Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: True Confessions round two....

Finally it's Friday! The weekend is finally here. Thank you Weekend Wendy - say cheeeseeee- girl cause I love ya!

Friday Morning Burn: 40 Minute Incline Walk/Run - Biceps & Triceps
It's been a stressful couple of weeks for me. I've been under a lot of stress in my "real life", nothing I can't handle, in fact the type A in me loves being incredibly busy, I am however, freaking exhausted. I don't talk about this stuff here, because, well, complaining is a waste of time. Sometimes life can be busy and stressful. That's ok, there's light at the end of the tunnel. It is what it is. Anywho, I feel like I've been neglecting my little corner of the internet. I'm wildly behind on responding to emails, like two weeks- bad blogger award goes to.... My goal is to catch up on Sunday. Not just on emails but reading all of my favorite blogs. I am behind, and I am missing ya'll! There it's on the internet so it's going to happen. I love loud capping myself!

I've done fairly well on my macro plan this week. Not squeaky clean and no where near perfection. I've slipped up some. My weight has remained the same the last two weeks and I am a ok with that. I don't know if I've ever felt so fantastic in my own skin. I do, however, need to frequently remind myself that peanut butter is NOT a food group.

I will not stick my fingers in the peanut butter jar, I will not stick my fingers in the peanut butter jar, I will not stick my fingers in the peanut butter jar....

ok maybe just a spoonful....what's it gonna hurt...

WOMP! New week, new day coming up. New chance to get it right! The countdown to vacation is ON! I need a new challenge. I love that so many of you gave your ideas on Instagram this week. I got a kick out of reading every single one. My first thoughts gravitate towards #summerslimdown or #sweatysummer cause ya'll know I think #sweatissexy and that #talkinginhashtagsmakesmecool

So many of us put months of effort into getting ready for vacation or summer, and then after a trip, maybe it's time to start getting the kids ready for school, yourself back to work, and those efforts start to dwindle. Then football season starts, and before you blink five times fast, the holidays have circled back around and we're staring down those New Year's Resolutions yet again. This rounds me to my final thought #breakthecycle

Yo-yoing is no bueno. Stick with those goals, you are worth it!

Casual Friday! Say Heyyyy!!!!!
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  1. Look at those lady guns in your casual shirt. LOVE IT! Have a great weekend, work out all your stress at the gym girl!

  2. So proud of you for sticking to your goals and being so dang inspirational!!

  3. I totally stopped trying after my spring break vacation and gained. Now trying to get back down to pre vacation weight. really trying to break the cycle!!

  4. Woo I love that color on you! Even during stressful times, you bring the Positive Patty to the interwebs - that's why we love ya! Keep on keeping's a garden, dig it! (joe dirt, anyone??)

  5. Seriously girl, I feel like you can read my mind!

    Peanut butter is my downfall. I could eat a whole jar with a spoon I think. I did switch to all natural with only peanuts and sea salt though.

    Changing the way you eat (even if you already were eating healthy) is hard. Fairly well is a good start!

    Love the pink tank!

  6. I love #sweatysummer! I'll join you and I'm also up for the bad blogger award right there with ya! Behind on reading and posting. Such is life!!! Happy Friday gorgeous!!!!

  7. How about #sexysweatysummer???

  8. whatever you decide, count me in :) so far Im just doing #operationhalfmarathon because Im doing my first in Sept...

  9. "I will not stick my fingers in the peanut butter jar, I will not stick my fingers in the peanut butter jar, I will not stick my fingers in the peanut butter jar...." This is my new mantra and made me giggle. I read this while on vacation where peanut butter WAS a food group for me:). Now back to the real world! Thanks for always pointing out the positives in life and not dwelling on the negatives. Life is life and it gets crazy but it is the only one we get. Have a fantabulous week.

  10. I am with ya girl! Peanut butter is a horrible addiction! LOL! You look great :)

  11. Haha I hear ya on the peanut butter!! I had to stop buying it!!