Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Staying Motivated- 5 Tips for Success

Staying motivated each day, it's no simple task.  I wish there was simple answer. There isn't. Each day is a struggle. Some days are easier than others. This morning alone I  had to use one leg to kick the other out of bed and force myself to put in my May Meltdown with Ms. Michael's Challenge. But I did it.

I get the Don't Wants too!  This is normal for me, my desire to work out comes in cycles. Thankfully sprints of don't want are few and far between. The only way to shut down the don't want feelings is to suck it up and get it done. I can honestly say I have never ever regretted putting in a work out. Even with don't wants at a ten. Still, I complete simple everyday tasks to keep myself pumped up and focused on the big prize- Health & Happiness for life! Overtime, eating clean and daily sweat sessions have become habit. I don't feel like myself on rest days, although I know they are essential, it just isn't a great day until I sweat it out! Eating well has become habit. It's just what I do! Getting yourself to a place where food loses it's control is powerful and liberating. All these things come with time, however, I do have a few tips and tricks to help ya get there faster!

1. Create a plan- Weekly, I outline a work out and meal plan for myself. I'll throw in no carbs or bread every other day, sometimes I'll challenge myself to no carbonation for a week, no popcorn, or no alcohol, etc. Small, time measurable, and short challenges help me to stay focused, as the end is always in sight. Looking at the calendar and seeing what I'm supposed to do for the day- Jillian DVD Plus 6 Mile Run and Arm Strength (Two a Day Wednesday). I don't have to think about what I'm supposed to do- I just have to do it! Creating a plan will gear you up for success!

2. Demand Success From Yourself- Don't make flimsy excuses! If you're trying to talk yourself out of a work out, it's more imperative than ever that you get it done. This is the motto I hold myself to. There is no I don't feel like it today excuse allowed in my brain. Bad day at work? Oh well- a great work out can turn a day right around! All that laundry? It can wait. I have to cook dinner Put supper on the stove and work out in your living room. I need to grocery shop I'll go after the gym.

You always have time to work out. Taking 30 minutes to an hour to better yourself each day is something everyone can commit to. Wake up early- set cloths out the night before less to think about in the morning, use your lunch break, fit it in after work, just get it done! One of my favorite phrases "If it's important you'll find a way, if it isn't you'll find an excuse". Make yourself a priority! You deserve it!

3. Ignore the haters. Changing your lifestyle will come with kick back from other people. That all boils down to issues they have with themselves. People become negative when they feel defensive. This is their issues, not yours! Stay focused. How you eat/work out affects your life. No one else's. I get the negative phrases daily in my life too. It doesn't affect me in anyway. People dole out negativity when they're uncomfortable with something in their own life. Maybe overhauling your life makes others feel they should be doing the same. Maybe you're now seen as a threat to them in some way. Maybe you feeling great in your own skin makes some feel negative about their own body because they don't love themselves like they should. Whatever the reason, it's none of your business. Kill em with kindness and Do you!

4. It's just food. It doesn't have any power. Seriously, it's just food. We need it to function. We need to operate daily. We need it to be productive. That's it. Don't let a cookie or cake control you. Don't let going out to lunch undo your day! Sometimes I have to remind myself this- it's just food. It ain't got no power! We need it to live. Eat to live, don't live to eat! If you feel hungry, eat! Keep healthy snacks on you so your day won't be rocked by cinnamon rolls in the office or cookie cake for so and so's Birthday at school/work. Make healthy choices! Eating a salad has never made me feel guilty about anything. Just saying!

5. Look at how far you've come, not how far you've got to go When you find yourself beating yourself up over a bad week, or a bad meal, or skipping a work out, think about how you would have handled the situation previously. Think about how far you've come. Acknowledge all of the progress you've already made! Part of the process is accepting that it's slow. It takes time. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to have setbacks. No one is perfect! Getting back on the wagon after falling off is even more essential than the decision to hop on in the first place. Be patient. Stay Positive. Speak kindly to yourself. You are listening to you. Each day is another chance to get it right.

This took 2 years- Don't give up!
How do you stay motivated?

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  1. Planning is a big one for me. As long as I plan ahead, I ride that healthy train right into the weekend. If I don't make a plan, that's when I turn into "Lazy-and-will-eat-anything-considered-food-Kara".

    #4MChallenge is keeping me accountable and that little green bikini in my closet is too!

  2. Thank you! I needed this today!

  3. Annette BourqueMay 8, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    You are an inspiration! I love reading your blog. Also cannot wait to try some of the recipes! I had no idea I could eat "real food" and it stil be considered low fat. I've been eating the same boring foods over and over for four months!

  4. This is a great post and so motivating! You've come a sure long way girl! It's definitely easy to find excuses but I also have some excuses as to why I SHOULD workout in my back pocket. Happy Hump Day!

  5. Great tips! I feel like I have gained control over most except #4, it's only food! Food still seems to have power over me, not as many days as before, but they do sneak in on occasion. So my new bathroom mirror and fridge quote will be "It's just food. It has no power!"

    Thanks as always for your continued inspiration and motivation.

  6. Love this post! You mentioned an app that your husband uses to keep track of you while you're on your runs. What was the name of that app?!?

  7. Awesome advice... Always needing motivation... These will be in my mind while trying to get back on that wagon!

    I would love to see how you plan your week like you mentioned in the post...

  8. Awesome post! I could have written that myself! Hope you don't mind I shared a link to it on my post today.

  9. I just love your outlook on things! I have so enjoyed reading your blog.

    I have a link up this coming Monday called Motivation Monday. Would you please link up with me? I think you would inspire so many of my readers and I would just love to have you there!!!

  10. I need you!!! Okay...I have a big ass bag of the shake-o and I can barely muscle it down. I wanted to start using it as one of my meals, but it is awful. Will you send me some ideas? And I cannot let go of food. It freaking sucks. You know my struggle is real and we have been chatting for months. BLAAH Help:)

  11. Great post. I started following your blog a couple weeks ago and started at the beginning. I lost 100lbs a couple years ago and had about 40 more to go. I recently woke up and realized I had gained about 35 of it back (obviously not overnight). So, while I'm not back to square one I definitely took a bunch of steps back. I would like to lose about 75 lbs. It's a lot less daunting this time. Sure, there was some crying, grieving and self-loathing when the reality check came but thats over and it's all positive now. The best part is that this time I KNOW I can do it and HOW to do it. I'm hitting the gym twice a day, eating really clean and making good progress. I love your blog and think you're hilarious! Cheers to your success.