Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snack Ideas & Booty Burner Work Out

Snack ideas! I am always snack a lackin. My husband likes to compare me to a squirrel, I'm always nibbling on a little something. Snacks each day are incredibly important. Eating regular snacks keeps your metabolism running on all cylinders and prevents a hangry attack at meal times. No body wants that.

My meal schedule: 

7:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Snack 1
12:00 pm Lunch
3:00 pm Snack 2
7:00 pm Dinner

You will not catch me without a snack. oh no no no no. In the morning I plan a fruit and a healthy fat, ie plain unblanched nuts, ie walnuts or almonds, or a natural nut butter. One snack daily, I sub out for a protein shake in the morning or afternoon. In the afternoons, I've been sticking with a protein shake OR egg whites and green beans. I use canned no sodium added green beans. Another new favorite snack of mine is the Quest Bar. Quest Bar has made the ultimate protein bar. Short, easy to understand labeling, gluten free, and NO added sugar. This includes no cetyl alcohol (companies are using this as an artificial sweetener and it reeks havoc on the digestive track. I know this from experience), which makes it very very easy on the stomach. Emily tipped me off to heating them in microwave for 10-15 seconds, and it makes them ooey gooey wonderful! The chocolate chip cookie dough is by far my favorite. It is out of this world, it tastes like a real cookie. No jokes. I have been ordering my bars directly from Quest, however they are sold at all GNC stores.

Snacks in Pictures:

Apple with Natural PB
Fruit, Almonds, & Spark!
Green Beans & Egg Whites
Lean Body for Her- AWESOME Protein Shakes
Orange & Walnuts
Watermelon Spark = New Favorite Flavor
Homemade Protein Shake- Sunflower Milk (Sandra's Health Food Store), Blue Berries, One Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder, PB2, blend and go!

I got so many questions about how to put together a booty burnin work out/ leg work focus. I don't necessarily head to the gym with an exact plan. I try to do all my exercises 3 sets of 15. I always start off a work out with some Cardio so get my heart rate up. Then I'll move onto the areas I want to focus on combining moves of lower and higher intensity to keep my heart rate coming up and down in an effort to burn the most fat. Oh yeahsss. This  is commonly referred to as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Tuesday Evening Booty Burner Cycle:

15 Minutes Stair Master- Intensity 8, Fat Burner Plus
5 Minutes Regular Step
40 Double Step leg Extensions (20 per leg)
3 Minutes Double Step
One Minute Walk Right
One Minute Walk Backwards
One minute Walk Left
1:30 Double Step
30 Second Regular Step

50lb Weighted Bar
15 Deadlifts
15 Squats
Repeat Twice- Total of 3

3 Step High Holding 10lb Weight
15 Right Leg Step Up with a backwards lunge
15 Left Leg Step Up with a backwards lunge
Repeat Twice- Total of 3

Seated Leg Press 120lbs
3 Sets of 15

Upside down Bosu Ball 
15 Squats with a 20lb Press
30 Upside down bosu ball squats (holding 20lb)
30 Upside down bosu ball squats (holding 20lbs)

Leg Lifts (15lb Bar)
30 Up Down Outside Leg
30 Up Down Inside Leg
Repeat Opposite Side

20 Double Leg Bridges
20 Single Leg Bridges per side
20 Double Leg Bridges
Hold at the top one Minute

Polished off my work out with Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack level 2! Obviously, I care about the way my legs and buns look in shorts, swim wear, etc, however, my overall goal is to build up leg strength as this will make me a better, stronger, faster, runner. 

All of my life, I've been trying to minimize my hips in pictures, like most women do I suspect. It's why we're always posing on the side hand to da hip. I've always had monster hips, (but Leigh Ann this will help you birth big healthy babies - pffffff I don't care 'bout that right now MA!) and I've always been self conscience of it. I'm finally in a place where I don't look in the mirror and think "I hate my hips!!!". I didn't think I'd ever be able to lose enough weight/ tone up for that to happen. I'm not there yet, but it's getting better each and every day. Progress= Motivation!

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  1. I seriously JUST did a nearly identical post yesterday! Great minds think alike, I guess!

  2. Thanks for the workout!!! You are becoming my new favorite fitness blogger. So inspirational. I keep getting tripped up on the weekends, but it will stick one of these days!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the workout and snack ideas! I am finishing up Week 3, Level 1 of 6 week 6 pack and can't wait to see your results. I've really enjoyed it and usually get bored of a DVD but this has been great...thanks for mentioning it! (and bonus, I found it on youtube)

    Keep it up! You are doing great! Can't wait until I will want to pose full on at the camera instead of to the side ;)

  4. Love the snack ideas! Since I am always looking forward to my next meal, I always have snacks too! I'm thinking I need to stop by GNC for some shakes and Quest bars! A warm chocolate chip cookie sounds sooo good!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Too bad I am too lazy to find time to post anymore, whomp whomp. Where are the lean body shakes from? I am addicted to Quest bars. Even though GNC runs them buy 3 get 1 free it is still cheaper to order straight from the company. Plus, you can get a variety box! Loving the workout and the new playlist ideas!!

  6. I always love it when you post your workout details! You should totally make some videos, too! :)

    I'm always so amazed by how focused you are at the gym. Where do you get the energy?? It can't just be from Spark!

  7. I too vote on workout videos t oshow these awesome moves. I don't know how to read these gym terms yet haha.

    Just tried quest cookie dough last night and OMG it IS as good as everyone says! ( follow me @sheereserendipity28 on IG) Have you tried the mango spark one? I wonder if that one is good

  8. Love ya girl and I am a snack a lacker too. LOL

  9. you are my inspiration to be more prepared~~~!!!

    guess who decorated her blog? HOLLA LOL

  10. I am a snacker too! Hangry is no fun for me or other people haha

  11. You are the reason I am stalking the local GNC waiting for more Quest bars to come in. Tomorrow, if they haven't restocked I am ordering two samples from Quest :)