Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cardio Circuit- Shoulders & Back Strength

This morning I am linking up with the beautiful Skinny Meg for her series Work Out Wednesday (WOW)- fun how that worked out huh!? Be sure and head to her blog today where there will be many different work outs to browse and click though!


Presently, I'm focused on increasing over all body strength, building more lean muscle mass, there for decreasing fat. Currently into my third week of isolating muscle groups and concentrating on lifting heavy! I am still completing cardio daily, I don't think I will ever lose my need to sweat and work up endurance in this fashion.  I LOVE a cardio circuit routine. It's a beat down for boredom and helps to build muscle while decreasing fat and increasing endurance. As a runner- maintaining endurance is essential.

Tuesday evening was back & shoulder day, which I peppered in with two rounds of twenty minute cardio sessions. Right now I'm thoroughly enjoying lifting in Super Sets. Umm what's that?

Work Out Break Down:

20 Minutes Stair Climber- Aerobic Endurance Level 5

6 Minutes Warm Up (Regular Walk)
Alternating Minutes through Minute 10
Double Step Leg Extension Minutes 6,8,10
Double Step Minutes 7,9
Around the World Walk 
1 Minute Side Right Minutes Minutes 11, 16
1 Minute Back Wards Minutes 12, 17
1 Minute Side Left Minutes 13, 18
Double Step Leg Extensions Minutes 14, 19
Double Step Minutes 15, 20
Repeat through Around the World

Back Strength in Super Sets

12 Dead lifts 
12 Upright Rows
Repeat Twice

12 Flys
12 Rows
Repeat Twice

12 Lateral Pull Downs
12 Seated Rows
Repeat Twice

20 Minute Cardio Circuit- Incline Walk
Speed 4.5
Incline 14
I like to move it move it

Shoulder Strength in Super Sets

Isolated Lateral Dumbbell Side Raises
12 Per Side Repeat Twice

12 Per Arm - Standing One Arm Dumbbell Press
12- Push Ups
Repeat Twice

Isolated Lateral Dumbbell Side Raises
How do you know how much weight to use? Don't be afraid to play around with different weights. My personal guideline is that each set of 12, the last 2-4 reps should be very difficult to complete. If it's too easy to lift, it ain't heavy enough!

I swear I'm not always a sweaty mess.....

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  1. I have dipped my toe in the water that is weight training this week. I printed out the sheets from LiveFit on and I can already feel it working! Weights for the win!

  2. I need you at my gym with me to guide me. That is my only complaint. I feel like if I don't have somebody to show me how to do all these things then I don't know how or what to do. I will say that the workout trainer app has been quite helpful for a newbie like me.

  3. once I am finished my month long workout plan I am trying this workout! LOVE IT! you look amazing as always, sweaty or not!! :)

  4. If/when you come back to Indy, I might need to join you for your 4 AM gym session to get some of these moves down!! (and burn 6000 calories while we're at it)

  5. Awww I missed your face. You rock girl.

  6. Posts like these make me excited for the 4M challenge to be over so I can join you in lifting heavy!

    I just have one question (like always): How do the stair climber moves go? I can't find any videos for double step leg extension. Am I right in assuming it's just step, step, step and lift leg to the side? Or something?

  7. whooot whooot!!!! I love me some weights these days! I am on week 4 of Jamie Eason's LiftFit Trainer! I am in love with the results!!!! Get it girlfriend you are rockin it!!!!

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