minute Cardio & Strength Class (Evening)

Cardio Circuit Training
Strength Training

3 Mile Pace Run
Strength Training

6 Mile Run
Core Strength


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  1. Just have to say, I love RIPPED! It's one of my favorite classes and I'm glad to find someone else who does it too. :)

  2. Wow--your resting heart rate is very impressive! You beast!

    Also: Ugghhh! Weekend bloat? More like week-long bloat! I'm actually very excited to get back at it today. And my half training starts this afternoon! Whoop whoop!

  3. Yay for the beach-trip countdown....two weeks, that's it?! You deserve a vacay more than anyone I know right now!

    I think we're all in the weekend-bloat boat right the added difficulty of summatime. This long holiday weekend threw me way out of whack! I drank more than I have in the past six months! I'm so ready to get it together the next 5 days during this normal work week and staying more in control next weekend, and beyond!!!

  4. Loving the quote. That was exactly what was going through my head this morning before I headed out on my run this morning. Thankfully I won out and got some quick miles in!

  5. Perfect quote! Can't seem to get out of my own head when on my long runs lately. Sometimes I feel like I am at the beginning of this running journey. I know its a phase and I will get through it but still it drives me crazy when I am arguing with myself:) Thanks for the inspiration.

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