Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Re-Wind & Weekly Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday!!! Last week was a bit of an "off" week for me. I still got in lots of great work outs had an awesome week just winging it. However, it's time to get this train back on the tracks. I need a plan, it's my accountability tool and without it I am LOST! I've got a short week planned for myself with and extra fun weekend on the horizon. It's officially swim suit season time for me and for the first time ever in my life, I am prepared! That said, Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack Results will be up Friday morning, stay tuned for that!

Saturday morning kicked off bright and early. I woke up at 5:30am to get in Jillian 6 Week Six Pack Level 2 work out pre 6 mile run with my Sole Sistas Running group. My pace goals for next year are to increase in speed- big time. I'd really like to run a sub two hour half in in October (this is a common goal for a lot of new/speed focused runners), so I'll need to work extra hard in the off season to significantly increase my pace, if I want to shave nearly 10 minutes off my previous time. 

Our run group this week was small, and I ran with two ladies that are stronger runners, and I hung with them the entire time. I kinda had to as I didn't have a route map, so I was dependent for directions! Never the less, I hung with the fast crowd-What's up holler! I keep thinking this increased speed has been some type of a fluke. That I'm going to start running in the 10 pace group again, but I just keep getting faster! I still don't know what my comfortable pace is has my times are consistently increasing. All good signs! We had a really nice 6 mile run, chatting and cutting up the whole run. I'm hooked on my booty burner play list, and it's making me move my tush!


Saturday night it was time to have some I wish I was still in college fun. My dear friend Susannah was in town from NOLA and we never miss an opportunity to get together for some fun! I was able to rock out another fun outfit from my favorite Charly and Company! We had an awesome night out together with almost all of our favorite people in tow! 

While Saturday night was incredibly FUN, I made a few (understatement) eating mistakes. I started drinking without eating. (Amateur!). Consequently, when I was starving, insert drunken melodrama, I didn't care WHAT I ate. See eating down ward spiral that continued into Sunday! Womp womp! This may have happened-

Denial- It ain't just a river in Egypt honey!+
Ultimate Nachos- They were pretty dang Ultimate
True confessions: Eating poorly was delicious and worth it. Sometimes splurging is necessary for my sanity. True story, however, back on track today! Refocus, recharge. One bad day does not equal a free for all, back at it Monday morning with a delicious Green Monster- Esque smoothie. Feeling better already!

Elle Noel's Weekend Detox
1.5 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
2 tbl Chocolate PB2
1/2 Scoop Protein Powder 
1 Cup Spinach
1 Cup Frozen Fruit

Weekly Work Out Goals-

No Carbs

6 Week six Pack Level 2 
Booty Burning Work Out

6 Week Six Pack Level 2
6 Mile Run 
Strength - Arms
No Carbs

6 Week Six Pack
Strength Training 

Interval/ Speed Work & Strength
No Carbs



A few changes this week, I'm bringing back the every other day carb/no carb challenge for myself. It's worked well for me in the past, and I have to wear a swim suit this weekend so I'm going to work extra hard this week. I'm enjoying 6 Week Six Pack so I'm keeping it in rotation for a little longer. Unless I have time to make it down to Target and pick up another Jillian ab DVD. That girl knows her stuff!

TWO rest days this week. I'm going to be out of town this weekend for some much needed R & R with the gal pals. I'm not going to work out, but I am going to swim...over to the swim up bar. Ba dum cha! Hope you have a great week peeps!

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  1. Why did you have to show those Ultimate Nachos.....that's all I will be thinking of now.....but your Elle Noel's Weekend Detox looks amazing, will be making that!

  2. WHOOOP WHOOOP!!!! Well deserved cheat weekend! and you looked of course HOT HOT HOT! YOU my friend are getting very fast!!!! You will get your sub 2 hour no problemo this year! Looks like you have an exciting weekend coming! Kill those workouts and enjoy your confident #redbikini weekend!

  3. Holy crap, those nachos look amazing! Krystal's is my favorite drunk food :/ I'm a plan girl too. I'm new to running, but I'm finishing up my Ease into 5k program and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go ahead and start the Bridge to 10k training app next. I can't just "go for a run"...I need to be following a program of some kind. I feel lost without it! Have fun this weekend! Sounds like a blast!

  4. 5:30 AM on a Saturday - get it girlfriend!! You has every right to tear into some ultimate nachos! And my oh my are you getting fast! How will I ever be able to keep up? :)

    I'm always in a rush to get to Friday, but especially this week cause I can't wait to see your results! I had to trade Jillian DVDs with Kristie this weekend so I didn't finish out 6 week 6 pack - but I've got Ripped in 30 to keep me goin! Your upcoming weekend sounds fabulous - swim up bar, sign me up!!

  5. you are killing it! cannot wait for friday! so pumped! I am going to get this DVD this weekend!

  6. I pigged this weekend too... it happens! I am ALSO back on the waggon today- thats whats most important! :)

    You look smoking in that outfit girl!!! LOVE IT!!!

    and congrats on the great speed you are getting out there, now that my bike race is finished I can get back to concentrating on running- so happy about that! :)

  7. I love those red pants. I feel like having a splurge here and there is what keeps me sane. If I don't I would probably be throwing in the towel. That smoothie looks good too :)

  8. When I saw your schedule with the Carb-No-Carb system I thought "Oh yeah, Old School Elle Noel!" :)

    I also laughed when I read that you had an off week because I would like to know what an "off" week looks like for you. Here's what I imagine: "I only had two 2-a-day workouts this week!" ;-)

  9. Nice to know even you give into a Nacho Splurge once in a while. :) Do you have your booty burner playlist posted somewhere, I need some new tunes to get this booty moving ;) !

  10. I splurged this weekend too, pizza then pasta - ugh :/ but I guess everyone has to do it sometimes, I just have the worst guilt - oh well, back on the train!

  11. KaraG left me with Jillian's 6 week 6 pack so I'm pumped to do a before and after too and even more excited to see your results. ORB early! holla! Have a great weekend and those nachos look amaze-balls! Totally worth it!

  12. I also splurged this weekend. On Saturday I hit up a Mexican restaurant and stuffed my face with margaritas and enchiladas...and then ran a 5k. Bwahaha. After the race, I imbibed in a little more college-esque fun and ended the night with nachos. Needless to say, I was a hurtin' unit yesterday!

    BUT, I think those cheat meals/evenings are SO important. It's good to "shock" the body every now and again -- as long as, like you said, we don't make it a habit. :)

  13. We could totes be running buddies if we lived closer! I ran a 6 miler last week in 55:56. Is it weird that in my mind it still feels like I'm running a 10 or 10:30 pace, then when I'm finished and look at my phone I am shocked to see numbers like 9 and 9:30 - strength/cross training - gotta love it! I too AM GOING to run a sub 2 in October and my first marathon not too long after that (maybe December or January depending on my readiness). Good luck lady - have a great week!

  14. When you use protein powder in your food do you use a flavor or just plain? And I hope you R&R hardcore this weekend - you def deserve it!!

  15. I am going to the grocery store and getting the goods to make the weekend detox. Gawd knows there is some alcohol levels still brewing inside. :)

  16. Try Jillian's "No More Trouble Zones" there are 7 different intervals and the way the DVD is set up, you can do the whole thing or switch in between what body parts you want to work. Its my fav of her DVDs, cause I can do the whole 50 minutes or do a quick 20 minute workout!

  17. What app do you use for tracking your running/calories?