Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Weigh In, NSV, & Give Away Winners!

Good morning and TGIF! It's a gorgeous day deep down South, the kind of day that puts an extra pep in your step! I realized this morning my usual Weekly Weigh In post has been missing for nearly two weeks with me guest posting for Holly and Good Friday last week. Time to get this train back on the tracks!

First things first- The Give Away Winners! I was so overwhelmed with the positive feedback from the give away, thank you all so very much for participating!

Amy at Write this Down won the SPARK! and Blogger Cecelia won the $25 Gift Card to Charly and Company! Check you email ladies!

Weekly Weigh In- 

My weight today is up one pound from the finishing the cleanse at 158. Goal weight is 155. This is what I expected. I'm not disappointed or discouraged, just gotta keep keepin on! I did decide to check my body fat. My ultimate goal there is 18%. As a women, it's very difficult to get below 20. My body fat this morning was a solid 20.5% This is  proof I'm getting stronger and smaller. ECSTATIC about that!

I've been spending a lot of time researching the last ten pounds. How difficult they are to lose, how long it can take, keys to staying persistent etc. I think I may have hit a mental road block, but I shall persevere! I feel absolutely fantastic, and that's what matters most to me. I've been reading a lot about people breaking up with the scale. I love the idea, however for me as a long time yo-yo dieter, I feel that number is extremely important for me to monitor. Sure, it's not moving much these days, but I want to stay in tune with my weight. What meal plans make me lose, what makes me gain, etc. I feel it's important to know exactly where I stand, so no back sliding is allowed. No more yo-yo for me. I am determined to break the cycle.

In work out news, I got a lesson in flexibility this week. Not grab your toes and stretch flexibility, but adjusting when things just don't go as planned. Allow yourself to be flexible! As you know I set goals each week for my work out schedule. This gives me an accountability bench mark for the rest of the week. Since I'm not training for a run, I consider these work outs to be flexible. Tuesday, I had treadmill circuit training scheduled, but I didn't feel like running. So I didn't. I did 45 minutes on the Elliptical trainer instead. Wednesday, my scheduled 5 miles got postponed due to weather and my Thursday class getting flip flopped, so I found my self in cardio circuit training instead. Friday morning it happened again. Showed up to work out at 5am, ran two miles instead of the 55 minute incline training and jumped in R.I.P.P.E.D. (I wouldn't have done this normally but it's my favorite class and is NEVER offered in the early morning). My point- be flexible. Exercise should be FUN!

The big Non Scale Victories (NSV), have you ever had one of those days when it was just your day. Everything is chugging along just right, the stars align, and like the big man is saying to you- go get em girl, this one's for you! Thursday, I had a really long, hard, BUT awesome work day. It was time to take it to the pavement. I needed to release some stress.

There are days when my legs feel strong, I feel fueled, there's an extra spring in my step, and I KNOW it's gonna feel good. I was kinda thinking my 10k PR last weekend may have been a fluke. That I'm not really getting that that fast. I think it's safe to say, I'm getting significantly faster post half. I really laid the day out on the pavement. The kind of run that makes me think a Sub 2 hour half marathon will be possible in October. Somebody left the gate open (sing that it's more fun)

Increased speed is in part due to decreased mileage. I'm averaging about 20 miles a week presently. During half training it was more like 25-30 with consecutive run days and no rest. I ran an old route 4 mile route from 10k training  (reading about that run makes me realize just how far I've come) and pushed out around the edges. Some days, everything feels fantastic, legs are light yet strong, and it's easy to fly. Especially with throw back JT all up in the ear buds....Get ya sexy on, hey!

Wrapping up the week on a high note, I love going out with a bang! I'm happy with progress thus far, and feeling a-maz-ing. Week Four Six week 6 pack is down the hatch. Two more weeks, and it's results time. I can't wait to share those before and afters with ya'll! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

OOTD- Can I get a biker chic? Hey Hey!? Fingers crossed for the last cool snap!

Jacket- JC Penny
Jeans- Boyfriend via LOFT

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  1. Positive Patty is all up in my life today too! I love days like this! Cheers to a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

  2. You look great! I don't think I've read what your current/goal weight is before, but it's refreshing that it's not something in the 130's. I know you're on the tall side, but I've been struggling with the scale. It keeps going up even though my pant size is going down. It's defeating, so it helps put in to perspective that the scale really doesn't matter. Keep up the good work!

  3. You are looking awesome and still bringing that motivation!! I had a fantastic run yesterday, just like how you described....I stepped out the door planning to run 5 - then a good jam came on the ipod and the sun was shining with just the right amount of breeze - and I thought, why not 6?

    I spent an awesome hour with the pavement and returned home to make a veggie-heavy din din! Love days like that! I'm aiming to have them more often! Have a great weekend :)

  4. Whoop whoop!!!! You can and will most definitely get that sub 2 hour half I just know it!!!! Rock on girlfriend! Happy Friday!!!!

  5. You are on FIYA! I'm bored of my workouts too so I'm starting a new program on Monday woot woot!

  6. I love the way you phrased it, laying your day out on the pavement! So great! You make me so impatient to get back to running. For now, I'll have to live vicariously through your blog!

    And congrats on the 20.5% body fat. That is so impressive--seriously phenomenal!

  7. I agree with you about the scale - for me - after years of avoiding it and seeing such amazing results now, I need to feel accountable and that is how I do it - by weighing myself - thank you for addressing this :)

  8. Great job girl!!! You just keeping pushing yourself and accomplishing amazing goals!!! I know whatever you put your mind too you can accomplish And congrats to the winners. Love Miss Amy!!!

  9. You are such an inspiration! Can I ask how you measure your body fat %? I'd love to be able to track mine!