Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dealing with Poor Food Peer Pressure

Good morning and Happy Birthday's Eve America! Today at the office, we're celebrating the 4th as most of us will be out for the remainder of the week. Myself included, hollaaaaa!!!! As most of you know from recent reads, it's been a tough couple of weeks for me, and I seriously need a break. For my sanity.

Which brings me to 4th of July potluck lunch aka trash food that when consumed will make a girl feel like a busted can of biscuits, Womp. However, I've got my macro train back on track, and I'm finally feeling good again. I'm determined to stay the course and not cheat my diet.

Packed and prepared for a successful day!

I've had many an awkward social scenario over the last couple of years based on my food choices. If you've ever tried losing weight, then I know you have too. That said, I'm going to do something that will be awkward.

I'm going to pass on all potluck foods and eat the salad I prepared to fit into my macros. Even though, yes, I did bring a dish. (I was asked to bring salad- my people know me well)

I know this will be awkward, because other people are going to comment on my food choices. My actions will make them feel uncomfortable. They'll most likely say things to me like, You can eat it this once, Come on look at all that fried chicken, We're going to have lots of left overs, You're making me feel bad, Just go for a run tonight, Ya'll know she loves running, Here cher let me cut you some cake

Whenever I know I'm walking into a situation like this, it's important to be armed with some quick come backs.

Awkward rebuttal for the day:

I'm happy with my lunch, more for everyone else!
I can't eat cake, I'll need a nap!
Really, I'm good. Thank you for thinking of me though!
(Awkward smiling with a giggle is always allowed too)

Eventually, people will move on. I've been following my healthy lifestyle for two plus years now, and one thing I know with certainty: people who do not watch what they eat feel uncomfortable around those who do. I often find they'll make comments, both ways, attempting to peer pressure poor choices or shame the dieter's healthy choices. Generally speaking, people don't understand dieting. It makes them uncomfortable. My personal feeling is that those who make these types of comments are feeling guilty about their own habits. Deflection. It's human nature.

Don't be afraid to be a little awkward, and don't allow others to peer pressure you into poor choices. Play the scenario out in your head. What happens if you give into peer pressure and eat poorly? Who suffers? You give into an awkward food social situation, the people applying peer pressure won't walk away feeling guilty about a thing, but you will. If you don't give into peer pressure, those people won't walk away feeling guilty about a thing in that scenario either. Your choices affect you and you alone. No one else. Food is gas for the tank, it doesn't have any power. Consistency is essential for success.

Besides, awkward situations make the funniest stories. Fly that awkward flag!

Speaking of a rough couple of weeks, when I got home Tuesday night, I had the best surprise waiting for me:

Swag pack from my Macro Coach Ashley Leahy. Just when I needed a little pick me up, Fedex knocked on my door and said, Hey Gah, I appreciate you! Ashley sent me the swag pack as a thank you for referring other ladies to her.

I really can't say enough kind words or speak highly about Ashley enough. Everyone who works with her, says the exact same thing. She's fantastic. I know she will help me reach my overall goal of 18% body fat. She's got the nutritional knowledge and education to get me there. If you're interested in working with Ashley, drop her an email here. Not because I will get more swag, I won't. It will be another Grit Girl's (There's a Grit Girl club- you know want in) turn next, but because I believe in what she's doing, girl knows her stuff! I was spinning my wheels pre-macro diet, and she's helping me get to the next level!

OOTD: Just because I won't eat poorly, doesn't mean I can't participate! Red White & Blue for American today! God Bless the USA!

How do you deal with Poor Food Peer Pressure? Have you ever experienced this type of scenario?

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  1. I really needed to read this post today!! I (and many others, I'm sure) deal with this pressure ALL summer and it is challenging!!! Thanks for the tips and the reminder that you need to do what works FOR YOU. :) Happy 4th of July from a Canadian fan!

  2. Some family members think it's okay to provide a meat and four carb-loaded side dishes. Don't get me wrong, it's always delicious. It's just that I cannot eat like that anymore. I hate hurting someone's feelings over it. People can take the whole food thing really personal!

    It takes some time, but they finally realize that I am sticking to a better way of eating. Slowly they're sneaking in healthier dishes at family meals. When they finally saw that what I eat was actually making a big difference, they started to understand. Just takes some time!

  3. What is a Grit Girl? I don't think I've ever read where you explained that, and I don't get it!

    You're gonna do awesome though girl. Not giving in to food peer pressure is hard enough on a regular day, but on special occasions and holidays, it sometimes feels impossible. Good luck to you though, you're gonna rock that awkwardness and feel better about yourself in the end :)

  4. I love this post. I do the awkward giggling/smiling thing a lot. This happens to me frequently at work, especially when there is birthday cake involved. I've learned to just say happy birthday to the coworker and then walk out of the kitchen before the peer pressuring begins! Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. Your outfit is super cute! This post is in just in time for the long weekend :)

  6. Ugggh! I had this moment this weekend. Was at Costco with a friend and felt like I had to eat the samples with her. She didn't so much as make me feel awkward, she would have been fine if I passed. I was surprised at my own reaction to eat because she was. I stink in social situations, I almost always cave which leads to days of trying to get back on track!!

  7. I don't know whats better about this owning the awkwardness or reading the "hey cher let me cut you some cake"! Love that I found a lousiana girl in blog land!!!

  8. I totally agree! People do not want to indulge in crap alone! Even my husband gets weird when we go out and I just have one beer and sip it or just one slice of pizza. But hey, in the end it's my body and now at 31 years old - I'm going to treat it the way I want. I have to live in it! ;)
    I have tried MANY excuses to deal with the coworker thing and everyone gets antsy when I say something like, I'm not eating sugar right now, etc. So, I've started either putting it off... like, oh I'll have a cupcake after my lunch or I'm going to take one home and have it after dinner. I've found that after "that moment" passes - no one checks back to see if I've had one! Another tactic that works pretty well is either saying you don't like whatever it is (this doesn't work if someone made it, of course) - like, oh I'm not a big pie fan. The other option is the whole - my stomach's been a little out of whack lately, I better avoid upsetting it! Works like a charm! :)

  9. I can relate to every single word of this! But you are so choices affect me and me alone. I am the one that will have to live with the consequences of my food choices. I have been working with Ashley too and she is fantastic! I don't want to have to report a gain next week...that is my motivation to stay on track! Bring on the awkwardness! :)

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  10. I 100% agree with this entire post. My work has company lunch ALL.THE.TIME. I work at a company with the word "Southern" in it's title, and our office jokes about not gaining the "Freshman 15," but instead gaining the "Southern Spread." not cool when you are trying to do right. I have found that the awkwardness does happen, and you are so right when you said that the only one that feels guilty is you! Loved reading this post!

  11. I feel the same way about drinking. I drink alcohol maybe once or twice a year. I just don't care for it but I don't condone it in any way. Heck, my husband has beer in our fridge. But people who drink when I am around them are always so weird about it. "just order something" etc.

  12. Great post! I've been faced with that situation more times than I can count. Now that I'm finally mustering up the willpower to change my lifestyle once and for all, I have an easier time saying no.
    Sadly, I have to admit that I've been on the flip side before too. When I know someone is dieting or being healthy, I'll tell them "Oh, it's just this once" or something similar. And like you said, it's because I'M the one that's not watching what I eat. Shame on me! Never will I do that again. :)

  13. Great post :) have a great 4th!! I wish I could email Ashley, but it's just not a reality right now :( I will one day though!! :)

  14. Thanks so much for this post. Like many who live the healthy lifestyle I completely agree. Someone once told me "No one died from you saying no to a piece of cake" and I could not agree more. It may not be the right choice now for where you are at. However, down the road you will be able to enjoy in occasional indulgences without it ruining your diet.