Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Elle Noel Gets her Grove Back

This morning, I woke up finally beginning to feel like myself again. I've been opening one eye at a time each morning, eeekkk caution how do I feel today??? Zoom Zoom Zoom! Supernova Girl status today!(Quote that)

Today was the day! No where near 100% BUT light years ahead of the previous days. This nasty summer sickness totally and completely, I can not tell a lie, derailed me from my macro plan. I did not follow the plan. Not even close. I didn't even think the word macro, for nearly a WEEK now. #gritgirlwithexcuses

However, this morning, I packed and prepared for a day back on the macro track.

Photographic Evidence
We're leaving for the beach in one month, and I want to look and feel my best. Time to throw down a challenge. No cheating or deviating from the macro plan in any way. NO EXCUSES. I've delayed starting up my second month with Ashley, details here, as I was to sick to function. I'm leaping back on that plan today. #gritgirlonamission

I feel well enough to outline an exercise plan for the remainder of the week. I have missed this gym. A lot. I contemplated working out Tuesday, however didn't want to relapse again. I worked out hard Friday night and got sick all over again. Basically, I did this whole sick thing to myself. You are so dumb. For Real.

Old Leigh Ann would have never missed going to the gym. In fact, in  a yo-yo cycle I would have used this time to make excuses for the remainder of the week. To say ohhh the week's  already a wash, I'll start again Monday. Taco Bell for dinner? Jillian Michael's said it best, "Old habits die hard, but they do die"

Cardio Circuit Training
Biceps & Triceps

Cardio Circuit Training
Back & Shoulders

Treadmill Run (Speed training)
Jillian Killer Abs Level 3

6 Mile Run
Glutes & Abs

Bike Ride
Jillian Killer Abs Level 3
(Possibly tag along with a friend to another gym?)
Open to Options!

Tomorrow, it's Arctic Zone review and give away time! Who's excited?!
I scream you scream we all scream for low calorie-guilt free ice cream!  (yes, you read that right)

OOTD- You know I'm feeling good again :)
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  1. #hashtag queen!! Glad you're feeling better and back in action! Go girl!

  2. "you are so dumb. for real" :) :) :) and yes that "song" is now in my head.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Yeeeeeah girl, get in that groove!

    Omg, we must have totally been channeling Zenon to each other cause I was totally singing it this morning! So random. I gotta hunt that movie down!

  4. Glad you are finally feeling better! I finally found the Arctic Zero stuff at Kroger yesterday and had to try it after seeing it on your instagram. LOVE it! :)

  5. So glad you're back! Although I don't know this Disney person.

    But yay!!

  6. I'm glad your back. Poor girl.. Nobody has time to be sick!

  7. welcome back! Glad you are feeling better & thanks for taking me back a few years with that movie! lol

  8. New reader :) Loving the Zenon reference! I am a huge fan of Artic Zero too!!

  9. I hate hate to be the one to say something, but (I believe it was) The Today show did a segment on products that contain more calories than they say, and Artic Zero had almost 60% more ������

  10. welcome back! glad you are feeling better!

  11. Welcome back and I totally get you on the old fatty derailing our efforts - I just had surgery and can hardly swallow, nonetheless work out and Im scared Ill go back to old taylor, but so far so good - even if I cant move I can still count so Im even planning a food prep for tomorrow :) It sucks but Ill be fine :)