Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Inferno Plan & Kicking Ab Fat with JM!

Good mernin! Did anyone get the wool pulled over their eyes on April Fools Day? Mr. Noel had been relentlessly teasing that he would reroute Elle Noel to the Keebler Cookie Factory page. He's a computer wiz kid so I knew he could do it easily, but thankfully he either forgot, or decided it was against his best interest to mess with my little blog. Phew. I was a little nervous about it all day though!

This week I am following Beachbody's Chalene Johnson's 5 Day Inferno Plan. I follow Chalene on Facebook and Instagram, she's one of the best weight loss & fitness motivators around. Sometimes I tag her on IG (Instagram) and this one time she liked one of my pictures. Claim to fame, what's up holler!

Anywho, Sabrina, my sole sista and party pal, loves her some Turbo Fire. Last week, Sabrinia, Kate, and I threw in Turbo fire routines just for fun!  Sabrina recommended the Turbo Fire Inferno Plan to me as we all know I'm busting my buns trying to shed two pounds and hit goal weight. I JUMPED at the opportunity. I'm on day 2 presently, it's a five day plan which is extremely manageable for anyone.

The diet is strict, but has lots of variety. A variety of proteins are used at all meal times, bread, cheese, and light sour cream (GASP) are on the program. No meal is repeated twice. This is helping me to add back in cheese and bread post lent, I was crazy enough to give both up, without going overboard. I didn't talk much about giving up bread and cheese on the blog, I thought it would feel like a much larger penance than it did in actuality. Surprisingly, both were easy to avoid! Mind over matter I suppose. Here's a look at a few of yesterday's eat from the Inferno Plan Day 1:

Egg & Turkey Bacon Sandwich 

Banana & Walnuts
Tuna Salad
In other Challenge News, I'm two work outs into Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack Level Two of week three. I much prefer the Level Two routine over Level One. Level One has more static core work while level two includes high impact cardio activity, mainly plyometrics. As a runner, I am a cardio-aholic so this is more enjoyable for me. I can not wait to share these results! My favorite phrase from Jillian, "You may feel like you're going to die right now, but what you're gonna do is look ridiculous" yeahhhh buddy! I love Jillian.

Combining different challenge programs and setting short term attainable goals for myself is key to staying motivated  This helps me to stay focused with the finish line in sight. How do you stay motivated?

Getting dressed for a new season is so fun! I'm a wanna be fashionista. That's no secret. #OOTD (Out fit of the day). Putting my closet to work! Everything is super old except for my new pink top from Charly and Company

April is going to be a fantastic month for fitness & weight loss goals! Tomorrow I'm teaming up with my favorite Advocare lady Kelly Larrow to bring ya'll some Spark! Get excited, Spark is AWESOME!

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  1. I think that 5 day inferno plan is a great idea! How do you find the complete plan - is it online anywhere or in a book? (Because you know I love to follow in your footsteps :) Kopykat Kara!

    I'm so glad Mr. Noel didn't reroute us to the keebler page - it might have sparked a crazy craving! Happy Tuesday!

  2. You get it girl!!! I need to be more dedicated to both my diet and exercise. It's my downfall!!

  3. I stay motivated by reflecting on how awesome I feel (and in turn how awesome I'll LOOK) when I eat healthy and exercise; likewise, I remember how icky I feel when I don't do either of those things. I also look to you and other health/fitness bloggers for inspiration and success stories. :)

  4. Cute outfit! So classy! I'm focusing on weight loss and abs for April. Keep the motivation coming!

  5. I'm with Emmy! I have one cheat meal a week, and since eating healthier I just could not imagine eating that way more than one day a week let alone 7!!! Seriously, I love the way I feel when I eat better! And when I continue to workout! It's an amazing feeling. I stay moitivated by reading fitness magazines. They always have such good tips and new workouts.

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. I Love JM and hate her all at the same time! I've been doing her fastfix kickboxing and it is pretty awesome!

    Love the outfit today, you look gorgeous!

  7. I love/hate Jillian and her lines. I'm doing the Shred right now and some of the things she says makes me want to go Sour Patch kid on her and hit her in the face then give her hug for being so motivating.
    You are looking fabulous today! Loving the outfit!

  8. Love that outfit girl - good luck. Happy Tuesday.

  9. For some reason, your comment box won't shw up in chrime, but it does in IE. I noticed this on some other blogs today too. I have to change up my workout, especially if it's DVDs. I get so annoyed with Jillian, I can only take so much. But dang she makes me sweat!

  10. GET IT GIRL! You are looking HAWT HAWT HAWT!! ;)

  11. I saw your IG posts about Turbofire, but its new to me... I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the 5 day plan!!!

    I gave up bread for lent, not cheese, but I did cave Saturday night after the 10k and had two beignets, I mean they made us run right in front of cafe du monde!!! SOOO mean!! :)

    I havent been super craving it since I gave it up and have been able to eat it again though- so thats good! :)

  12. Love your outfit :) youre doing awesome!!

  13. Love your outfit! How are you doing with hearing JM voice everyday? do you mute her or listen to her the entire time!

    I am so freakin pumped for your inferno plan! I am so excited for you to make your goal weight I can hardly stand it! :)

  14. Oh man oh man I love my girl Jillian!!! Can't wait to see your six pack results! And I love that Chelene like one if your pics! Now I know someone who knows someone famous! Just kidding I live in Cali and it's a small world :-) have a fabulous Tuesday I know you are rockin that hot little number! Pencile skirt ooooowwwwwaaaahhhh!!!!

  15. I love your motivation and dedication. I wish I had more of it.

  16. Like everything else, I may have to copy this workout and eating plan. I can do all of those meals. I have fallen off the wagon big time. Tweaking my eating tonight!

  17. Can I just say I want to be like Chalene, except I'm like a foot taller. Lol. Love her and her unstoppable energy! She seems like she would be the nicest person. Anywho great job on your workouts. Your going to crush those two pounds, and the best part is your toning line a mofo!! As always Missie super inspiring and when I grow up I wanna be you!!

  18. I would LOVE the Spark!