Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Operation Red Bikini Link Up & Finale

Good morning! Who else has all their days and weeks mixed up!? This girl does! I apologize for my lack of post Friday morning, I've been totally swamped in and crazy busy, womp womp! It's been a wild couple of days and I'm ready to get back into my routine.


This week marks the conclusion of Operation Red Bikini! Those of you who have been reading Elle Noel and Southern Girl Gets Fit for a few months know about this on going campaign that Kassie and I worked up to get everyone excited, and most importantly feeling great in your skin, for summer! It's finally the last week of ORB aka grand finale time! Friday we'll be hosting a linkup to conclude the Operation where we can all check back on our original goals with some before and after pics, as well as, the big prize pack give away!

If you do not have a blog, but have been participating and would like to include your experience in my post, email me here. Let's spread the positive patty energy and share all of our stories of success. I personally can not wait to hear about everyone's individual experiences and goals that have been met. Success stories are my favorite motivator!

Friday also concludes the #4mchallenge aka May Meltdown with Ms. Michaels!

I've been enjoying Killer Abs all month long, I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to this DVD, but I will include my review next Monday since ya know Operation Red Bikini will be one heck of a post :) My biggest upcoming challenge is commitment to my Macro Plan, which is going famously I tell ya. I'll update on this Thursday morning. The conclusion of all these challenges has me asking, What's Next?

My biggest upcoming motivator is our annual summer vacation to the beach. Coincidentally , I'll begin officially training for my next half marathon the weekend we return. Plus ya'll know I got some other stuff I'm cooking up to stay motivated. Updates coming soon! 

Weekly Goals:

Monday- Rest Day

Treadmill Circuit (Shoulders & Back)
Killer Abs Level 3

6 Mile Run & Triceps Biceps
Killer Abs Level 3

Killer Abs Level 3
Strength Class

Killer Abs Level 3
Treadmill Speed Training (5 Miles)

Speed Training Clinic
Killer Abs Level 3

15 Mile Bike Ride
Killer Abs Level 3

Cheers to an Awesome Week!!

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  1. OMG YES!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Friday and to see all the transformations.

  2. I completely forgot all about the ORB link-up! Honestly, I'm way more excited to read about your transformation--and Kassie's!

  3. SO EXCITED!! Every time I use the #ORB hashtag on IG, I'm sad it's coming to an end! I will probably just keep using it, because to me - it extends beyond the end of May and into LIFE!! Looking forward to your post about macros. This is a big blog week for ya!! Have a great one, lady!

  4. Can't wait!!!
    Do you know the date that ORB "officially" started? Like when was the first post about it?
    I'd like to find a pic of me from around that time!!

  5. That dress is awesome!!!! Can't wait to hear all the ORB stories!!! Happy Short week! I to am all screwed up and out of routine!!! Cheers to a short week and back on track!

  6. I have gotten in touch with Ashley and will start my macro plan on June 10th!! I am very excited but also nervous I want to make sure I am up to the challenge. Thanks for all the motivation.

  7. 1. I love that dress.
    2. I can't wait to stalk the linkup. It's so bad that I gave up my momentum after my half and went back to a Stanfield-potato.
    3. Your arms in your IG pictures are amazing!!!

  8. I can't wait to see everyone's success on Friday! I love me some before and after photos. Goodluck with the Macro meal plan.

  9. I love that dress you are wearing in your picture!
    Totally adorable.
    Have a wonderful week hun.
    Love Gi

  10. I loved this long challenge and if Kara and I win the link up prize, we'll be good sisters and share like we were taught :) I never would have ever pictured myself in a bikini after having four kids but I did and it feels great! You are my numero uno inspiration and keep motivating me to get at it every day!! Keep it up Gisele! You have a wonderful transformation too!!!!!