Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Social Media Silence & Tragedy in Boston

Good morning Happy Tuesday! Let me start by apologizing for my absence yesterday. I had an unintentional round of social media silence, and several of you noticed. It was incredibly sweet of ya'll to check in on me, and miss my little posts. I had every intention of posting my usual Monday morning weekend rewind and weekly work out goals, however, Monday morning I opened my eyes long enough to register a scorching fever and place a call to excuse myself from work. Monday was not a fun day for me y'all. I slept for 20 out 24 hours and the fever didn't stop until late afternoon. I started feeling poorly Sunday afternoon and went down hill pretty quickly from there. Seriously strange virus if ya ask me, however, I think it's from burning the candle at both ends of the stick for far too long. After my extremely disappointing weigh in Friday morning (times 10) I started thinking about all the pressure I've been putting on myself and losing my last five pounds. I have a bit of an addictive personality and the number on the scale as been a constant obsessive thought for me lately.

After literally spending a day taken out of the game, I've decided to bring my agenda down a notch this week. No weekly goals. No specific diet plan, just eat healthy, and I'm NOT going to weigh in. I'm taking a break. For my sanity. I'm still going to work out, because I love to exercise, run, and feel great, but I'm not putting pressure on myself this week. I'll get back into my routine next week, but right now, my mind needs a rest as much as my body.

Weekend Highlights:

Hot date with my man

New 5k PR - Finishing 6th for women in my age group- CRAZY 26:45 Official time. My run buddy Sabrina finished THIRD and placed!!! Awesome way to start the day!

Saturday Night:
Girl's night out celebrating Kate's Birthday!

I usually don't comment on current events here, but I can not end this post without my thoughts on the Tragedy in Boston. It seems turning on the television to another shooting or bombing is common place in this crazy world we live in. That in and of itself is a depressing truth.

Up until November of last year, I didn't have any opinions on the Boston Marathon. It was just another run crazy people did right? Because until the fall of 2012 the only races I had participated in were walking 5ks. I had no desire to long distance run, until getting my first taste of real runner's high at the Cajun Cup 10k.

I didn't realize how incredibly prestigious running the Boston Marathon, I was completely clueless. When people made comments like, Qualify for Boston, Trying to get to Boston, That person ran the Boston Marathon, I had no idea just how prestigious and accomplishment running that race was. Now that I'm immersed in all things running, I know. I know that qualifying for Boston is dream runners feed for years before actually making it to the race. It's the highest seed of accomplishment for the average marathon runner.

Lately, I've been obsessing over all things Boston Bound.

Talking about the Boston Marathon has become a common place topic in my house. People my husband and I know who have qualified or run, just expressing general awe over the hard work put in just to qualify to run this prestigious race is the ultimate in a runner's achievement. I'm more than a little in awe of these people. Then after my first half marathon, and having the out of body endorphin release at completing the half, I knew with absolutely clarity I wanted to train and run for a marathon. I don't know many people who have the desire to run the marathon, even out of my run group, only a few have expressed interest, with two running the marathon.

While riding my post half-marathon  runner's high, and talking about which Marathon I'd train for next run season my husband said to me, "You could be really great at this Leigh Ann, I bet we end up going to Boston for you one day".

There was the seed. He planted it, and I've been quietly watering the plan.  Dreaming about, what if I could qualify. Could I do it? Could I ever get to be that fast. My husband thinks so, without any doubts. Yes, yes, it's his job to believe in and support me, but HE planted that seed. He knew what he was doing when he said that to me. Ever since he said "If you work hard at this, I know you could qualify". I've been eyeing Boston. How to qualify, how to train. My age group is massive and I still have 8 years left in it, so it's safe to say I have years to even think about getting there. Running a few more years is a must, but it is a dream of mine. All that said, this is the first year I was looking forward to hearing about all things Boston and reading about runner's experiences.

Naturally I was on all alert Marathon Monday, waking up out my fever induced coma to check for updates in regard to the dream race.

Seeing those images of violence on the television was absolutely shocking to me. Preying on people in places of joy and safety is the most disgusting act of terrorism. Preying on people in places where they should feel safe is cowardice. Preying on the innocent to induce fear is the epitome of the bottom of the barrel in human scum. The Devil on Earth.

I want to take a moment to be present with the families who lost their loved ones on what was supposed to be a joyous day. A day that was supposed to celebrate the achievements of others, where bystanders and runners lives have been forever changed in a day they surly will never forget. A day that should have been filled with achievement, joy, and promise, is now filled with sadness and loss. My thoughts and prayers are with the runners and their families wishing them peace at this time of lose. We rely on our governing body to bring those accountable to justice. While I know Boston will recover and the human spirit will persevere, I only hope those seeds of fear planted by these cowards do not spread. Thoughts & Prayers for all affected by the tragedy in Boston.

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  1. Congrats on the new PR!

    I just cannot wrap my head around the tragedy yesterday. These runners were living their dream, defenseless because they were pouring all their strength into the run, and there was no celebration at the end for anyone. It's just heartbreaking.

  2. Great post! I cannot imagine the feeling of training so hard for so long only to have the joy of finishing stolen from you. That has been a constant thought for me. How sad that these people will always think of tragedy when reflecting on a day that should be full of pride and joy. Prays for Boston.

  3. Beautiful post. I just walked my 1st 5k Saturday and have plans to run a half in September! I would love tips from the great Elle Noel!

  4. I totally agree. Everytime I see something, or hear something about it on the news internet whatever...I shed some tears. Watching the tradgic and horrific videos yesterday just broke my heart! I saw a runner who was soo close to the finish line got knocked off of his feet by the blast. Someone scooped him up and ran him past the finish line. On such a high achievemnet and prestegious day, some evil filled people have to strip ones of their dreams and their strength. I can only imagine how this will affect everyone everywhere.

    great post, thanks for sharing as always!

  5. What an amazing post girl! I totally feel you and just said that I couldn't care less about marathons a year ago and now I feel personally attacked as a part of the "people who run" group. I am so proud of you for setting your goals high and reaching for Boston, you know when you make it there Kara and I will be at the finish line cheering for you! So glad you're taking a week off to just enjoy yourself and be in your "happy place". Praying you feel better too!

  6. Beautiful post!

    I have a friend that has been doing JM before her wedding and keeps getting frustrated with the scale. She is gaining but is looking amazing, maybe breaking up with the scale is a good thing;)

  7. Hope you feel better, I did miss your post yesterday. This weight loss thing is such a b****, calories in calories out they say...if only it were that simple. Have a great week.

  8. Really really great post! I have chills all over reading.. you have such a way with words! Emotional & inspiring, thanks for always being so honest :)

  9. The boston marathon is a dream. it is the olympics for the average joes. It's huge to qualify. I was there last year cheering on my dad, thank goodness he sprained a muscle in his foot late fall and we weren't there this year.

  10. I feel so sorry for the victims of todays carnage, the little kids who were killed or severely injured or permanetly maimed, the adults those killed and maimed, the families who are dealing with the loss of their family member. I send my heartfelt sympathies to the families of the ones who passed, for the little children who lost some of their innocence today, for all of Boston who is still reeling from the horror. Please know people do care about you and your beautiful city.

  11. First off, I'm sorry to hear that you were so sick. Are you feeling back to normal today?

    Second, I think that taking it down a notch makes sense. I'd been wondering how you were able to maintain such a grueling schedule! I hope that dialing it down helps--maybe your body will respond in gratitude with a loss? :)

    Third, your analysis of the Boston tragedy was beautiful. I rarely have time to check Facebook during the day, but yesterday I happened to catch the first reactions to it and I was hooked on the story for the rest of the day...until finally I had to just turn away from the reports. They were just making me feel sick to my stomach. I hope your dream of getting to the Boston marathon remained intact. Because I agree with Nick--you really could do it!

  12. well said, and thank you for addressing the topic! Whoever is responsible for this took something so sacred from all runners and its continues to be more and more heartbreaking the more it unfolds!!! I hope that you get to Boston one day with the same spirit you had the day your husband planted that seed for you!!!!!

  13. Just Saturday my mom and I were talking about what it took to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
    I made a comment that I don't think I could ever qualify and my mom said, "I bet you could!"
    Thanks mom! :) right then and there, I was a little girl dreaming about the Boston Marathon...
    I, too, could not wait to hear all the stories and triumphs of all the runners.
    But a selfish and disturbing act took it all away.
    One good's been nice to find solace in our amazing running community.

    Hope you feel better

  14. Great post girl! We must not fear the evil but conquer it! This is one if the great things of our little running community we endure we train in the extremes we will persevere. I'm saddened by the events that happened yesterday and I pray for Hod up watch over those that are hurting.

  15. You're an inspiration. And I cried reading about Boston. You put everything into words so well. I've only read about the people that are standing at the finish line cheering for friends, family and complete strangers. I know that for a lot of people, the best part is the finish where everyone is cheering. I hate what happened. But out of tragedy there come many stories of heroism and love. I hope you make it to Boston. I know you can- and I hope that you, along with so many others, aren't scared.
    You're awesome! And I admire you in so many ways. Keep on keepin' on!