Monday, May 13, 2013

Macro Plan Day One & Weekly Goals

Today is the first meal day of the new Macro plan! Sunday afternoon, I spent two hours prepping my food for the week. Initially, I found the task to be slightly overwhelming, however, grocery shopping and some simple math later, I'm ready to take on the week! I received my plan from Ashley, Friday afternoon, and I've been incredibly eager to get going! I've got the good vibes from this plan! Meal prep seemed like a ton of work, until I realized I literally don't have to think about what am I going to eat until next Sunday. I really feel like this plan will simplify my life, freeing up time in the evening to accomplish other daily tasks. 

Brief Weekend ReCap:

Saturday morning I met up with my Sole Sistas bright and early for a little speed training! I know in order to meet my pace goals for the coming run season, I'm going to have to show extra due diligence during the off season. We completed four rounds of Yasso 800's (8 minute pace) and ten 250 meter sprints- back to back. This work out was intense. My legs burned. I thought my lungs would give out. My quads were on fire. My heart was pounding at 196 beats per minute. No joke, that was my max heart rate. (Thanks Garmin!) I LOVE a challenge, and this work out set the bar high. My legs are still sore!

Saturday night, I attended my second Skinny Girl Dinner party! Skinny girl dinner party = excuse to get together with the gal pals, drink champagne, munch on lighter (1/3 reduced fat cream cheese DOES count as skinnified) dishes, and meet new lady friends! This go around, my dear friend/ run buddy/ pace car/ sista from anotha mista played hostess with the mostest! This girl knows how to entertain! I get bad blogger of the year award, as I took almost no pictures. WOMP! I've noticed when I'm having a really great time, I completely forget about documenting an event. Any who, Sabrina went all out with fantastic food, drinks, music and an all around great time! I ate half a cupcake, I have no regrets! I took time out for a flex break....cause I'm a loser like that ;)

Things that seem like a great idea after a few glasses of skinny sangria
Mother's Day was wonderful, my husband and I spent quality time with both of our Mommas, a day filled with eating yet again! I made good choices, and feel great about staying on track this weekend. I allowed myself a little more of a splurge in the sweet department than ordinary ( half a chocolate covered strawberry & a piece of turtle cake), but I'm not beating myself up over it. New day! 

Weekly Work Out Goals:

JM Killer Abs Level 3

JM Killer Abs Level 3
Treadmill Circuit Training
Arm Work Out

JM Killer Abs Level 3
5 Mile Run
Leg Work Out

JM Killer Abs Level 3
Cross Training & HIIT

JM Killer Abs Level 3

JM Killer Abs Level 3
Speed Training

Bike 15-20 Mile Route
JM Killer Abs Level 3

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  1. Hey, sweetie! Can you link this one up with me today? It's fabulous!!

  2. Glad to hear you are all ready to go and no meal prep for the rest of the week - that's exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing how you like it and also if you feel like it's enough variety for ya?!

    I'm not eating solid foods yet (feels like they really roughed me up) but will be interested in something like this once I actually can :) :) :)

  3. You are on FIYAH girl! Can't wait to see what the macro plan does for us.

  4. gummy vitamins for the macro diet?!? I hate swallowing pills.. I used gummy vitamins til I found Centrums skittle like vitamins... you should try them, they are AMAZING!

  5. Looks like you are prepared for a very successful week. I meal prepped last night too. I am so sick of peeling boiled eggs.

  6. That meal prepping looks like it took a long time--but it's so nice to have everything prepacked. I love being able to just grab-and-go each morning (also, when I leave it up to Pete to help me pack my lunch, I have to be VERY specific or he'll forget something, so packing it myself helps avoid lunchtime catastrophes)!
    Did you already outline your macro plan on your blog? I might have missed it while in Vegas...I should check--I'm so interested to see how it works!

  7. So was there any rest time or slow pace in between the four 8 min paces and ten sprints?
    Could you break it down for me exactly what that looked like? "Yasso 800"??
    It sounds n tense and I'd just like to hear more about it!
    I need a running group to amp up my speed efforts!!

  8. Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

  9. YES I need to get on that plan! I wonder if she has a kids preplanned meals plan ha! Looks great! We have the same casein powder! Can't wait to see how this works for you! Have a FITtastic Monday!!!!