Monday, April 29, 2013

May Meltdown with Ms. Michaels

6 Week Six Pack is all wrapped up= it's time for a new challenge! Last week,  Kyra over at It Takes 9 Months, emailed me about a final Operation Red Bikini push with Ms. Jillian Michaels, during the month of May, I knew I was all in! Kate, Kara, Kristie, Meredith, Kassie, and I have all committed to a month long Jillian Challenge. We're all going to complete one of Jillian's DVDs and report back results at the end of the month, which also happens to be the end of #operationredbikini Hello summer time! I'd like to encourage all of you to join in the fun! Grab a Jillian DVD, the button above, and participate in May Meltdown with us!

We'll be using the hash tag #4MChallenge to support one another via Instagram I've selected Jillian's new ab DVD Killer Abs because one it just sounds badass and two I want to keep my momentum going from 6 Week Six Pack! I'm committed to 5 work outs per week in addition to my regular work outs. I'll post pictures at the end of the month! Be sure to check out the other ladies participating! This is a fantastic way to review DVDs and get new ideas for work out routines! The first isn't until Wednesday so you have plenty of time to run down to Target, grab a DVD, post this button on your blog/ Instagram Account  and join in the May Meltdown fun!

I personally can not wait to get started Wednesday morning! Overall, this week is going to be a little more challenging for me, as I'm traveling for work. I consider this to be an added bonus to test my resolve :)

Biggest business trip bonus?! As soon as I found out I'd be traveling this week, I just knew I had to set up a face to face with one of my favorite blogging friends! Hands down, my favorite part of writing this blog, is the opportunity it's afforded me to meet so many wonderful people across the country! I'm going on my very first Blate (Bloggers Date) this evening with the fabulous Ms Kara from PG Sisters! I'm going to be in Indianapolis for less than 24 hours, however we are determined to meet face to face! I'm so excited to me her in person as we frequently email through out the week  support one another's goals! The PG Sisters   quickly became one of my favorite blogs to read and girls friends in general! WOOP WOOP! Seriously so excited about our Blate! I'm sure Kara and I will keep ya'll posted via IG!

Weekly Work Out Breakdown::

Cross Training/ Booty Burner- 5am (No Excuses- got it done!)

Treadmill Circuit Training

Killer Abs
6-7 Mile Run
Arm Work Out

Killer Abs
Evening Weight Training

Treadmill Incline/ Speed Work
Killer Abs

Sole Sistas Speed Training
Killer Abs

Killer Abs

What's your favorite Jillian DVD?
Have you ever been on a Blate?

5am Monday morning work out? Check! Thank you exercise, fueled and ready to take on the day!

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  1. I am definitely going to participate in this and maybe a Diet Bet as well! I have Ripped in 30, but have never gotten through it so hopefully this will motivate me to finish it! May is going to a good month!!! :)

  2. Oh I am SO in on this Jillian challenge. I definitely need it!!! :) How awesome you'll be meeting up with Kara, she's in my neck of the woods (well an hour north of me)! Hope you ladies have a wonderful Blate! ;)

  3. Aww so jealous you get to meet Kara! Love her ;)

  4. As a new blogger (and reader!) I am so excited about this challenge and look forward to melting off some pounds with you! Have fun on your Blate!

    Cait at

  5. So jealous of your blate! You two are going to have an awesome time! Also, the Killer Abs dvd DOES sound bad-ass! I'm excited to hear what you think about it!!

  6. Holla, today is the day!! I am so excited - and will be showing this post to Phil as I think he is concerned I am meeting up with a serial killer :)See you SOON!!

  7. WHOOOP WHOOP!!! Jillian is my girl!!!! I would totally do this challange with y'all if I hadn't just finished staring at Jillian's face for the last 90 days :( I need a break from my homie for a while! I also think your work needs to send you on a date to San Diego so we can have a Blate asap!!!!! Can't wait to see y'alls progress Jillain knows how to get shhhh done!!!! Happy Monday gorgeous!!!

  8. Been waffling back and forth on doing another Jillian Challenge-did it back in October made it 25/31 days and I honestly think that is what jump started my weight loss. Soooooo....thanks to you I am going to do this :) I also got my Quest bars to try out! The guy at GNC told me how yummy they are and he asked what is up with all the women buying these bars. I told him about your blog :)

  9. I am PUMPED to hear this! I love Jillian and im jumping on this train! 30 day shred it is!!

    Happy Monday!!

  10. So excited about you and Kara's blate!!!! Y'all will have a blast!
    Can't wait to see you killer abs at the end of May!! :)

  11. I will be participating in this challenge! I just so happened to have ordered 30 Day Shred from Amazon so that's what I'll be doing! :)

  12. Totally joining up on this! I've got the 30 Day Shred.

  13. Yay for the #4Mchallenge! Have a blast with my KaraG tonight and takes lots of pics to photoshop me into--bahaha I'm starting up with JM today to get a kick start on that, I wonder if she ever looks herself up and sees all the trash talk even though we love her. Safe travels!

  14. I'm in! I have three Jillian DVDs so I think I'll challenge myself to do Six Week Six Pack and Ripped in 30 at least 5 times a week. I can't stand her voice, but I put her on mute and play music and I'm good to go. She really knows what she's doing! I'm excited to see everyone's progress!

  15. I'm still catching up on blog posts from my hectic last two weeks, but I just so happen to be 30DS (again) so I'm in!

  16. I've joined! Well as of today lol. Can't wait to see where we are all at in 31 days!