Thursday, June 20, 2013

Artic Zero Review & Give Away!

What's your favorite way to beat the summer heat? For me, it's something sweet to eat, a la ice cream, with candy, chocolate, and whipped cream. There's something about summer time and sweets that go hand in hand for me. My favorite way to beat the summer heat? Pool side with a Dirty Monkey! Calorie infested cocktail that flows like water in Mexico. I know from experience- Make you act funny tee hee!

It always seems like a good idea at the time
Can we say highly illegal for those of us watching those lbs?! I've long been in search of a solution. Recently, I've seen a lot of Artic Zero's products through my Instagram feed, from other fit for life peeps whose opinion I highly admire, and I know I had to get on this Artic Zero train everyone's been talking about!

Artic Zero makes 150 calorie fat free pints, 85 calories chocolate covered bars, gluten free, lactose intolerant friendly, low glycemic, high in fiber & protein ice cream substitute. What's up holler!

I got my hot little hands on a sample pack of Artic Zero, all the flavors and the bars, go big or go home! You can check out the sample packs on Artic Zero's Amazon account here. I've been devouring my Artic Zero topped with Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate or Caramel Syrups. If you haven't heard of this product yet, you need to get some of this. Seriously. Don't ask questions.

I've also been enjoying my Artic Zero ice cream mixed with my Casen protein and peanut butter. The chocolate covered bars are delicious in all flavors, Mr. Noel has even been eating those! My favorite Artic Zero by the pint flavors are cookies & cream, chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate, & strawberry!

Hands down my favorite way to prepare my Artic Zero ice cream is as a substitute for my favorite poolside concoction, the Dirty Monkey. We caught onto these coffee esque pina coladas on our summer vacation last year down in Cancun. I had one or two or maybe even three, there's no counting on vacation, daily while we were there. No Judgement Zone. I knew they were ultra high in calories. I watched the bar tenders add a banana, vodka, heavy whipping cream, a large bottle that read simply Pina Colada, and Kahlua in a blender before serving up this calorie infested fab-u-lous-ness. Pina Colada mix is high in everytang. Sugar, Carbs, Fat, and Calories. No Bueno. 

Artic Zero Ice Cream, my waistline thanks you!

Elle Noel's Dirty Monkey (heyyyy noowww):

Alright so this is why you're here- give away time! Artic Zero is going to give one lucky reader a sample pack of there products, simply follow the instructions on the rafflecoptor below! You're welcome :)

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  1. I would love to win this. The grocery stores in my area only have one flavor and it's vanilla maple. I don't care for maple ice cream so I've never tried it.

  2. Wish I had seen this before lunch yesterday when I ate a pint of frozen yogurt for lunch because of my sore throat. Says my local Walmart carries it, I can't wait to check it out!

  3. I am going to HAVE to find this stuff now!!!

  4. MmmmMMMM that drink sounds amazing. Low GI? You've got me hooked. Fingers crossed I win the giveaway, otherwise Pete will be discovering an Amazon charge on our next credit card statement! :)