Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap, Weekly Goals, FAQS

Good morning and Happy Monday! Directly after work on Friday afternoon, I headed out of town with my Mom to visit our family in Shreveport, Louisiana. We don't get to visit as often as any of us would like, and it's nice to get away from every day stresses and relax with loved ones. I did very well with eating this weekend, my G is super supportive of my goals and made sure to help keep me on track. We ate well all weekend, did some shopping, and enjoyed each others company.

Saturday morning, however, I had to get my weekly long run goal out of the way. I really had the don't wants with this run. I wanted to sleep late. I was trying to find an excuse to skip the work out... What's missing one run gonna hurt? I don't even know a 9 mile route in this area, it's going to be extra hot today... but I powered down the don't wants and pushed out the door. I ran the route in three loops and crisscrossed the same paths a lot. I really dislike rat holing a run like this. It's too tempting to quit when so close to home.

I had to stay near the house, since I had no access to water otherwise. It wasn't until mile 6 that I tapped into my I love to run feeling. When running, I often have these moments of complete clarity. Running relaxes my mind in a way I can't find in any other aspect of my life.  This run made me realize a few things about my life that are incredibly important and other things that are not. This was not my best run ever, but it was good for the soul. It didn't feel, I'm on top of the world fabulous, however I did feel fantastic after completing the 9 mile goal!

It's time to do another Frequently Asked Question Post, these are a few of the most common questions I'm asked.

How tall are you?
5'11 3/4- I guess we can round up to 6'0 if you wanna.

How many calories do you eat a day?
I lost the majority of my weight shooting for 1200 calories a day, getting cleaner with my diet as time went on. However, I've presently upped my calories goal in between 1400-1600 CLEAN and balanced calories. I'm currently trying to balance 40% Protein  40% Carbs, 20% Fat. It's a learning process everyday.

What size do you wear?
Pants- 6
Dress- 4
Shirt- XS/S

Where can I buy Peanut Butter Powder/ Shot Blocks/ Think Thins/ Quest Bars/ Shakeology/ Turbo Fire Inferno plan?
Each of the Manufactures of these products have websites with a store locator tab to find  a vendor near you. Shakeology and the Inferno Plan are both Beachbody Products, available for purchase through a Beachbody Coach, like me :)  Links below:

Peanut Butter Powder

Shot Blocks

Think Thins

Quest Bars


Turbo Fire: Inferno Plan

How do you track your food?
I use MyFitessPal. I leave my diary open to my friends, please feel free to add me!

How do you stay motivated?
I make weekly work out plans, and discipline my eating. At this stage in the game, the daily work outs, meal planning have become part of who I am, what I do. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut "how to" stay motivated answer. Don't be easy on yourself, if you want to make dramatic changes in your body, you've got to make dramatic changes to your life. Be honest with yourself about what you are doing to achieve those goals, and don't make flimsy excuses. Hard work = results. Most importantly, stay POSITIVE. You have a loud voice and you are listening to you!

Running Questions-

What belt do you use?
I use a S.P.I. belt. It doesn't bounce and it holds my phone, keys, chap-stick, and fuel.

Where do you get your compression sleeves? What brand are they? Why do you wear them?
I got my compression sleeves (seen in picture above) from Geaux Run, my local running specialty store. I honestly have no clue what name brand they are. The sales guy in the shop asked me what color. I picked green. I love them. There ya go. The compression sleeves help with blood flow on my long runs and keep pressure off of my knees, which is essential. They aid tremendously in post run recovery. I LOVE them.

How did you start running? When will it stop hurting? 
I started running February 2012 as I was forced to by a Personal Trainer. Previous to this time, I had never been a runner. I ran a 12 minute mile one time in high school. True story. As I kept running the weight started coming off faster and faster. I started with a half mile, a mile, two miles, and occasionally three. This past fall, I trained for my very first ever 10k race and fell in love with the pounding the pavement. That said, I almost always have some type of ache or pain, although I will say my body finally feels like it's acclimated to the continuous mileage but it did take time. Why run? Not only is running in a class of it's own as far as endorphin releases go, it murders fat. I love that!

What ap do you use to track your runs?
Nike Running

Weekly Work Out Goals:
JM 6 Week Six Pack

JM 6 Week Six Pack
4 Mile Run
Strength Training

JM 6 Week Six Pack
10 Mile Run

JM 6 Week Six Pack
Strength Training

Speed Training- Pinterest Plan

JM 6 Week Six Pack
5k LOPA Run


I'm days behind on emails, I'm sorry! Please be patient with me. The goal is to get back with each and every one of you today and tomorrow!

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  1. How do I stay motivated? I read Elle Noel daily!!

    And way to go on that nine miler! You are so awesome. And I finally know what you are talking about with the runner's endorphins. When I finish a long run, I'm so exhausted but in a good way....and I still feel like I can do ANYTHING!! (after a shower, of course). Thanks for motivating my sister to run a half, who forced me to sign up with her....we are both now running addicts.

    Started the Inferno plan today - super psyched about it! That was an expensive shopping trip, but things like the walnuts and almond butter will definitely last me a few rounds. I'll check in with ya at the end of the week! Have a great one!!

  2. I didnt realize you were that tall!! You look like such a tiny little thing in all your pictures!! I envy you tall beauties!

  3. I love your hair today!!! I wish mine could be that big and voluminous, any special products to make that happen? Mine is flat as a board! ALWAYS!!

    great run too btw!

  4. The next time you guys go to Shreveport let me know! That is super close to me and we visit a lot for shopping!

  5. Awesome post girl!! Glad you had fun with the family!! And Awesome job pushing through your run! You were in my head on Sunday when I thought I couldn't go further 14 miles later I was done! Thanks for the inspiration girlie!!

  6. Question on calories: do you try to stick to 1400-1600 total calories or net calories? Like, do you take into the account the workout that you do (which adds in calories), or do you only eat 1400-1600 regardless of the workout? I found it really hard to watch caloric intake (and track with MFP) while training for a marathon just because my body needed so much more than it was getting, so I'm interested in following your journey. :)

  7. Love this post Leigh Ann.
    I am so glad that running is for your soul. I really super duper want to achieve that feeling one day and I know I will.
    You really are my inspiration!
    Love Gi

  8. Love your dedication. I do not live far from Shreveport! I love how you are able to plan everything out ans stick to it. I still can't do that. I always try to plan but never get it done.