Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Rest Day- A Love Hate Relationship

The Rest Day, we aren't great friends. I struggle scheduling time each week to rest from my exercise agenda. I know, I know, this day is essential in recovery. The body needs time to rest in order to get stronger. Without a Rest Day, killer work outs, just won't happen. I notice this is even more true when training for a long run, hello half marathon, do not skip your rest day!

This week, I allowed myself two consecutive rest days. I began Monday morning with every intention of getting in my work out, however, I could not shake the fatigue. My first reaction when something like this happens is to tell myself, suck it up buttercup, but something told me to take it easy another day. Sunday usually claims my only rest day.

I've been guilty of over training.  I love the burn, the feeling after a long hard run, the high after a work out that literally builds character. However, when those over training sluggies set it, it's time to take it down a notch. What are the over training sluggies? For me, it's overwhelming fatigue and an inability to bring intensity to a work out. I won't take a rest day simply because I'm sore, I actually find working out sore muscles to be beneficial in quick recovery, however those sluggies can knock you out for a few days if you aren't careful!

Resting will make you stronger. The body needs rest. Two consecutive rest days enabled me to knock out my Tuesday evening work out. I was able to increase weight and cardio intensity. All down to that extra rest day.

Ok so why would anyone hate on the rest day? Sounds like it's all good stuff!


Here's why I'm resistant to the rest day- it takes away my routine. Without my routine, I find myself with weak will power and the sluggies. A terrible combination. It's rest days that a Sonic Blast can have more power over me than I have over myself. I love Sonics. Don't Hate. Don't act like you aren't curious about those 25 new shake flavors! Oreo Cheesecake flavor say what?!

The rest day is my most challenging day diet wise. It's when I'm most likely to slip up. To let little things slide. This is an area in which I need improvement.

How do you handle your rest day? Do you have a love/ hate relationship with that day?

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  1. I find it hard to give my body that day. It's like I feel guilty but I know it's necessary. I am definitely trying to listen to my body more... If I need more than that sometimes I take it.

  2. I don't mind my one rest day. It's when it turns into 2 and this week a shameful 3 that kills me. Getting out of my routine is just hard for me. I love along weekend, but not working Monday really screws me up on eating, exercising and sleeping. None of which are good for my will power.

    I love the rule on holes!

  3. I always feel so guilty having a rest day! But, you are right, you can't go hard unless you give yourself rest!

  4. True story: I have never had Sonic. I think they just recently moved here (I think?) and I've never been a big fast foodie, so I've yet to make my way through their drive-thru!

    I'm glad your rest day was so helpful and allowed you to BRING THE NOISE! ;)

  5. Yes! I feel guilty sometimes... but I know rest is ESSENTIAL!

  6. I know what you mean. It seems like not working out seems to go hand and hand with not eating spot on. Maybe preparing food for that day before hand may help. Or using the time you would have spent in the gym looking at before and after photos of yourself, try on goal clothes, or something health related that isn't exercise.

  7. Let's hear it for rest days! I don't know what you are talking about with resisting them, since I love a rest day more than life itself!

    BUT I know what you mean when you say the willpower slides on a rest day. You haven't worked out and you're missing that fit-feeling of euphoria, and what's a little Sonic blast anyways??? So hard not to cheat.

  8. I wish I hated a rest day as much as you! I like them a little too much!

  9. I'm the same way! Off days make me lazy!

  10. I'm so with ya on that!!! My last rest day I finished off my bag of dark chocolate! ughhhhh I hate lazy days!!!! Love them but hate them!