Thursday, June 6, 2013

National Running Day- 5 Mile Run

When training for my half marathon earlier this year, I talked a lot about music. Music has the power to control my runs, to make me give more of myself, at the right moment, the right song can make me feel incredibly alive. Alive and thankful for the physical ability to get out and pound the pavement.

That's still true now, even though I'm not training for a long run. I do feel a little lost without a long run goal. I'm still a few weeks out from beginning training for my next half marathon, which will segway into full marathon training. I still can't believe I'm going to do that- run 26.2 miles....for fun.

Wednesday morning, National Running Day, I forced myself to slang my legs over the side of the bed at 4:30am. The don't wants were at a ten, but I'd committed to meet a few of the ladies from my run group, so I put my feet down and got dressed. It was the first time in a long while that I did not want to run.

The hardest part was getting out the front door. That's what they always say right? It's so true.

When I left home at 4:45am, it was already 80 degrees outside. I was drenched in sweat at 3 miles. Nearing 6am, on my way back to the gym, as I was crossing the river and the sun was making it's way into the sky, my playlist pulled me through. A song came on that reminded me why I run. Why I trade Friday night happy hour for running shoes at 6am Saturday.

It wasn't the fastest 5 miles I've ever run. It wasn't the hardest 5 miles or the easiest 5 miles. It felt like just a run, until I had a moment. Some runs build character, and this was one of them. One that pulled me out of my don't wants. In that moment I felt thankful for my legs. Thankful for my heart beating with purpose. Thankful for this passion I've found when it's just me and the road.
Meet me under shining lights
I've been waiting right here all my life
Feelings you can't deny
That you live and open up your eyes

And I just want to sink into your crazy laughter
Come on make me feel until the pain don't matter
Every second here make my heart beat faster
Think I've finally found what I'm chasing after

 Oh, oh, just the beat inside my soul
Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold
In the zone, where the beat is uncontrolled

 I know what it feels like, come on make me feel alive
Krewella - Alive
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  1. I love those moments! I'm gonna have to download that song!

  2. Nice job! I saw it was National Running Day yesterday and so wanted to run but I can't just yet. My hips are killing and I've been taking it easy! Not good for a 29 year old. Oh and I like that song too :) I heard it on my way to work a few minutes ago!

  3. you are looking beyond amazing lately that macro diet is doing you good! :)

  4. Hey girl hey!! You are correct about feeling lost without a running goal! I finally ran yesterday and it was mentally (and physically) hard!

    Great job participating in National Running Day and doing your 5 miles. Have a great weekend!!

  5. I love this :) Music helps me too - this morning, dont wants at a 10 and to make matters worse, I decided at 6 that eating toast with peanut butter was a good idea, when I havent had a real slice of bread in a million years, so needless to say - running was unbearable...but I did it without embarrassing myself in front of the other gymgoers due to my music - mental note - NO PRE-RUN BREAD FOR ME :)