Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bye Bye July, Hello August goals!

June and July have been a tough couple of months for me. I've struggled with nutrition and had personal problems weighing over my head all summer. I've been working - I'm exhausted just thinking about it-  hard on a huge project at work, which is all positive now, but there were growing pains at the start. In short, I'm ready to say adieous to summer! Der, vacation is ova- bring on football season! New beginnings always mean great things are coming! August through March (basically all run season) is my time to shine!

August Goals:

  1. Kick Off: Advocare 10 Day Cleanse, you can read about my first experience here- I wanted to start this Wednesday, July 31, however my cleanse and Spark! won't be delivered until Wednesday afternoon. 1st of the month is the best time to star anyway- yeah, take that Fedex! 
  2. Begin running with my marathon training group on Saturday mornings. I can not even express how excited I am to kick back up with group runs. Running with a group = accountability. No one wants to be loud capped on the facebooks cher. It's really cheesy, but the camaraderie built during training makes race day (and the par-tay afterwards) ten times more special. I'd be lost without the group!  My group is training for the Louisiana Marathon in January 2014. I'm following a hybrid plan of my own as I have the New Orleans Jazz Half  (October) and Lafayette's Cajun Cup (10K) (November) on the schedule. However, I will complete my group runs, with my people, on Saturday mornings!
  3. Half Marathon training round two: My goal is to run my 2nd half marathon under 2:05:00. My first half marathon time was 2:09:40. Ideally, I'd like to run the half under 2 hours, however, I was plagued with injuries training for half number one, living on ibuprofen, and I honestly believe it's because I tried to push my speed faster far to quickly.  I do not want to get injured before the Marathon. No bueno. My hometown is hosting it's first ever Marathon & Half this March, The Zydeco Marathon. Without a doubt, I will be participating in this event. For me, everything hinges on the Marathon in January. Should I not run another full come March, this will be my time to shine with a sub 2 half. Gaaahhhh I'm so excited for race time to begin! 
  4. Nutrition. Obviously, with all the running I'll be doing over the coming months, my body will need more carbs to function at this level of activity. I want to focus more of my energy on an overall balanced and nutritious diet. More details to come on this, my take on macros, and what the future is for me there to come shortly!
Day three post vacation in full affect. Let me tell ya, it has been HARD to force my lazy vacation brain back into boss lady business mode. My brain worked overtime this morning to try and keep me in bed, but I powered down the don't wants to complete my 30 minute tempo run. To my immense surprise, this run was easier to complete than the first time I attempted the tempo run a few weeks ago. After about 2 minutes, The Saturday's were blasting away in ear buds, I'm cruising along, my legs are flying out from underneath me, and I think to myself "I feel awesome right now!This is how I should start every single day! Why did I want to stay in bed?!" Running is my therapy. The hardest part really is getting out of the front door.  Ready to beast up on this day!

Happy Wednesday everyone! (Whoa! Wednesday! That happened fast fast!)

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  1. Way to wake up and WERK today!! I love that you write out your goals for the month. I need to do that - starting on a week by week basis, and then bump it one month at a time! Only 2 weeks till my vacay, and I need to make it count! (Never mind that I'm headed to see college friends in NC this weekend, I'm sure it will be a healthy time...not!! Self control is the name of the game).

    I'm very interested in your meal plans while training, especially the carbs part of it. I'm trying not to eat bread (and go very easy on the cheese) right now, but it's a hard habit to break!!

    And novel-comment is over :) Happy hump day!

  2. Awesome goals! I know you'll rock them!

  3. I hit my longest distance today - 5 miles!! I had the dont wants and the scaredy cats, but I did it :) running first thing in the am rocks :)

  4. Hey girll!! yes it will be a link up on miii blog. if i can figure it out! LOL

    PS my brain is still on vacation too dang it why dont we vacation 50 weeks a year and work the rest!

  5. Ellie - Thanks for blogging about the ZM. Glad to have you there!