Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lean Lady Legs: How To

By popular request, an Elle Noel style leg work out! This week I completed leg day with my friend Marathon Mary aka @fitashmichelle on Instagram. This girl does not play around with her legs! I'm still sore two days later. Ooochie waa waaa!! That said- I can't wait to do this work out again next week. I know lifting heavy will get me the results I want- 18% body fat baybay! I'm including pictures of these machines for frame of reference only. Machines will vary gym to gym and there are multiple variations of each machine.  Let's look at what we did to burn up those muscles!

Leg Work Out-
Warm Up
12 Squats (30 pound bar)
12 Dead lifts (45 Pounds)
Repeat Twice

Seated Leg Press
12 Press (150lbs)
Standing Calf Raises
12 Front, 12 "first position", 12 toes pointed together (150lbs)

Repeat Previous Two Moves Twice

Weighted 50lb Bar
12 Squats, 12 Lunges Per Leg

Repeat Twice

Leg Press Repeat - Three Sets of 12 (Standing Machine if Available)

Glute Press Three Sets of 12 Per Leg (60lbs)

3 Sets of 12 Deep Walking Lunges holding 20lb Kettle Bell Over Head
Repeat Twice

We rounded off the leg burner with Three Sets of 12 Wall Squats with a ball & weighted kettle bell combo. Hold 50lb kettle bell between legs and squat.

This work out took roughly an hour to complete. We rounded off this routine with about 15 minutes of HIIT training, which was incredibly difficult considering all of the above. I broke up with the elevator at my office some time ago and for the first time in months, I've seriously considered ditching the stairs.Weights are not just for the boys! Beastmode= on!

My running skort from Athleta came in this week, and I was itching to take it for a spin. Wednesday evening, I ran five slow miles- heavy legs from leg day previously. The skort was incredibly comfortable, more comfortable than my hot shorts, light, and super cute. I received so many compliments on it from the ladies at the gym! Mr. Noel even took note- Hey, that's really cute work out gear you're wearing! This man rarely notices what I'm wearing. Ever. Skort is rocking! I may order a few more in other colors/styles. It's going to be one HOT summer. Gotta stay cool!

#4mchallenge update- moved up to Jillian's Killer Abs Level 3 this week. She really is trying to kill me on this level. It's strenuous and challenging. I'm absolutely loving it. I enjoy working out at home now- it's not something I ever thought I would like as I've been in cardio/gym/social mode for years now. However, it's nice to wake up, workout in my living room, shower and get ready for the work. The elimination of travel time is most appealing. Post #4mchallenge I'll keep Jillian in rotation a few days a week. I LOVE her attitude and the ability to constantly challenge myself. I will say I have noticed significant increased core strength since using her DVDs to focus on stomach definition  Girl friend knows how to work it out!

Dripping Sparkle at 6am
What are your favorite leg work outs?
Do you have a favorite Jillian Michael's DVD?

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  1. I did a leg workout similar to yours Tuesday and my legs are still screaming today too!!! Yay for heavy weights... and yay that I am only a few lbs behind you on the weights you are using! :)

  2. Oh, that looks brutal!

    I'd never been to Athleta before this weekend when I stopped in with my sister (she loves that store). SUCH cute clothes, but the penny-pincher in me dropped dead at the price tags. So I'm hoping for Athleta hand-me-downs from Abbie. Fingers crossed! :)

  3. I need a workout buddy! I am going to hang out at the gym and start working out with the strongest looking lady I can find. For real though, thanks for posting these! If I don't have a workout partner I can at least have notes from The Boss Lady's workouts :)

  4. Thanks for the leg workout suggestion, trying my first leg day at the gym with the 6am club tomorrow and I'm excited! Love that running skort and your sparkle shirt that just happens to match karag and I's half shirts. Have a great rest of the week Gisele!

  5. Way to go on everything!! I love the skort, it's on my running dream list :) And Im starting her shred today, Im scared :) Ill post results :)

  6. 50lbs kettle bell wall squat?! OH MY QUAD!!!!! You ladies did a killa leg workout! I'm following Jamie Easons LiveFit trainer workouts for lifting and her leg days have me sore for days! Love them!!! You are looking supa fly up in that gym with all those sticks showing!!!! Happy Thursday

  7. I know you know what you're talking about with leg workouts...cause yours always look so toned in your pics! Love the skort...I got a gift card for Sports Authority and seriously considered ordering one, but I went with compression shorts instead. I plan to try those out on a light run and Jilli this weekend! The end of Operation Red Bikini is so close I can taste it!!!

    Keep up the good work, you're looking great!!