Friday, April 19, 2013

Sole Sistas Boston Memorial Run & Rebel Against the Weekly Weigh In

TGIF! The week started on a low for me (sick, womp de womp) and is ending on a HIGH! Just the way I like it! After last week's weigh in, I've decided to skip the scale this morning. This is a HUGE mega big deal for me. I don't think I've skipped weighing myself on a Friday in, IDK, two years? Something ridiculous like that, but I feel liberated! I got in majorly KICK BUTT work outs these past few days, my eating has been stellar- in short , looking good feeling fly, oh yeahs! I will return to the scale next week. Stay tuned....

Thursday was a two a day work out for me. Well technically a 3, eeekkk, I didn't take it easy. It's just not my style. JM 6 Week Six Pack at 5am and 90 minutes worth of leg and booty work in the afternoon. I'm trying to transition into alternating weight days, when previously, all of my weight training work has been total body. This just isn't going to take me to the next level, so it's time to step it on up! I combined two cardio sessions, stair master & elliptical training, totaling 30 minutes and spent a solid hour on legs and booty work. I was feeling fiya post work out! Maybe it was my new playlist titled Booty Burner (ya I did that), but I felt A-MaZ-inG!

Ba ba ba booty werk

Post Work Out, I headed out on a Run with my Sole Sistas. One of the Sole Sistas organized a group run to Memorialize the Boston Tragedy. As a runner, I can't begin to describe how intensely personal these attacks on the Marathon felt. We all wanted to do something, anything to show support. What's a runner to do? Take it to the street!

This was organized through Facebook by one of the Sole Sistas really just looking to organize our group and maybe a few extras. To her surprise, more than 30 people showed up to run. Even the local television caught wind of our trot about town, and all our faces made the news. WHOA! This group was created on Tuesday, never underestimate the power of Social Media! She even got herself a little shout out from The Ultra Marathon Man Mr, Dean Karnazes, which is just cooler than cool. 

Fan girl Squeal!
 I ran with Sabrina, aka the pace machine, and Marathon Mary (Remember her?!). What's great about running with a group is that you will push yourself harder than when you're alone. If you can find someone who runs a similar pace, you can really push one another faster!  I'm really happy with this pace considering I had just done 90 minutes worth of leg work and hadn't eaten since 3pm. During 10k training I was happy keeping my pace in the 10:20-10:40 zone and now I'm happy between 8:50- 9:20. Work hard and you will get faster!

#bostonstrong on Instagram to Show your Support for Boston!
Friday morning- more Sweaty Work! I completed PB Fingers 55 Minute Incline Walk/Run and arm work. Saturday morning it's running with the Sole Sistas. I'm hoping to wrangle Mr. Noel into a long bike ride with me Sunday maybe a little duathlon work! (yeah buddy I just loud capped you on the internets!!). Fingers crossed for a low key weekend!

Flex Break ;)
Anddddd it's off to work I go! Gotta make some cash moneys holler for a dolla!

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  1. What a great post girl! You are out there rocking it and I love that the inpromtu run for Boston sparked so much social interest and awareness! You go girrrrrlll! Have a great weekend.

  2. Can I just say that your legs look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in that flex picture? I need to get mine looking like that ASAP!

  3. Great Job Chica!!


  4. Good job and I am glad you are feeling better.

  5. Girl you looook great! Congrats on all your hard work!

  6. You're suck a rockstar!!

    I love your daily motivators!! Thanks for adding those!

  7. A whole hour on legs? How do you come up with your workouts? I might have asked you this before...but I don't remember. Do you just wing it? Did you find a routine off Pinterest?

    Also, I just reread your half marathon recap in anticipation of Saturday. And I started tearing up! :)

  8. That is awesome so many people showed for the Boston Memorial run! Gotta love the running community, you won't find anything like it anywhere else!

  9. Girl! You are lookin' suh-weet! Great job!!! I like that you're hitting it hard in the gym. I was, and for some reason I feel like I've slacked off some. You've inspired me to get back at it! Thanks a bunch!

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  10. I just had to tell you how amazing you look! I can really tell that you are hitting it hard and building some muscles! You are kicking that scale's boo-tay! Have a good weekend!