Monday, June 10, 2013

Placing in a Race & Weekly Goals

Yap, you read that title correctly, this weekend I placed in a race.For the first time ever! Saturday morning, I ran in the SRA 5k in my husband's home tome of Church Point, Louisiana. If I had to guesstimate, I'd say there were about 70 participants and half of those were runners. The event was put on by a friend of ours so we really wanted to get out and support her!

When I think back to when I first started running, I never could have ever imagined placing in a race, no matter the participant size, would be an option for me. My goals in the beginning were just not to walk. Running the whole time was a big accomplishment. I would have thought the likely hood I'd ever place in a race would be right up there with being just as plausible for me to win an Olympic Gold medal in figure skating.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't gone into the Race thinking I might be able to place. The last small 5k race I ran, a few of the girls in my run group placed, and with that a seed was planted. I wanted to place in a race too!

When placing in a race awards are given for over all finishers and finishers by age group and sex. I knew there was no way I could place overall, but I thought maybe I could place in my age group for women! There were three women running ahead of me, and I realized rather quickly I wasn't going to be able to keep pace with them. They were all running an even 8 minute mile together and chit chatting like I would do when running a 9:30 with my run group. I had set a pace goal of 8:30 minute miles as I was trying to PR. I didn't PR. This summer weather is not my friend. I  finished in 27:06 ( PR is 26:56). My legs weren't feeling 100% (cause I don't rest enough- surprise surprise) and this heat just isn't my friend. I wasn't upset about missing the PR, because I had fun. Guess who ran this one with me.....

My husband's first race- ever!
No one was more surprised that he wanted to run than me. It made me so happy to share this experience with Mr. Noel. I'm hoping he'll catch the running bug and we can have more race experiences together. Even though his sole mission is now to beat me. Just a little competitive that boy. I'm just happy he got out there and ran!

I finished 12th overall, 4th in women, and 2nd for women under 30! Ya know I'm already itching to see if I can place again!

Weekly Work Out Goals:

Killer Abs (morning)
RIPPED (evening)

Treadmill Circuit Training
Shoulders & Back

5 Mile Run (morning)
Leg Day (evening)

Killer Abs (morning)
Weight Training Class (evening)

Morning Run
Triceps & Biceps

6 Mile Run
Glutes & Abs

Rest (Maybe)

I skipped my rest day this week and got in a work out with Sabrina and her husband Sunday afternoon. She introduced me to some new moves and we focused on chest, triceps, and abs sandwiched between 2 20 minute cardio sessions. Awesome work out!

How was your weekend?!

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  1. Congrats on placing and a woot woot to Mr. Noel for racing too!! I hope you have a fab week Boss Lady! xo

  2. I got the hubs to do one 5k with me... and he keeps saying he will do another, but it hasn't happened yet... I am hoping I can get him back on board, its so nice when you can run together!

  3. Congrats on placing! That's amazing. Love your workout plan for the week! Have a great and productive week :)

  4. I am just thrilled for you!!!! Congrats!!!! You are simply amazing!

  5. Congrats! What an accomplishment. I was thinking at my last 5k that it would be nice to place, but the under 30 group I am usually in has some fast girls.

  6. Way to go girl! Placing in a race no matter what the size is a HUGE accomplishment. It's been so fun to watch your journey and see how far you've come. keep it up!

  7. Congrats! That is so awesome that you placed!

  8. Congrats placing! That's so awesome Mr. Noel ran it with you!!

  9. Well done placing in the race! That's got to feel good! And that's so exciting that Nick ran with you! Pace team, what what! :)

  10. Congrats on placing, that is awesome. Yeah I just want to finish the darn race, but maybe in a year or two I will be running to place ;) And that is awesome that your hubby ran with you, I wish mine would!! But yeah, mine would have to beat me too!! Darn competitive married couple, because I would be running to beat him too ;) Have a good week!

  11. Leigh Ann that is so awesome! Way to go! And look at old man river running races - nice work!!

  12. I swear we write about the same exact things sometimes!!
    I PR'd in my 5k this weekend (26:46) and talked abut how a new goal is to place in my age group!!
    Way to go on placing!! I'm sure that feels REAL good!!

  13. That is AWESOME!! I love that your hubby ran with you too. Mine would only ever run if he was being chased. Your Sunday workout goal made me laugh. Congrats again, pretty!

  14. First of all congrats on the placing - that's incredible, youre a speed demon!!! And secondly, how amazing is that your hubby ran with you!! That's so fantastic and great support :)oh and I keep forgetting to reply to your email, Im running the Fort4Fitness half in Sept :) in fort wayne indiana, my hubby is running it with me!!

  15. Congratulations on placing in a race! That's so exciting--even without the PR. I'm doing my first 5k on the 4th of July and I'm getting more and more worried haha. Especially about the heat! Either way, you're an inspiration to me and I just wnated you to know that!