Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Macros Day 5

Alright alright alright!!! Macros is where it's at ya'll! Guess who is down a pound in four days?! Two since last Friday, but we'll just count from Macros Day ONE! I feel A-MAZ-ING! Ashley Leahy's macro plan is rocking my fat off- literally!

I feel small, really small, and toned. I know it's due to portion control, eating the right foods at the right times, and killing it in the work outs! Ashley assures me this the PERFECT amount of weight to have lost in short time, ie losing fat not muscle! We all know how I've been struggling to shift the pounds, even gaining (due to muscle) at some points. These are the results after four days, I can not wait to see where I'm at for our summer beach trip in 63 short days- what's up holler! Over all end goal is 18% body fat. I'm only going to check this number once a month. Stayed tuned for an update, on that number, in three weeks!

The macro plan isn't the only change I've implemented this week. I changed up my work outs. Previously, my work outs focused on low weight (10lb-12lb dumb bells), high rep, HIIT training, total body strength, in conjunction with running. This week, I backed off the cardio, upped my weights (16lb-18lb dumb bells) and intensified the heavy lifting- burn bay bay burn! 

My main goal this week was to focus on isolating muscle groups. I did work abs every day through Jillian Michael's Killer Abs Level 3 (LOVING the intensity Level 3 is bringing!) The goal was the burn up the muscle, rendering me unable to train that section of my body the next day. Goal achieved. The stronger the muscle-the more fat it burns!

For example:

RIPPED- HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) using 10lbs weights

Legs (KILLER) & 15 Minutes HIIT

Five Mile Run
Back Strength

20 Minute Incline (14) Speed 4.5
Shoulder Strength
30 Minutes Elliptical
Shoulder Strength

Speed Training- Treadmill
Biceps & Triceps

Speed Training (Track Run)

Which muscle groups do you find the hardest to train?

This first week on Macros has been eye opening and trans-formative. I have not been hungry, and I've placed my high carb day on Saturday, so my diet will not interfere with my social life. Priorities. I'm retraining my body to perform at a different level, ie. moving away from largely focusing on HIIT and cardio. Putting more focus on strength training vs. cardio is proving to be shock therapy for my body. I must say, I already feel is paying off!

Lady Guns say Heyyy!!!
If you're interested in jumping on the macro train, holler at Ashley, I know she'd love to hear from you! My plan has been taylor made to fit my body, ie my weight/height/activity level. I truly believe the success I'm experiencing is down to individuality of MY plan built for ME!

Wishing each and everyone of you a ROCKING weekend!

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  1. That is amazing! I was just working out my workout schedule for the next few weeks and then coming up with another one for after the 4Mchallenge ends. This post makes me very glad I decided to squeeze in three days of dedicated weight training! I'm so happy to hear that your hurdling toward your goal (have you already left your weight goal in the dust, or did you decide to just drop it altogether and focus on body fat %?). You are KILLING it and looking absolutely fabulous! I covet your lady guns!

  2. That's awesome! Feeling great AND seeing numerical success is always the best! Good luck girl!

  3. That's awesome! I emailed her to see if she could help me! :)

  4. I also emailed her for a meal plan! Super excited!

  5. This is the exact meal plan (well, tailored to ME, obviously) I have been following for the past eight weeks. At the five-week mark, I had lost 11.5 inches and eight pounds. I am so excited to see the progress at ten weeks! I cannot sing enough praises for this type of nutritional plan -- it's doable, it's maintainable, it's not restrictive, and it just. makes. sense. :)

  6. So excited for your progress, and the new motivation to LIFT HEAVY! I'm jumping on your bandwagon so keep the great workouts coming! On my way to becoming a gym rat :) I also love the dry sauna they have for some quiet time away from my crazy house...

  7. Damn girl those are some major GUNS!

  8. That is AWESOME!!! So glad to hear you're loving the Macro plan :)

  9. Youre rocking it lady :) Glad to hear youre loving it!!

  10. Glad you're loving it and HOLLER for that fat loss! Your lady guns are out of control (in a good way)....bikini pro noel comin at ya!

  11. Great job girl! You are looking SOOO toned and ripped!!!

  12. you look amazing!! all that hard work and dedication is paying off!! :)