Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Weight

Ask anyone who has ever tried losing weight, the weekends are always the most challenging. Most social occasions take place at this time, lack of structure, pressure from family and friends to eat "normally" aka don't make other people feel guilty about eating trash because you are following a plan. (Different post for another day).

I've been in a vicious cycle for over a month  now, well basically since mid April, when a few things started happening. First, birthdays, a mini vacation, my birthday, friend's birthdays, weddings, my husband's birthday, our wedding anniversary, summer social time in the up swing. I'll do really well all week long, by the time Friday rolls around, I'm feeling fabulous, then something called Saturday happens. Let me tell ya'll about Saturday. 

Insert downward spiral that crashes and burns in a dieting train wreck. 

A typical Saturday for me begins with a work out. I've been waking up extra early on Saturday morning to get in a run before the summer heat becomes to intense, then I'll run errands and take care of things I didn't get to during the work week. At night, or in this past weekend's case, noon for pool time, it's usually social time aka party time. I do not miss social time. Ever. I've been placing my high carb day on Saturday so that I can enjoy social time without guilt. Saturday is usually the day when I get in my hardest work out so I never feel guilty about a little extra indulgence.

Here's the problem. Sunday rolls around, aka rest day, and then I really want to cheat my diet. This cycle is essentially undoing all of my hard work during the week.

True Confessions: Sunday's Cheat Meal. Womp.
I'm not ready to hit a maintenance phase, but with this pattern, that's exactly where I'm at. I'm going to try and break the cycle this coming weekend. Fingers crossed.

This wasn't the worst dieting weekend I've ever had, I don't feel like a busted can of biscuits today, but I know if I had stuck to my plan all weekend long, I'd feel ten times better without fail. My new goal is to feel as wonderful on a Monday as I did on Friday.

Have you suffered from the weekend weight dilemma?

Weekly Work Out Goals:


Killer Abs Level 3
Circuit Training/ Leg Day

Shoulders and Back Circuit Training

Killer Abs Level 3
Treadmill Speed Work
Biceps & Triceps

Morning Run

6 Mile Run
Glutes & Abs


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  1. I have been here since February!!!!!! HORRIBLE. I am perfect during the week and ruin every single thing friday-sunday. Why do I do that to myself?! I have to figure it out soon!

  2. I think everyone goes through this. I know I do pretty much every weekend, and I am not even close to a "maintenance" phase AT ALL. I love the Silver Linings Playbook quote :)

  3. I'm here right now! The weekends are the hardest. I started a cleanse this morning to hopefully kick my butt into gear!

  4. I wrote about pretty much the exact same thing today! Although, I tend to slip up throughout the week more than I should throughout the summer -- I am a teacher and therefore have a lot more social time during the week (afternoons and evenings) than normal, and it's really tough to stay on track without a strict routine. This week WILL be better! It pretty much HAS to be! :)

  5. Weekends are so hard for me! I'm proud of the progress I"m making but then I feel guilty when I undo some of that on the weekends. I hope to learn how to balance all this soon. Bleh!

  6. Yep, I hear you - the weekends suck big time - for me its beer....gimme beer....and I know it's bad but I love it - womp womp - good luck this weekend!

  7. Me, too, friend! I've had a billion wedding and family things that involve alcohol and amazing food. I feel like I have NO willpower! But this week I'm resolved to go "no bread and cheese" ala Elle Noel. And this weekend, when I'm at a bachelorette party cabin adventure, I'm hoping to avoid drinking and say NO to the junk food they'll have there. I plan on stashing healthy food in my bags, like a squirrel! Wish me luck!

  8. Yeahhhh weekends are hard! My temptation is almost always in liquid form. And a hangover on Sunday = vitamin G (AKA grease!!) I am losing weight again but very slowly due to my weekend behavior....however losing slowly or maintaining is better than gaining, in my book! Keep on keepin on!

  9. Ugh, I'm the worst 'dieter' on the weekends. I rarely make time to workout out, and yet I still find myself eating all sorts of horrible things. This past weekend was really bad and I 'gained' three pounds from Friday morning to Monday morning. Gross. I'm going to do this with you and try to break this cycle this weekend too!!

  10. I am the same exact way.....I have no idea how to break that cycle. It is a total mental game that I am losing!

  11. That is exactly my problem! I've been in this cycle since February!!! I'm really hoping that this weekend I broke the cycle. I hated not having social hour, but I told myself in the end breaking this plateau would be so worth it. Of course it's just in time for a week long camping vacation next week!

    Good luck breaking the cycle, it's ridiculously hard!

  12. I have been there since April! I work all week to get off what I did on the weekend!! I don't know how to stop the cycle, considering I have 60 lbs to go I am no where near where I need to be!! Super frustrating!!

  13. "Most social occasions take place at this time, lack of structure, pressure from family and friends to eat "normally" aka don't make other people feel guilty about eating trash because you are following a plan. (Different post for another day)."
    I cannot WAIT for this post! So true!!!

  14. this is exactly why I want my weigh in day to be on Sunday!

  15. I have done this more often than I care to admit.. I usually weigh myself on Sundays and get really disappointed by my weekend eats! But like you I have been seriously working on them :)

  16. Story of my life, Leigh Ann! If Sun-Thur only existed, I would be as fit as you! :)

  17. This is what kills me too... as it does most. Its just so dang hard on weekends!!!!