Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Friday Fun: This Post is Random

Did you enter into the Artic Zero give away yesterday? It's set to run through June 27th so you still have time to throw your name into the hat for some awesome low cal, guilt free ice cream! Check it out here 

Thursday night, I prepared my Casein powder with an Artic Zero chocolate covered strawberry bar for dessert. Mmm hmmm sweet tooth is satisfied. 

1 Scoop Casein mixed with water to Peanut butter like consistency, melt one Artic Zero Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar on top, drizzle Waldon Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup, Freeze for 30-40 Minutes

For those of you who didn't' read my posts complaining about the nastiest Summer cold I've ever had in my adult life, parts one and two, I'm still in recovery mode. I'm not at 100%. Womp. I've still got the sniffles and I'm feeling weak but it's getting better each day. No I didn't go to the Doctor, but I'm pretty sure I had strep or the flu, something more serious. Why didn't I go to the doctor? Because I'm becoming a naturalistic hippy chick but that is another post for another day.

Sick was a set back. Translation: All that junk I ate while I was sick, was a major set back. Before I got sick, I had confessed to a spiraling out of control peanut butter addiction. The peanut butter has had to go. I've completely cut it from my diet. It's been 5 days since I last ate peanut butter and honestly, I don't miss it one bit.

The peanut butter was controlling me. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. Peanut butter had become a major weakness. All that said, day three back on macros and I'm feeling fantastic! Ashley, my coach, check her out here, suggested I let myself even back out and weigh in next week. Holler. I am all for that.

Everyone has bad weeks, even bad months, but that's not a reason to give up. Recommit and try again!

Work outs post summer sick trama/ drama have been AWESOME! Friday morning, I completed this round of speed training via Pinterest, a little over 4 miles. I can not lie, this work out was INTENSE. This run hurt, and it took a lot of self coaching to complete. You can do this. Don't be a pansy. It's only 40 minutes. Keep going, keep going, keep going, beach vacation in 30 days, think about all that peanut butter you been eating gah, RUN RUN RUN!

Sometimes when I write the blog, post work out all high on endorphins and Usher telling me what a bad ass sexy chick I am, It may seem like dang she makes it seems so easy. It's not easy. My brain is telling me the same things everyone else's brain is telling them. Power through! You won't regret it!

Post intense speed training-
Protein Shake & Jamming out to Beat It not to be confused with the King of Pop's Beat It
Saturday AM: Morning run with my Sole Sistas and I can not wait! I haven't done a group run in more than a week. I'm missing my peeps! That said, I am planning to lay extra low this weekend, determined to fully recover from this nasty cold. No beuno it has got to go!

That's all I got today folks. Apparently some fool just named their child North West. My phone is blowing up, the people got to talk about it! Hope you have an AWESOME weekend!

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  1. North West, I mean.....are we really surprised though??!

    Have a great weekend and get some rest so you can hit it hard next week!!

  2. That dessert looks sooo yummy!

  3. Oh Nori, what will that child have in store for her future. Glad you're feeling better and enjoy your group run tomorrow morn!

  4. that last sentence just killed me....LOL. The nickname isn't to bad, but if you didn't think she was in it all for the attention before, its kind of obvious now.

  5. So, I'd be really interested to hear how naturalistic you are talking hippy chick. I am really into holistic medicine. I would love to talk about it with you! Happy Weekend!

  6. Youre hilarious :) Glad someone else has to pep talk themselves while running :) I cannot wait to get back at it - 2 more weeks hopefully just one more week ;)